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Redefining the Towboat

The Carrousel Rave Tug (CRT), equipped with Voith Schneider Propellers (VSP) and currently under construction at Van der Velden Barkemeyer GmbH, will redefine the way tugboat operators apply motion and force and provide improved safety, increased agility and enhanced operational capabilities. The CRT features a specialized towing winch mounted on a ring – the Carrousel Towing System. This unique ring system rotates freely around the tug’s deckhouse, creating virtually limitless yaw angles and the ability to carry out maneuvers impossible with any other tugboat concept. Due to the design, the System virtually eliminates the risk of capsizing under a tow load. The System is paired with two VSPs, arranged in-line, allowing for a slender and highly efficient hull. The VSP is a unique system generating stepless thrust in all directions with precision and speed. Propulsion

58 Marine Log // November 2016

and steering are combined in one unit, allowing unmatched maneuvering capability and providing precise maneuvering capabilities even under adverse conditions. Combining these innovative systems in a single vessel, allows operators to maximize several key advantages: Increased flexibility : The two VSPs allow the tug to perform the rapid heading changes and tow adjustments that make the Carrousel System so unique in the industry. Increased agility: The System and the VSP allow the vessel to perform maneuvers without fluctuations of applied force. Arranged in-line, the VSPs allow for smooth and precise control of the tug-heading under all possible operating conditions. Increased safety: The CRT is capable of safe operations in close proximity to the bow of an assisted vessel, and can quickly sidestep from danger zones. The inline VSPs help ensure there is no undesired side thrust, setting the stage for safe and stable tugs. Increased efficiency: Braking and steering operations can be performed utilizing the hull forces rather than the propulsor forces. The result is lower fuel consumption and fewer emissions. The CRT’s general speed of action, and extreme braking and steering capabilities, also get vessels in and out of port faster, allowing for a more dense utilization of port infrastructure. In cooperation with Robert Allan Ltd. (RAL), the first two Carrousel RAVE Tugs are under construction by the Damen Shipyards Group through their subsidiary Van der Velden Barkemeyer GmbH for Novatug B.V., a subsidiary of Multraship Towage & Salvage. Delivery of the first vessel is scheduled for Summer 2017.

Stabilization Tech for Smaller Boats Seakeeper Inc., California, MD, will bring its marine stabilization exper tise to the small vessel market with the debut of its Seakeeper 3, specially designed for boats with lengths between 30 and 39 ft. The Seakeeper 3 is the company’s smallest and lightest Seakeeper unit yet and the first to run exclusively on 12-volt DC power with no need for a generator or AC input. “The Seakeeper 3 is an exciting next step in our ongoing goal to bring stabilization to the boating mainstream by offering our innovative technology on smaller and smaller vessels,” says Andrew Semprevivo, Seakeeper’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing. The Seakeeper 3 builds on innovations that began with the Seakeeper 5. The new unit is 25 percent smaller and 30 percent lighter than the Seakeeper 5 and features a newly designed touch screen control panel with an intuitive user inter face — allowing users to capture real-time per formance information —and is the lowest priced model in the Seakeeper product line. It also makes installation easy, in some cases requiring no major structural modifications. The Seakeeper 3 can be installed and ready to use in as little as two days. Orders for the Seakeeper 3 can be placed now, and the units will begin shipping in spring of next year.

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November 2016 Marine Log  

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