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SOFTWARE ShipBuilding rather than bespoke. This means that operators can take a ready-made and proven application and then tailor it suit their own individual requirements. The advantage of this is that applications run off the latest technology platforms, are regularly updated, rarely go wrong and are significantly cheaper than commissioning an individual system. Added to this, packaged software, having been installed in a numerous, similar environments, has been regularly adapted and enhanced to deliver much more than simple data processing. For example, modern software packages will constantly be asking questions as data is exchanged such as “is this my container?” “where is my container?”, “does the bill of lading and booking information match the rate agreed with my client?” The software will also generate prompts to ensure that terminals, customs authorities and port communication systems receive the required information on time and in the correct format. From a customer perspective, automation enhances their service experience as modern systems can offer complete and up-to-the-minute visibility over actual cargo movements. Good applications will also provide customers with added-value services such as internet bookings,

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