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Ganrty mounted shipunloader

Nominal capacity

450 tph

Max. ship size

Discharge pipeline Horizontal length Vertical length Pipeline diameter

400 m 50 m Ă˜ 18"/20"

40000 dwt

Diesel driven

The unloader is built on gantry for travelling on rails For travelling, it is fitted with electrically driven bogie sets.

Suction arm - Total length 42.0 m - Arm sections 3 - Rotary suction nozzle

Main dimensions Installed power -

Length Width Height


21.0 m 11.0 m 16.0 m 275 tons

1900 kW

Consumed power (at nominal capacity) Suction 540 kW Discharge 660 kW Miscellaneous 110 kW

For more details visit or call 0871 8732404


FLSmidth Kovako BV-Standard Kovako Shipunloader G-4 40D