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SOFTWARE Software Solutions: Optimizing Operations, Improving Performance Software is the brain of any maritime operation—whether it’s fleet management, optimizing efficiency or reducing costs. Developers are continuously looking for ways to provide operators with comprehensive solutions to meet their ever-evolving needs.

(Sky)Light for the Next Generation Eniram, a Wärtsilä company, calls its SkyLight an innovative, next generation fleet performance monitoring service. According to Eniram, with SkyLight, operators will be able to cost-effectively monitor their fleet and compare the performance of each vessel in greater detail. The subscription-based solution keeps records of each ship’s per formance, leading to more prompt reporting, planning and cost optimization. “Instead of just a few data points a day from a vessel, Sk yLight pro vides highly accurate data ever y five minutes,”says Eniram’s Captain Melvin Matthews. The data is then sent via satellite to Eniram’s data center where it is “combined and enriched with other complimentar y information,” such as noon reports, meteorological data, sea state and currents. Together, this information helps model the vessel’s speed and fuel performance, enabling Eniram to calculate fuel-speed curves and help optimize the vessel’s performance. The key to the software’s success is also its ability to make operations transparent. “The SkyLight service provides a web interface to managers ashore to view the data in real-time,”

he says. “With internal transparency and visibility, companies achieve improved efficiency and cost savings—not just now, but also in the future.”

Enhancing Enterprise ABS Nautical Systems (ABS NS) has plans to beef up its software lineup with new features and products, beginning with its NS Enterprise. At the end of 2016, NS Enterprise was further enhanced with a greater ability to track rotating parts and equipment on board ship, a feature that ABS NS says will greatly improve the ability to demonstrate compliance; a new crew scheduling tool; and custom forms. Additionally, last year saw the launch of a pilot program for the new NS Mobile app, which will fur ther improve ef ficiency by reducing cycle time for maintenance, purchasing and HSQE tasks. Phase 2 of the pilot, involving apps that will support day-to-day operations, will kick off this quarter. This coming April, ABS NS will also launch NS Workboat which will help support Subchapter M compliance. Meanwhile, Herber t-ABS, a joint venture between Herbert Engineering Corp. and ABS, has one of the industry’s most popular solutions in its tool belt: CargoMax. Used by about 300 operators on more than 3,500 ships, CargoMax’s mission is simple: create safer, more efficient operations. Used onboard tankers, bulkers, containerships, and other vessel t ypes, CargoMax helps maximize cargo

utilizations, increases container lashing efficiency, monitors margins of safety during cargo operation and reduces human error. Its Trim Optimization tool enables operators to view achievable trim and draft optimization at the press of a button—this helps reduce fuel consumption. Its sequencer allows for loading and unloading sequences to be optimized, minimizing port time.

ClassNK Optimizes Design Time The latest IACS Common Struc tural Rules for Bulk Carriers and Oil Tankers have been incorporated into PrimeShipHULL (HCSR) Ver.4.0.0., the design supports software developed by ClassNK to accommodate the latest rule amendments while saving design man hours. The upgr aded sof t ware package reflects rule changes applicable to ships whose construc tion contrac t will be made on or after July 1, 2017, with the applicable design rules to be based on the date of contract input by the user. ClassNK said the fourth generation of the software builds on the success of its existing PrimeShip-HULL package, which has become the go-to tool for designers, with over 900 licenses having been provided to more than 100 shipyards. The lates t refinement s speed up design evaluation, shorten the calculation times in the prescriptive calculation software and offer a new function to preview reports in the direct strength assessment software. Collectively, these refinements improve the overall performance and usability of PrimeShip-HULL.

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Stevedoring barge 300’ x 72’ · 6,000 psf deck Built by Conrad Shipyard for the Rhode Island Commerce Corp. and Port of Providence

34 Marine Log // March 2017 860.536.0009 Barges, Dry Docks, & Work Boat Design

Marine Log March 2017  
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