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Discovery The Freedom to Make Memories

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“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”

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Mark Twain

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The Journey A Voyage of Discovery 8-9

Your Discovery 36-37

Unrivalled Luxury 10-15

Discovery 55 38-39

Effortless Handling 16-17

Discovery 67 40-41

Superb Craftsmanship 20-23

Discovery 50 Catamaran 42-43

Advanced Design 24-25

The Discovery Service 44-45

Enquiries 46


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A Voyage A Voyage of Discovery of Discovery Award-winning cruising yachts, meticulously hand-crafted in Britain to deliver outstanding levels of comfort and performance. The ultimate in sailing reinement and a stunning appeal to the senses. In the beginning.

single handed transatlantic and other long-distance races, he strives for perfection and his experiences have taught him the importance of overall design combined with essential attention to detail.

When our founder, John Charnley, and his wife set out to find their perfect blue water cruising yacht, it was with a clear vision in mind. They wanted a yacht that could navigate any ocean in safety and comfort and, critically, without the need for additional crew.

To create the ideal blue-water cruiser, John brought together a talented team of naval architects, interior designers, engineers, management and highly skilled craftsmen. The Discovery 55 luxury sailing yacht was born.

She also had to have a sparkling performance and looks to be proud of – elegant and refined – a home from home where friends and family could be entertained in style. It had to be a yacht in which they could pursue life-enhancing experiences, forge new friendships and discover a world beyond the ordinary.

Now the 55 is joined by two outstanding new yachts – the Discovery 67 and the exciting new Discovery 50 Catamaran.

Experience the quiet admiration of your fellow sailors, secure in the knowledge that you own the very best.

John is a lifelong sailor and founder of Sunsail – one of the world’s biggest and most successful yacht charter companies. As a veteran of the


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Unrivalled Unrivalled Luxury Luxury A Discovery yacht is the ultimate in luxury cruising. Experience the highest levels of comfort and all the conveniences of home – without sacriicing performance. The quality of the hand-crafted interior joinery in the spacious saloon and sumptuously appointed cabins provides a warm and welcoming feel. The elegant curves of the cabinet work are both practical and aesthetically pleasing. Meticulous attention to detail pervades every aspect of the vessel.

calm and luxurious, and features a king-sized, centreline double bed.

As you step aboard a Discovery, you quickly notice the finer points. The cockpit seating is sculpted to ensure comfort and support. Corners are rounded, and thoughtfully planned handholds are found just where you need them. On deck there are wonderful “dolphin watching” seats forward and we have even added a little fun to the cockpit by incorporating a hot tub – ideal for cooling off in the sun or relaxing under the stars! In each boat the magnificent Owner’s Stateroom is self-contained,

The spacious and innovative galley will appeal to the most demanding of chefs, with its generous work surfaces, cavernous fridge and freezer and ample storage that make life easy on longer cruises.


Enjoy the panoramic view offered by a unique raised seating area and navigation station in the comfortable, elegant saloon.

Whether there are just two of you on board, or you have the full regatta crew, we have designed the interior of your Discovery so that you can enjoy entertaining in comfort, ease and style.

The genius is in the detail.

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Effortless Effortless Handling Handling Sailing a Discovery for the irst time, you will become aware that she radiates a sensation of quiet conidence, effortlessly covering the miles while leaving you relaxed and secure, regardless of the state of the sea. With a Discovery you experience the exhilaration that comes from sailing one of the world’s truly great yachts. A combination of superb hull design, sail plan and deck layout provide effortless sailing. Lines lead to powerful electric winches in the cockpit. All sail trimming and handling can be done by just one person with minimal effort. With the Discovery’s innovative self-tacking jib, going about is as simple as just putting the wheel over. The rigs are beautifully balanced, with sail plans designed for fast and easy passages. An essential feature of all Discovery Yachts is enjoying the comfort and ease of being able to command your boat at the raised navigation station

within the saloon. With the plotter and radar to hand, you can control the autopilot from here – protected from the elements whilst maintaining a good lookout. It is this, as much as the easy sail handling that gives you the freedom to sail with just two of you. And when the wind falls light, you will find the powerful engine and large capacity tanks provide extended range under power. In harbour, the Discovery’s manoeuvrability means that handling under power is exemplary, even in the tightest of spaces. Whichever Discovery you choose, you’ll be the proud owner of a yacht that takes you across oceans of the world with consummate ease.


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Bay of Islands, New Zealand. For more details visit or call 0871 8732404


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Superb Superb Craftsmanship Craftsmanship Every Discovery is crafted with a passion for perfection that permeates down to the inest detail. In our extensive modern facilities our highly skilled craftsmen combine advanced CNC technology with traditional construction skills using the very latest techniques and materials. From the initial composite moulding, to the careful selection of timbers for the bespoke joinery, each fitting and item of equipment has been painstakingly selected to be worthy of a true world-class yacht.

of the process. In this way you will appreciate the strength and detail that goes into your yacht’s construction, giving you the added confidence that comes from being thoroughly acquainted with your Discovery, even before you put to sea.

Visitors to the Discovery yard in Southampton are often struck by the fact that every vessel is built entirely on site. In fact it is one of the reasons why we are able to produce a semi-customised yacht which offers such outstanding value – we have all of the skills we need under one roof.

On your visits, you will also get to meet and talk to the people who are building your yacht. Our project managers, with whom you will work closely, have an in-depth understanding of ocean sailing, and can help provide those special touches and additions that will personalise your Discovery to build the yacht of your dreams.

When you commission us to build your Discovery, we actively encourage you to visit us at all stages

Discovery – Built without compromise.


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Advanced Advanced Design Design From the world’s inest designers. The Discovery 55 and 67 – Ron Holland.

The Discovery 50 Catamaran – Bill Dixon.

When the original concept of the Discovery 55 was developed, it was clear that to bring such a demanding project to fruition would need the talents of a world-class designer.

The Discovery 50 Cat was designed with the same Discovery ethos as the monohulls – but for the sailor who prefers the performance that catamarans can offer. The Discovery 50 Cat has a prestigious pedigree and the natural choice of designer was Bill Dixon with 27 years of experience designing some of the finest power, sail and superyachts in the world. Dixon Yacht Designs are famous the world over.

The natural choice was the legendary Ron Holland. One of the most respected naval architects in the industry, Ron is justly famous for his design of numerous successful racing yachts, as well as large, fast cruising and superyachts. In the Discovery 55 he delivers a boat that has power and performance and that is fast on all points of sailing. Above all she is a boat that looks after her crew in all conditions.

The interior styling and furnishings have been designed by Ken Freivokh, award-winning international superyacht interior designer. His design brief was to create a luxurious but practical interior, with all the comforts of home.

Teaming up with the world’s leading yacht structural engineers, High Modulus, Ron created a modern classic: a boat that is sheer joy to sail. He has since gone on to design our magnificent new superyacht, the Discovery 67. The results speak for themselves. When you sail in a Ron Holland-designed Discovery monohull you will immediately appreciate the power and speed of a genuine thoroughbred.

Structural engineering is again by High Modulus – the company behind many of the world’s greatest racing multi-hulls. They have incorporated some of the latest Carbon and Kevlar technologies to keep the overall weight to a minimum. The result of this collaboration is one of the most exclusive and advanced catamaran layouts on the water.

For most, to own a semi-custom Ron Holland design is merely a dream. Discovery makes the dream come true.


The Discovery 50 Cat brings you the finest blue-water cruising – on the level!

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Ffryes Bay, Antigua. For more details visit or call 0871 8732404


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Mana Island, Mamanucas, Fiji. For more details visit or call 0871 8732404


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Whale watching in Alaska. For more details visit or call 0871 8732404


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Your Discovery

Your Discovery

Which Discovery is right for you? Ultimately, your choice of Discovery depends on how you enjoy your cruising. But whichever model you choose, you can enjoy the same combination of luxury, performance and elegant styling. All our models share the Discovery design principles for luxury blue-water cruising: easy handling by a couple and without any physical effort, and a panoramic vision which allows you to navigate and helm in comfort, whilst out of the elements.

families who want to fulfil their dream of a genuine sailing adventure. This superb yacht, with its raised deck, has set the benchmark for vessels of its class: comfort and space are balanced with powerful performance and consummate ease of handling.

Your Discovery will give you reassurance and peace of mind. There is real strength in construction and systems are laid out for ease of use, accessibility and reliability. Ample stowage and large-capacity tanks give the freedom for long-range cruising.

Discovery 67 Building on the extremely successful 55, the majestic Discovery 67 was developed to offer even greater space and performance, together with the capability of crossing the world’s oceans in ultimate comfort. If desired, the 67 can accommodate separate quarters for a full crew, leaving you free to relax in the sumptuous ambience of an authentic superyacht.

Your yacht is individually built by craftsmen to incorporate your personalised preferences, making each Discovery unique in her own right. Each model in the range has a very high specification as standard, and you have a choice of sail plan options and alternative interior layouts. Discovery 55 Inspired by a vision of sailing on warm trade winds to exotic destinations, the award-winning Discovery 55 was specially created for couples and


Discovery 50 Catamaran If you prefer cruising on the level and with the space that comes with a multi-hull, you will be inspired by the new Discovery 50 Cat. A luxury sleek blue-water catamaran, the 50 incorporates all the Discovery values: quality and performance, together with the ability to navigate oceans with style and ease.

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Discovery 55

Discovery 55

Her graceful lines and timeless elegance, combined with superb innovative design made her an instant success, and led to her winning the prestigious ‘Boat of the Year’ award. Now delighted owners are enjoying their Discovery 55s around the globe. The Discovery 55 exudes a feeling of quiet confidence and effortlessly eats up the miles. Her sleek waterline, fine entry and beam carried well aft contribute to her stunning performance and comfortable passage-making, as do the high ballast ratio and generous sail plan. The semi-balanced, protected rudder and bulb keel ensure that she is light on the helm and easy to manoeuvre. Regardless of sea-state, she is a stiff, steady boat with an easy motion. With the simplicity and reliability of the rig, the 55 is a cruising yacht you can genuinely handle on your own – all from the safety and comfort of the cockpit. The 55 carries as standard a self-tacking jib, roller furling on all the sails, including the main, plus electric winches. At the wheel, everything comes naturally to hand. Living on the Discovery 55 is a joy. We’ve added a fun touch to the sculpted cockpit by incorporating

a hot tub. Seats on the fore and aft decks are just perfect for watching dolphins or enjoying the sunset, whilst the transom provides a great swimming or diving platform at anchor. Just three easy companionway steps take you in to the light and airy interior, with its raised seating area and navigation station. It is here that the Discovery 55 is truly different from other yachts. The quality of the workmanship is evident throughout the boat: in the cabinet work of the luxurious master cabin, with its king-sized, centreline bed, to the elegant curves of the saloon. Now we have launched the Discovery 55+ which incorporates ideas from our owners, and latest design innovations. The result retains the classic Discovery features while providing a new sleeker look with flush saloon windows, a modified transom and even higher standard specification.


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Discovery 67

Discovery 67

Whether you are navigating the world’s great oceans or taking a luxury vacation in tranquil waters, this breathtaking vessel will deliver the ultimate sailing experience. Ron Holland has once again excelled in designing a true thoroughbred, balancing classic form with contemporary function. Developed in response to demand from prospective owners, the Discovery 67 is designed on the same lines as the award-winning Discovery 55, while offering a significantly larger vessel. The additional space has allowed us to create an even greater level of luxury, with fine and spacious accommodation for up to nine and the flexibility to have crew quarters. Features include an opulent Owner’s Stateroom with a king-sized double berth, a saloon offering panoramic views, whether standing or seated, and a comfortable dining area to accommodate eight or more. As with all Discovery yachts, we offer a high level of customisation.


On deck you have a choice of single or twin wheels; whichever you select there is a corresponding layout to ensure two people can sail the 67 with ease. With cockpit-controlled electric in-mast and headsail reefing fitted as standard, minimal effort is required when sail handling. A powerful bow-thruster and remote controlled self-launching anchor mean the 67 is equally easy to handle under power. Whether your need is for an elegant home or a special and memorable venue for corporate entertaining, there is considerable choice and flexibility in the lay-out of the stylish interior, without compromise to the comfortable and practical use of space.

The Discovery 67 is a unique vessel with an outstanding pedigree, and is destined to become one of the world’s most sought-after yachts.

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Discovery Discovery 50 50Catamaran Catamaran The Discovery 50 Cat is sleek in appearance, and designed to be responsive to handle and fast to sail. She delivers the same exceptional construction and ocean cruising capabilities of her monohull sister yachts, while providing the level sailing environment preferred by some sailors. In the past, catamarans have been designed principally for the charter market – practical, but not luxurious. With this state-of-the-art Bill Dixon designed multi-hull, you have a sumptuous home afloat. Performance is uncompromised: high-tech construction, from bulkheads to light-weight joinery, provides the important strength to weight dynamics. The imposing, yet convivial cockpit is flanked by two magnificent sun beds, whilst the foredeck features a hot-tub. In the spacious saloon, deep restful armchairs and a large dining sofa provide comfortable places to relax, whilst two can enjoy the panorama from the forward-facing navigation station.

Whether you are at sea or in harbour, the spacious, bridgedeck galley is practical and easy to use. It has extensive work surfaces, plenty of stowage, and generous fridge and freezer capacity. Each Discovery yacht is bespoke. The owner’s stateroom, with its super-king-sized bed, spans the full width of the boat and has ‘his’ and ‘hers’ bathrooms. Or you can choose four double cabins, all with their own en-suite facilities. We offer you as much choice and flexibility with the joinery, finish and onboard equipment as possible to provide you with a semi-custom yacht to fulfil your dreams.

The Discovery 50 Catamaran – World-class cruising on the level.


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TheTheDiscovery Discovery Service Service From your irst contact with the Discovery team, throughout the ownership of your yacht you can expect the personal service we offer to be of the same standard and professionalism that we apply to every element of a Discovery’s build. We take a passionate personal interest in every yacht we build – down to the finest detail, and share in your enthusiasm throughout. From the yard to the water, and right through to your ongoing cruising itinerary, we are here to help at every step of your journey. Each yacht is bespoke and built to the highest standards. To ensure your yacht becomes your ideal ‘home from home’ our dedicated owner-care staff act as liaison between you and production, guiding you through choices of fabrics and fittings, and discussing any special features or equipment you may require to create your ultimate bespoke yacht.


On completion, we love to host the all important naming ceremony. We then offer three days of system familiarisation and sea trials to ensure you are comfortable with all the technical aspects of your new boat and can get the most out of sailing your new Discovery. And that is just the beginning, as you will have access to the Discovery technical support team for practical help and advice throughout your Discovery ownership.

It’s a relationship for life. It’s a Discovery.

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Enquiries Enquiries For further information please contact: Discovery Yachts Limited Harbour Close Marchwood Southampton SO40 4AF England email tel +44 (0)23 8086 5555 fax +44 (0)23 8086 5580


Designed and produced by Lawton.

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