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Green Supplement

Reducing Your Vessel’s Environmental Impact Without Compromising Power of fuel is taken care of in the cleanest and most economical way possible.

Scania Centrifugal Oil Cleaner A proven and dependable solution for making oil filtration more effective. The oil cleaner combined with the maintenance-free CCV centrifuge reduces wear and costs for downtime. Used with the recommended Scania oil, this solution contributes to the outstanding durability and service life that boat owners all over the world have come to associate with Scania. Scania embraces every effort to reduce the effects on climate and the environment. This is why emission control goes hand-in-hand with reduced fuel consumption without compromising power output and torque. Irrespective of engine size, you can rest assured that every cubic millimeter


Scania Fuel Injection Systems Scania has 2 fuel injection systems: Scania PDE and Scania XPI (extra high pressure injection), which is a Scaniadesigned, common-rail fuel injection system. Both systems make continuous, precise adjustments to ensure optimal fuel delivery in all conditions


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Complete and Committed. THE SCANIA MARINE SOLUTION. Out there, confidence in performance, reliability and operating economy are the only things that count. With this in mind, we created the Scania marine solution: An array of flexible products paired with guidance and installation support from Scania. Whatever your specification, we will provide you with the optimal Scania marine solution. Power at work, every inch of the way.

G16 Marine Log // August 2017

without restricting torque build-up and step-load handling. With Scania XPI, pressure can be set independently of engine speed with exceptional precision, meeting performance demands ahead of legislation.

Scania Saver Ring The Scania saver ring is a good example of our in-house developed technologies. Fitted inside the c y l i n d e r, t h e S c a n i a s a v e r r i n g re m o v e s s o o t a n d o t h e r re s i d u e from the upper part of the piston. A unique feature that reduces wear and extends engine life, thus cont r i b u t i n g t o S c a n i a ’s r e n o w n e d dependability and operating economy.

Marine log August 2017