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Vessel monitoring system

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EMA is certificated for Quality management system ISO9001:2000. EMA is also a total solution provider for VMS with a range of products and services. With our own development and production, we provide flexible VMS systems for different continents' needs. BlueTraker® is the leading VMS system on the market. Key elements of EMA's Vessel Monitoring System: ®

BlueTraker VMS ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Hybrid VMS transponder for fisheries. Bidirectional communication to and from the Fisheries Monitoring Centre (FMC) Dual-use of satellite communication (Iridium) and terrestrial GSM (GPRS/SMS) OTA: over the air software upgrades eLogbook ready Fully integrated and robust design An exceptional 72 hours of operating autonomy (embedded back-up batteries) Total coverage and economy in running costs

CERTIFICATES & STANDARDS ISO9001:2000 Quality management system certificate CE1304 Certificate of compliance with standards for radio communication devices IEC60950 Compliance with the safety standard for communication equipement IEC60945 Marine environment standards compliance IP68 and IP69K Water and dust protection grade standards

Data distribution services ? ? ? ? ?

Data delivery to any third party VMS software application Fixed airtime subscription for data delivery No roaming costs Worldwide coverage Real time position reporting down to once every 15 minutes

Monitoring application (optional)


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Web access or locally installed Fleet Management Software to pinpoint your vessels' position in real - time. Adjustment for fisheries Economic Exclusion Zone (EEZ), display of location/speed/heading/route logs Viewing alerts, statistics and reports Optional monitoring features: battery level, engine oil level, fuel level, bilge pump indication, smoke detectors, burglar alarm Detailed historical track data

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Most common VMS transponders communicate telematic data only through satellite networks leaving customers, especially smaller independent operators, marooned paying high position reporting costs. EMA's VMS tracks your vessels wherever they might be. You will cut costs automatically and effectively by choosing BlueTraker® VMS - an intelligent hybrid tracking transponder. With our VMS, position reporting can be more frequent, overheads more modest.


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Vessel Monitoring Systems (VMS) have greatly increased the potential efficiency of monitoring, control and surveillance of fishing vessels. In the last few years several countries have introduced VMS to enable the activities of fishing vessels to be monitored and indeed, for such vessels to actively report on catches to the fisheries management authority.


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Tracking, monitoring control and surveillance of fishing vessels


Simple, user-friendly VMS combination of devices and services


Personalized system whatever your requirements


High quality, cutting-edge technology


Over-the-air software upgrades (OTA)


Flexible options, fixed monthly costs


Complete coverage of the Earth from 'Pole to Pole'

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Fleet monitoring is managed through connectivity of three key elements: - BlueTraker® VMS transponder - Telematic data delivery - FMC – fisheries monitoring centre




Data collecting and transmitting

System operation

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The onboard BlueTraker VMS device collects vessel positions using GPS satellite signals and sends them together with speed, heading and sensor data to the telematic data server. BlueTraker® VMS sends data via the GSM (GPRS/SMS) network when the boat is a few miles from shore, and via the Iridium satellite network when on open seas. The Telematic Data Server processes the received data and delivers it in the correct format to the VMS fisheries monitoring software. Every piece of important information about the monitored vessels is displayed on the map ready for fleet management decisions. The BlueTraker® VMS transponder offers bidirectional communication to and from the FMC and allows the monitoring authority to poll vessel information in real time.



Data processing



Commercial fisheries vessels Artisanal fisheries vessels FMC fisheries monitoring centres National VMS programs


Maritime electronic equipment distributors Telematic solution integrators M2M solution providers Telematic service providers

The key to an advanced VMS solution is the BlueTraker® VMS transponder. It is a mechanically and electrically fully integrated device, avoiding any need to connect additional external components for tracking and monitoring. All its components are packed inside a very robust, double shell housing. This level of integration combined with 'open detect' seals, protects from the theft or mis-application to which "cable rich" modular devices are vulnerable.

BlueTrak ker® VMS BlueTraker

ate tew way with an is a wireless ga gateway eTraker® VMS is embedded GPS receiver and antennas. BlueT BlueTraker f used for transmission off geolocation and catch informat information via Iridium satellite or the GPRS network. This robust tracking device allows 72 hours of independent operation. It is installed above the deck as no climatic environment is too tough for the BlueTraker® VMS device. ID 03

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Data usage



Most common vessel tracking devices communicate telematic data through satellite networks, but leave customers marooned paying high position reporting costs. BlueTraker® VMS closes this gap and reduces costs automatically and effectively while using the low cost and wide bandwidth of GPRS. On the high seas the tracking data is transferred via a satellite communication channel in predefined time intervals. In coastal waters, when a secondary low cost mobile network is available, BlueTraker® VMS sends additional data that were stored in the internal memory of the device. The data latency on the high seas is in the range of one minute, while in coastal waters it is measured in seconds.

The Mobile networks enable low cost software maintenance of the device (FOTA – firmware over the air). FOTA eliminates the expense of human attendance when upgrading the BlueTraker® VMS devices and their software applications. FOTA allows you to deploy new features and functionalities with the minimum amount of cost and time. FOTA also allows customers to address most software-level problems in the field, simply by updating their application code. This offers huge cost savings.

The FOTA feature of the BlueTraker® VMS ensures 100% uptime and an extended life cycle!

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Data source

T D S server (Database)

F M C (software application)



TDS: Telematic Data Server – collects data from the BlueTraker® VMS transponder. After processing, the server sends data to the VMS monitoring software. This mapping and reporting software application usually resides at FMC premises. Data is therefore sent using internet and Web Services Protocols.

VMS: monitoring application - user-friendly fleet monitoring software which processes and displays your data on the map and generates reports for the FMC.

EMA d.o.o.-Vessel Monitoring System  

IP68 and IP69K Water and dust protection grade standards ? Data delivery to any third party VMS software application ? Fixed airtime subscri...

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