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ELME Spreader Model 816 is a telescopic top spreader for the handling of loaded ISO containers. It is designed for use with straddle carriers. SPREADER The basic concept of this type of spreader has been used by ELME since 1978 and offers distinct advantages such as: - two parallel telescopic beams, assuring max overlap - beam sections dimensioned to absorb not only the vertical, but also the very considerable horizontal forces - pendular type of twistlocks, allowing 10 mm movements in all directions. They are produced from 42CrM04 forged and hardened steel and are extremely easy to service. CONTROL AND SAFETY SYSTEM Electrical systems monitor the state of the spreader at all times. Indicator lights advise the operator when the spreader is correctly "seated", "locked" or "not locked" and each signal is a precondition for the important safety functions of the spreader such as twistlock activation, extension and retraction and lift interrupt.

A signal which can be utilised by the lift truck manufacturer to block the lift function (lift interrupt) of the truck, is activated if the twistlocks of the spreader are not correctly engaged, meaning that it is unsafe to lift the load.

ELME PROGRAMME The spreader described in this leaflet belongs to the ELME Series '810': "Top spreaders for loaded containers". This Series consists of the following spreader Models: 815 For FLT use with forks or inverted forks 816 For use with Straddle Carriers 817 For use with Reach Stackers 818 For FLT use with a gantry

MOUNTING In standard version the spreader is supplied with four pick-up points fitting the headblock of the straddle carrier.

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For more details visit or call 0871 8732404



more details visit or call 0871 8732404 Model 816 TelescopicFor Top Spreader


Technical Specifications


2258 2420






Standard supply includes: - pick-up points to fit the sheave block of the straddle carrier - hydraulic extension - lashing eyes near the twistlocks - electrical and mechanical twistlock safety system - electric twistlock signalisation - mechanical twistlock signalisation - electric extension/retraction protection - lift interrupt signal - two working lights Options: - hydr. stops at 30 ft and/or settings - extension to 45 ft

Model Strength classifications Lifting capacity spreader Spreader weight, incl. fork frame Lifting capacity lashing eyes Hydraulic functions Telescopic positions Option Twistlock Telescoping speed 20-40 ft 40-20 ft Hydraulic - operating pressure - flow Electrics - control voltage Colour Paint thickness

816 DIN 15018, H2B4 45 tonnes 7000 kg 4 x 11.25 tonnes locking/unlocking extension/retraction 20 and 40 ft B7, 30 ft ISO floating 20 sec. 25 sec. 100-140 bar 40-60 l/min 24 V DC RAL 9005 (black) 150 µ

All data subject to change without prior notice MANUFACTURER AND INTERNATIONAL SALES ELME Spreader AB P.O. Box 174 343 22 Älmhult Sweden Tel.: + 46 476 55 800 Fax: + 46 476 55 899 E-mail:

INTERNATIONAL SERVICE AND SALES BENELUX Elme International BV Postbus 417 5700 AK Helmond The Netherlands Tel.: + 31 492 47 27 27 Fax: + 31 492 47 27 28 E-mail:

For more details visit or call 0871 8732404


SALES AND PARTS SERVICE Elme Americas Inc. 193 Industrial drive, P.O.Box 282 TN 38237 Martin United States Tel.: + 1 731 588 02 20 Fax: + 1 731 588 02 24 E-mail:



ELME-Telescopic Top Spreader - Model 816  

ELME PROGRAMME The spreader described in this leaflet belongs to the ELME Series '810': "Top spreaders for loaded containers". This Series c...

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