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Marine Innovations ABS Upping the Standards on Cybersecurity Classification society and technical services provider ABS has unveiled its CyberSafety series, the first comprehensive cybersecurity certification and optional notations for marine, offshore assets and facilities. The series is the industry’s first risk-based management program for asset owners to apply best practice approaches to cybersecurity, automated systems safety, data integrity and software verification. “Our unique approach to CyberSafety charts a new path, delivering wider and deeper classification services as technology evolves and becomes more sophisticated reaching far beyond simple compliance and directly to asset and facility security,” says ABS Chief Technology Officer Howard Fireman. “The ABS CyberSafety program provides the only actionable guidance for addressing and assessing cyber-enabled systems that emphasize human, systems and environmental safety.”

Enginei An Advanced Marine Fuel Management and Monitoring System for the Industry Enginei advanced technology fuel monitoring systems supply comprehensive fuel data analysis and reporting options to provide vessel owners and operators with detailed engine performance and other mission critical information. The system, which features a Geofencing capability, accurately records fuel consumption data by individual engines and remotely sends the information from the ship to shore-based offices. The system also provides a low cost method of measuring vessel emissions, including CO2, NOx and SOx profiles. The Enginei integrated fuel management system is compatible with all marine engine types and can be interfaced with new-build engine installation or retrofitted to operating vessels.

REINTJES New Down Angle Gearbox Series

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Gearbox specialist Reintjes’s new Down Angle gearbox series will help keep engine rooms small and noise emission down. Reintjes says that in designing the new series special attention was paid to the teeth design and contact pattern under load in order to reduce noise. Additionally, with a Down Angle gearbox installed, the engine room can be engineered in a space-saving design—since the engine can be installed horizontally, and the propeller shaft is sloped downwards by the inclination angle inside the gearbox. The series is comprised of WVSA 340, WVSA 740, and WVSA 1540 sizes. Its power range is available from 250 kW to 3,250 KW and a reduction ratio of 1.5 to 4.

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