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CLASSIFICATION ABS +A1, Vehicle Passenger Ferry, Strait of Georgia Service, +AMS, COMF+, HAB, ES, (E) Flag: Canada

Lane Width Main Vehicle Deck


BC Ferries „Super C-Class“

AEQ* Lanes


720 lm



1010 lm


2020 Im



8 x 2.60 m or 4 x 3.20 m

Length overall: 160.00 m Length between perpendiculars: 154.00 m Breadth moulded: 27.80 m Breadth overall: 28.20 m Depth to Main Deck: 8.09 m Depth to Upper Deck: 13.80 m Design Draught: 5.75 m Deadweight at Design Draught: 1770 t Growth Margin on top of Deadweight: 500 t Passenger Capacity: max. 1650 Crew abt. 35 Gross Tonnage 21,980 GT

Upper Deck

8 x 2.60 m

Total * *

Tractor Trailers*

Free Height 4.75 m

2.90 m

AEQ = Automobile Equivalent, means a vehicle stowage space of standardized dimensions of 5.34 m length, 2.60 m width Tractor Trailer means a vehicle stowage space of standardized dimension of 19.80 m length, 3.20 m width

CARGO HOLD VENTILATION Main Vehicle Deck: Upper Vehicle Deck:

DIESEL-ELECTRIC PROPULSION CONCEPT The diesel-electric concept includes four prime movers, supplying electric power for two 11,000 kW electrical drive motors, auxiliary systems and public spaces. The concept provides a very high level of redundancy, e.g. 18 knots speed will be reached with two prime movers off-line and sufficient remaining power for public spaces. Propellers are running at constant revolution speed providing a robust and reliable solution for propulsion power.

20 air changes per hour during loading 10 air changes per hour at sea naturally ventilated

CARGO ACCESS EQUIPMENT 2 pairs of parallel swinging bow/stern doors (one pair at each ship end) on main vehicle deck Movable railings on upper vehicle deck (at each ship end)

SPECIAL FEATURES n n n n n n n

PRIME MOVER ENGINES AND ALTERNATORS 4 x 4,000 kW medium speed diesel engines, Type: MaK 8M 32C, 600 rpm Fuel: MGO (Marine Gas Oil) or MDO-DMB (Marine Diesel Oil) according to ISO 8217 Each prime mover is coupled to a three-phase synchronous alternator of 4,800 kVA. Each pair of prime mover and corresponding alternator is mounted on one common bedplate which is resiliently mounted to the ship’s structure.

Best possible speed/power performance due to advanced hullform and feathering concept for forward propeller Lowest possible fuel oil consumption Innovative propulsion concept for highest degree of redundancy and maintainability Ice class IA for complete propulsion train High passenger comfort, e.g. high requirements on noise and vibration from ABS Comfort Class+ Panoramic view in cafeteria, coffee bar, buffet restaurant and deck seating lounges Maximum private car capacity with high cargo loading flexibility

DRIVE MOTORS 2 x 11,000 kW electrical drive motors, 717 rpm, each coupled to a reduction gearbox

TANK CAPACITIES Diesel Oil Tanks: abt. 420 m³ abt. 80 m³ Fresh Water Tanks: Non-Potable / Trim Water Tanks: abt. 650 m³



1 emergency generator set, 760 kW 2 marine sewage treatment plants with 20% overcapacity 2 oil-fired hot water heaters, abt. 1,700 kW each 3 passenger lifts (2 as combined passenger/service lifts) 2 mono-rail type gantry provision cranes

Cafeteria: Coffee Bar: Sea West Lounge: Snack Bar: Flexible Lounge: General Lounges: Deck Seating Lounges: Study Carrels: Massage Chairs: Total:

STEERING EQUIPMENT 2 electro-hydraulic steering gears, ram type (one at each ship end) 2 twist-flow full spade rudders with costa bulb (one at each ship end)

SPEED & FUEL OIL CONSUMPTION Service speed: 21.0 knots at design draught, at 85% MCR (13,600 kW) and including a fouling margin of 5% (PD), and including 2850 kW electric load for auxiliary systems and public spaces (incl. 25% growth margin), Consumption: 57.8 t/day

292 seats 212 seats 54 seats 70 seats 229 seats 783 seats 248 seats 20 seats 4 seats 1912 seats


Super C-Class Ferry

Cabins for master, chief officer and chief engineer 2 Staterooms Meeting room Changing rooms

Flensburger’s new ”Super C-Class” design represents the new generation of highly sophisticated double-ended Ro/Ro passenger ferries for the Canadian customer ”British Columbia Ferries Inc.” (BC Ferries). Specially designed for operation in the restricted waters between Canadian mainland and Vancouver Island the ships feature a newly developed diesel-electric propulsion / power station concept with controllable pitch propellers and will be the largest and most economical ferries of this kind in the world. Another Flensburger special!

For further information please contact Peter Sierk or Uwe Otto at Flensburger Schiffbau-Gesellschaft mbH & Co. KG Batteriestr. 52 · D-24939 Flensburg Germany

Further premises include: Gift shop, 2 children play areas, tourist desk, bus ticket desk, video arcade, outdoor deck seating. For more details visit or call 0871 8732404

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Flensburger is a subsidiary of Egon Oldendorff

Flensburger Schiffbau-BC-Ferries Super C-Class