Marine Log April 2022

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On the Cusp of a Boom,

U.S. Floating Wind Gains Traction By Jonathan Hawes


evelopment of floating offshore wind sites in the U.S. has just begun, but industr y pros say that current and planned development

bodes well. The number of planned floating offs h o re w i n d p ro j e c t s s k y ro c ke t e d i n 20 Marine Log // April 2022

2 0 2 0 , a c co rd i n g t o t h e D e p a r t m e n t of Energ y. At least 25 GW should be installed by 2026.

Cusp of a Boom “Wind farm developers, energ y companies and turbine manufacturers are engaged, investing, and looking to the

future,” said Bill Hurley, PelaStar business development lead for Glosten. “U.S. developers are focused on bottom-fixed turbines because the relatively shallow continental shelf off the U.S. East Coast provides a lot of suitable seabed. Bottom-fixed foundations are lower cost than floating foundations, installation