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Forward Looking Sonar

150 metres range (ahead) 75 metres range (down) Digital depth Speed option Forward alarm Flush mount case Choice of standard or professional transducers Sunlight viewable transflective LCD display Cold cathode backlight Waterproof case (bulkhead mounting) Extra features for the FLS Gold GPS display NMEA input and output Repeater option Larger screen


e have spent many thousands of man hours at sea improving sonar design, and almost as much time at shows or on the phone listening to customer's needs. This information was the basis of the brief to our design department that resulted in the greatly improved EchoPilot FLS Silver and FLS Gold . The display may be switched to show GPS data (from almost any GPS), including all Waypoint information, forward sonar display or a combination of them both. NMEA0183 the world marine industry standard protocol interface allows the instrument to output speed and depth to other instruments or if appropriate to receive and display it.

NEW features for both models Better performance Manual or autogain Manual or auto range change New enhanced processing software History display of sea bed

For larger vessels with a separate navigation area or second steering position, a full function repeater with all controls may be supplied. We have taken great care with our choice of LCD and many days were spent comparing transmissive with transflective, cold cathode lit with electroluminescent, the result is a system which is good in sunlight, darkness and (more difficult) badly lit situations. The screen is also the largest that can be fitted in the case. Simple selection of range in use is by pressing the ▲

(450‘ x 225‘). Four intermediate ranges fill the gaps. Auto ranging may also be selected. Many of our early customers loved the FLS's display of the seabed ahead, but also asked for the actual depth below too. This we now do, without adding a second vertical transducer. The software will average the left hand third of the screen (most of which is under the bow anyway) and display the mean figure in the bottom left hand corner of the screen in metres or feet, even if the bottom is off the screen. To add speed just buy our “speed kit“ of paddle wheel transducer and thru-hull fitting and a complete log with miles, trip and speed appears in the top right hand corner of the screen. Many (vertical) depth sounder alarms are a joke, often warning you many seconds after you have gone over a hazard. The Echopilot system allows you to alarm a section of the screen 2, 4, 6 or 8 metres below the transducer right up to 150m ahead. If more than a certain number of pixels above the line light up the alarm sounds (on the Repeater too, if fitted). Mounting electronics on a boat can be a worry so we have tried to make it as simple as possible for you. The EchoPilot FLS Gold is totally waterproof from the front and has a good 1.4" (6mm) flange all round to enable easy flush mounting from the front. Boat builders with routing facilities and panel manufacturers can mount from the rear to for a smart “sub flush“ look.

or ▼ buttons. The shortest range for maximum detail Digital display not dependent on in shallow water is 20m ahead x 10m down (60‘ x For more details visit calldown 0871 8732404 30‘) and the longest is 150m ahead xor 75m correct range being selected


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Forward Looking Sonar

Standard or Professional transducer?

Performance of different transducers

Having chosen the EchoPilot Gold for your boat the only remaining choice is which transducer is most appropriate. Our larger professional transducer comes with a bronze 2" BSP thru-hull fitting and with 3" of useable thread is excellent for most larger boats. The standard transducer fits through a glass filled Polypropylene thru-hull with 1" of useable thread. Most flat bottomed GRP hulls can take the standard transducer.

Both work well. With its smaller face, the standard transducer offers slightly less turbulence. The professional transducer with its larger crystals has a narrower beam giving slightly greater range and better definition, (however compared side by side the standard picture often looks better as it's like painting with a broad brush). Both are designed to shear off if hit really hard by an underwater obstruction without affecting the water tight integrity of the hull.

If however you have a thick hull, or a significant degree of dead rise requiring wedges or chocks to keep the transducer vertical then the professional is the choice to make.

IMPORTANT - the transducer must be mounted vertically. If a 1" (25mm) of thread does not allow for hull thickness plus wedges specify the professional transducer which has 3" of usable thread.

Technical specification Voltage



12 or 24v

200ma Max

200 KHz


All EchoPilot vertical sounders run at 150KHz. All EchoPilot Forward Looking Sonars are 200KHz so they work well together. Brookes and Gateshouse use 183KHz (again compatible) but Raymarine use 200KHz so are not. It is essential to fit a switch to disable any other sounder working at 200KHz without an on/off switch. And when using the other sounder switch the EchoPilot sonar off! Ideally switch off all other sounders and use one at a time. If you need any more help or advice phone or email our factory or one of our distributors or dealers – we are here to help you.

NMEA in (Gold



GPS in (Gold


GGA etc


Dimensions 6

NMEA out (Gold

One final thing – remember you can not use two sounders or sonar at the same frequency on the same boat (or near another boat sometimes). One will transmit, the other will pickup its echo from the sea bed and both will be confused.



6 83

26 usable thread







Hole Size: 60


77 usable thread


Hole Size: 45

51 Diameter

Display Power cable NMEA/Repeater out cable (Gold only) Mounting stirrup kit Transducer (standard) or Transducer (professional) Thru-hull fittings & blanking cap Shipping weight: FLS Gold or Silver FLS Gold or Silver White protective cover

Repeater & 8m cable (Gold only) Speed kit Spare transducer (standard) Spare transducer (professional)

Log Transducer



26 usable thread

Standard Kit

Standard 2.2kg Professional 4.2kg

Hole Size: 45

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