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Marine Innovations Cobham SATCOM Debuts First SAILOR Terminal for Iridium Certus Cobham SATCOM has unveiled its first Iridium Certus Connected terminal, the SAILOR 4300. The SAILOR 4300 is a Broadband Core Transceiver (BCX) type terminal, offering a reliable link over the Iridium NEXT satellite network with speeds suitable for data-heavy applications including video conferencing, multi-user Internet/VPN, IoT and telemedicine, alongside regular usage such as email, electronic forms/reporting and crew communication. The terminal is designed for seamless integration with onboard communication networks.

Deep Trekker Launches DT640 Utility Crawler, Innovative Submersible and Magnetic Robot Deep Trekker has launched the first three-wheeled vehicle of its kind, the DT460 Utility Crawler. The submersible is equipped with an HD camera, magnetic wheels and a multitude of application specific add-ons. It can operate at depths of up to 50 meters and houses its onboard batteries, making deployment easy and quick for tasks such as contraband inspections and testing hull integrity or thickness. Its dozer attachment helps remove hard marine growth. The Utility Crawler is also fitted with a pressure washer to remove dirt, debris and rust.

Dellner Brakes AB New Heavy Duty SKD Disc Brakes Dellner Brakes AB has introduced two new heavy-duty disc brakes to its SKD range. Designed for stopping rotary motion and statically holding load in large marine vessels in industrial machinery, the SKD 140 brake delivers a braking force of up to 258 kN through two brake housings, each containing a powerful hydraulic piston. The SKD 4x140 brake combines two brake assemblies containing a total of four powerful hydraulic pistons to deliver braking force of up to 516 kN.

Eniram Introduces SkyLight 2.0 Eniram, a Wärtsilä company, has introduced a major update to its performance monitoring system. The Eniram SkyLight 2.0 brings the systems capability of visualizing a vessel’s route from an economic, environmental and safety perspective to a whole new level. With the addition of nautical maps, weather layers, and route importation, users will be able to switch between updated nautical maps and Google maps within SkyLight’s “fleet” software interface. It also provides the tools needed to reduce fuel consumption.

Seakeeper inc. Launches New Model—Providing More Stabilization in a Smaller Package Seakeeper Inc. has released its newest model, the Seakeeper 6. Designed to eliminate up to 95% of boat roll on 40 to 49 ft vessels, up to 20 tons—the Seakeepr 6 condenses more stabilizing force into a smaller volume. The new model’s sphere and internal components have all been redesigned to provide the maximum angular momentum for a given footprint. The Seakeeper 6 also includes an updated electronics suite, including a new touch screen display with NMEA and Ethernet capabilities. 6 Marine Log // July 2017

Marine Log July 2017  
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