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Software Save on costs in all corners of your company

ontaining costs is always high on the agenda for most shipping companies and sometimes it is the small savings, which are often ignored, that can make all the difference between ending the year in the red or the black. And although introducing intelligent software solutions to help make savings is commonplace, there are still corners of a shipping company’s operations that are being neglected.

Container Repairs Take container maintenance and repair as an example. In general, an operator will have between 5-7% of its container stock undergoing maintenance and repair at 32 Marine Log // March 2017

any one time. Modern software applications can manage the entire repair cycle to ensure that boxes move through the repair shop and are available as quickly as possible. By connecting all the relevant parties to a central web-based platform, modern applications allow the seamless sharing of information—resulting in a speeding up of the entire process. Reports, surveys, repair estimates and invoicing are made transparent and immediately available to all the parties involved. With full visibility, the operator is able to closely monitor and control this complex process and push forward the repair. These control applications can reduce the amount of container stock tied-up in the repair and

maintenance process by around 50%. With a cost to the operator of around $2 per box, per day incurred while a container is out-ofservice, this represents a significant saving for any size operator. Many carriers are not able to accurately identify which repairs should be re-charged to the client but modern systems can do that for them—allowing some carriers to recover up to 20% of their container repair expenses. The system also allows more boxes to be available to customers, thus maximizing revenue for the vessel operator.

Accurate Invoicing Similar savings can also be made in related areas. Many carriers choose to both own

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By Lars Fishcer, Managing Director, Softship Data Processing Ltd.

Marine Log March 2017  
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