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The AmbientNAV 17

Speciications Viewable Size: 17" Glass:

High Deinition Daylight 17” Advanced LCD Monitor • Single knob dimming adjusts displays to any light — bright to night • See better, unique optics defeat intense glare • Ultra-high clarity; view from virtually any bridge position • Cool running, ventless enclosure, stays fog-free and dry even in the tropics • Rain-proof SeaBond seal extends reliability and exceeds NEMA 4x rating • Precision machined, attractive aluminum bezel is strong and enduring • Smallest enclosure of any standalone 17” Display

Anti-Relective Hardened Increased clarity

Brightness: 600 cd/m2 Perfect for pilothouse installations

Contrast Ratio: 700:1 Vivid image and brilliant color

Resolutions: (Pixel Doubled) 640x480 (Scaled)800x600 (Scaled)1024x768 (Native)1280x1024 Furuno blackbox capable

Inputs: TV, RGB, DVI-I, HDTV, S-Video, Composite, DOS, VGA, SVGA, XGA+, SXGA, NTSC, PAL, SECAM, 3 Audio Inputs/Stereo out Industry maximum connectivity

TV Tuner: Accepts standard satelite connection

Remote Control: Industry leading handheld remote menu / zoom / pan / freeze frame

Screen Layout Options: Full Screen Picture in Picture Picture by Picture

Viewing Angles: Greater than 170 degrees Readable from where you stand

Your best choice for any pilothouse installation providing state-of-the-art optics with high-deinition capabilities. Easily connect to a wide range of radar, sonar, video, navigation, and computer systems. Virtually everything. These features, coupled with our single knob dimming system make this the number one marine display for night conditions. If you need clarity, simplicity, elegance, and long term reliability, choose AmbientNAV.

Power: External 9-36 vDC fully isolated and ground loop protected

Operating Temperature: 0-60' C Cooler running tropical reliability

External Dimensions: 15.45w x 13.55h x 3.30d Fits where others can’t

Cutout Dimensions: 14.68w x 12.88h

17” High Deinition Daylight CDI-AN-LCD17HDDL-001 MSRP: $6,995.00 For more details visit or call 0871 8732404 1 ™

Speciications, pricing, and graphic displays are subject change without notice. Features or capabilities may be limited by installation or interfacing equipment.

AmbientNav - AmbientNAV 17 Daylight Marine Display High Definition  

Operating Temperature: Cutout Dimensions: Remote Control: Screen Layout Options: External Dimensions: Viewing Angles: Power: TV, RGB, DVI-I,...