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FUEL CONSUMPTION Steerprop’s newly developed ECO CRP azimuth propulsors offer a viable option

The ECO CRP is designed to bring the efficiency and envionmental friendliness of the contra-rotating propulsor to larger, more powerful vessels

requires both lower propulsive efficiency and a large amount of oil. The environmental friendliness of the ECO CRP is further enhanced by the incorporation of a new type of propulsor shaft seal that uses pressurized air to ensure that the propulsor remains truly emissions-free. This new technology was developed in part for the demanding, but ecologically fragile conditions of the Arctic Sea. The ECO CRP was designed by Steerprop Ltd. to bring the efficiency and environmental friendliness of the CRP configuration to even larger, faster and more powerful vessels. The power and efficiency of the ECO CRP enables new kinds of innovative vessels such as faster, larger and more efficient multi-purpose Offshore Working Vessels, Arctic tankers capable of operating in both icy and open water conditions without compromising their fuel efficiency or large cargo

vessels and cruise vessels that require maneuverability even at high speeds and reliability as a matter of safety to be designed and built. While the ECO CRP is relatively new to the market, Steerprop Ltd. has already been contracted to deliver units to several different projects worldwide in the last year. These range from multipurpose vessels in Russia to RoPax passenger ferries operating year-round in Canadian waterways to multi-purpose vessels from India. For example, Steerprop Ltd. delivered two 7,000 kW SP 120 ECO CRP propulsors for the dual fuel ferry being built for Société des traversiers du Québec (STQ) by Italian shipbuilder Fincantieri. At 130 m long and with a capacity of 800 passengers and 180 autos, the ferry will be larger and faster than its predecessor. Despite its larger size, however, the vessel will be more efficient and envi-

ronmentally friendly through the use of innovative technical solutions to improve total efficiency. A part of this efficiency will be due to the propulsion system used. To ensure their safe operation year round, the propulsors will be ice-classed in the demanding Finnish-Swedish 1 A Super ice-class. Utilizing high efficiency Steerprop Dual-End Contra Rotating Propellers (CRP), these propulsors are projected to offer a significant increase in efficiency and thus cut down on both emissions and fuel consumption. The maritime world is more challenging and competitive than ever before. But these challenges also present new opportunities. To fully take advantage of these opportunities, propulsion specialists such as Steerprop are designing and producing innovative technologies that take both fuel efficiency, emissionsreduction and reliability to the next generation. ML MARCH 2013 MARINE LOG 25

Mar 2013 Marine Log Magazine  

Mar 2013 Marine Log Magazine

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