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The world today moves fast— and in order to keep up businesses have to be ready to adapt and modify to stay afloat. To help shipbuilders, owners and operators keep up with the changing market, Ulstein Design & Solutions AS will offer shipowners a way to mobilize vessels for a new market within a few days. Runar Muren, Ulstein Design & Solutions AS says, “Traditional conversions are project-based and include a complete package of basic design and engineering.” By switching over to a modular approach, time at the yard, and away from operating, will be reduced. The customizable pre-manufactured modules can be quickly installed on

a ship, enabling the ship to quickly go back into service. Ulstein says that at mobilization, no extensive structural changes need to be done, and the modules and the mezzanine deck can easily be demounted when the mission is completed. Within a short time a platform supply vessel can reemerge as an offshore wind service/ accommodation vessel, subsea construction vessel, or a vessel for ROV services. And while initially, Ulstein developed the predefined modules for its own PX121 and PX105 ship designs, the company says it is branching out and developing conversion modules for other vessels, including nonUlstein designs.

OSG to split in two The Board of Directors at Overseas Shipholding Group, Inc. has given the go-ahead to separate OSG’s international and domestic businesses into t wo independent, publicly traded companies: Overseas Shipholding Group and International Seaways. “As two independent, industry-leading companies, OSG and International Seaways can drive more focused business strategies and benefit from enhanced operating and financial flexibility,” says Captain Ian T. Blackley, OSG’s President and CEO. “The separation will also present a unique opportunity for investors by creating two distinct and attractive investment profiles, which will allow each company to attract a broader base of shareholders.” International Seaways, which will trade under the symbol of INSW on the New Yor k Stock Exchange ( NYSE), will own and operate one of the largest fleets of international crude and product tankers worldwide. OSG, meanwhile, will maintain its OSG symbol on the NYSE, and will operate a fleet of U.S.flagged tankers and ATBs in the blue water Jones Act market.

Former NCIS Agent Sentenced to Prison in Fat Leonard Case Former Naval Criminal Investigative Service ( NCIS ) supervisory

special agent, John Bertrand Beliveau II, has been sentenced to 12 years in prison for his role in the Fat Leonard Affair. Beyond the prison sentence, Beliveau was also ordered to pay $20 million in restitution to the Navy. According to his plea agreement, Beliveau a d m i t te d t h a t i n exch a n g e f o r c a s h , luxury travel, and the services of prostitutes, he aided Leonard Glenn Francis, former CEO of Glenn Defense Marine Asia ( G D M A) , to p er p e tua te a m a s sive fraud scheme on the U.S. Navy by providing information that allowed Francis to avoid, stall, and thwart criminal 12 Marine Log // November 2016

investigation into misconduct by GDMA. Beliveau acknowledged that he regularly searched confidential NCIS databases for reports of investigations related to Francis and GDMA—the reports helped Francis avoid multiple criminal investigations by providing sensitive law enforcement information about ongoing investigations, the identities of those being investigated, information about witnesses, and particular aspects of GDMA’s billings that were of concern to the investigations. He went on to admit that he attempted to cover up his involvement by asking Francis to delete incriminating emails and deactivate an email account. Beliveau also admitted that he counseled Francis on

how to perpetuate his fraud scheme and evade detection. To date, a total of 16 individuals have been charged in connection with the GDMA corruption and fraud investigation. Including Beliveau, 11 of those are current or former U.S. Navy officials. Among them: Admiral Robert Gilbeau, Captain (ret.) Michael Brooks, Lt. Commander G e n t r y D e b o rd , Co m m a n d e r B o b by Pitts, Captain Daniel Dusek, Commander Michael Misiewicz, Lt. Commander Todd Malaki, Commander Jose Luis Sanchez, Petty Officer First Class Daniel Layug and Paul Simpkins, a former DoD civilian employee who oversaw contracting in Singapore.

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