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Global Experience – Local Presence Our advanced coatings provide protection for Oil & Gas Industry projects worldwide

Micanti BV’s easy-t0-apply, self-adhesive foil Thorn-D is applied to the hull of the Lady Rasha

within the same area. Another port taking notice is the Port of Los Angeles. Eric Pieters, Commercial Director and Co-Owner, Micanti BV, names the port among a growing list of clients that will apply Thorn-D to their vessels over the next few months. “We’ll be applying our film to a fleet of approximately 15 work and crew vessels in the months ahead,” says Pieters. “They include boats run by towing companies in the Netherlands, the Middle East and a tug owned by the Port of Los Angeles.” Interest from the Port of Los Angeles should come as no surprise. The port has a number of green initiatives and environmental programs in place with the goal of developing sustainable operations that benefit the environment, the quality of life for those in the region and the economy. EXPANDING ECOFLEET Recent developments on the traditional antifouling front include the expansion of Sigma Coatings’ ECOFLEET range. Sigma Coatings, a PPG Protective and Marine Coatings brand, recently launched SIGMA ECOFLEET 690, a highquality, self-polishing antifouling for vessels operating in extreme, aggressive fouling conditions. Designed for use while in drydock during maintenance and repair, SIGMA ECOFLEET 690 is suitable for a variety of low-activity and low-speed vessels operating in coastal areas. Using PPG’s patented binder technology—which ensures that polishing properties of the antifouling are kept within narrow limits—the SIGMA ECOFLEET 690 system results in performance levels and fouling control that will remain consistent for a period of up to 60 months. Additionally, the binder technology results in film formation with ultra-high volume solids content of 70%—reducing VOC emissions. “Aggressive hull fouling is a problem for shipowners operating in coastal and short-sea trades where vessels can be inactive more than 50% of the time,” says Sijmen Visser, Global Marketing Manager M&R, PPG Protective and Marine Coatings. Similar to all PPG antifoulings, SIGMA ECOFLEET 690 is fully compliant with the IMO AFS Convention.

74 Jotun companies represented in more than 80 countries. 40 production facilities globally. Uniform standard of global service.

MANAGING YOUR COATINGS AT SEA “We believe the simpler and clearer something is, the better it will work,” says Visser. To that end PPG launched

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