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range of tugs and fishing vessels, and delivers a level of performance that cannot be duplicated. “Engineering used to be our biggest bottleneck” says Elizabeth Reynolds Boyd, President of Nautican. “It used to take six weeks to engineer a complete system for each customer, and even longer to ensure that all components were fully designed for production. So, eighteen months ago we invested in a massive effort to preengineer all major components for the full range of systems for ocean and coastal workboats – the Ocean Series.” Since implementing the Ocean Series, Nautican has been able to cut down significantly on the time it takes to show customers exactly what system best meets their specific vessel needs. “For most projects, we can tell the customer on the first phone call what system will work best for them and how it will perform,” says Boyd. In addition, the pre-engineering of the Series has decreased—by an order of magnitude—the amount of time and effort required to get the project from drawings into production. The push towards standardized components also means that manufacturing is smoother, faster and more predictable. Nautican is now better equipped to work with suppliers in providing the most accurate and achievable delivery dates to customers. Which allows Nautican to schedule projects more accurately, with less slack time in the schedule. This has helped Nautican to respond to increasing

demand from customers while also cutting down on lead times. Each Nautican Ocean Series IPU comes fully assembled and is combined with a ready-to-install unit complete with headbox. The inner shell of every Nautican Nozzle is made entirely of Grade 316 stainless steel for reliability and long life with minimal maintenance. Rudderstocks, pintles and bearing housings are made with high quality 316 stainless steel throughout (and high quality Duplex in the larger units) for maximum corrosion resistance and longevity. ABOUT NAUTICAN Nautican helps companies become more fuel efficient, profitable and

environmentally friendly with our high-performance integrated propulsion units and hydralift skegs. Our independently tested systems have been shown to maximize power while reducing fuel consumption, offering an exceptional return on investment. For decades, Nautican has manufactured ultra-reliable propulsion systems, using only the highest quality materials and construction techniques—and we continue to research and develop new ways to improve efficiency and performance. We work handin-hand with our customers to understand their operational needs and identify the best solution for their new construction or retrofit vessels.

December 2016 // Marine Log 35

December 2016 Marine Log  
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