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bring NYC a premier ferry service. The team is a very dedicated group that absolutely loves our industry and is working day and night to truly make a difference. SD: The project is not only exciting, but also a difficult task given the tight schedule. So far, how are the teams meeting the challenge? SM: The biggest challenge of this project is the tight schedule. These vessels are still being designed at the same time as they are being built. Hornblower is working with very talented naval architects and two well-respected yards. Having two yards work side by side on the same project is by no means “normal” for the competitive industry. Both yards have been working full force for a couple of months now and are on schedule. Hornblower cannot wait to introduce a better commute to the underserved communities. These boats will be cruising up and down the New York waterways in no time.

SM: The excitement that everybody has for this project is nothing like I’ve ever seen before. The workers are truly curious about the project and don’t just see it as another boat being built. People do their best work when they believe in what they are doing. It is so evident that this project will change the way New York City transportation operates. Workers from the yards are constantly talking about the vacations that they are going to take to NYC just so they’ll be able to see their work in action. The Citywide team is working relentlessly to

SD: And finally, what is the best advice you’ve ever received? What advice would you give to anyone wanting to enter the industry? SM: My father who would always tell me to “batten down the hatches and continue full steam ahead.” It’s a way of saying prepare for the upcoming storm and keep moving forward. He has always assured me that there was nothing too big that I couldn’t face head on. Advice I would give to someone wanting to enter the maritime industry: “If you want it...go get it.”

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42 Marine Log // November 2016

Hornblower NY/Citywide Ferry Services

SD: This is a HUGE project, not only for the City of New York, but also for the shipyards building the ferries, Horizon and Metal Shark. Can you tell us a bit about the work you’re doing with them?

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November 2016 Marine Log  

November 2016 Marine Log  

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