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Best Ships Of 2016 Lindanger

Methanol-Fueled Ocean-Going Vessel Built by South Korea’s Hyundai

Mipo Dockyard, the 186 m x 19.1 m Lindanger is the world’s first methanol-fueled oceangoing vessel. Classed by DNV GL, the ship is equipped with a Hyundai-B&W 6G50ME-9.3 ME-LGI (Tier II) dual fuel, two-stroke engine that can run on methanol, fuel oil, marine diesel oil or gas oil. The use of methanol will help reduce SOx emissions by about 95% and NOx by about 30% when compared to conventional marine diesel oil, according to Man Choon Kim, Vice President, Contract Management Department, Hyundai Mipo Dockyard. DNV GL says the Lindanger’s construction marks the first time a dual-fuel engine with a low-flashpoint liquid (LFL) fuel system has been installed on an oceangoing vessel. The 50,000 dwt ship is owned by Norwegian firm Westfal-Larsen and will be chartered to global marine transporation company Waterfront shipping. Lindanger is classed by DNV GL as +A1 Tanker for Oil Products, Tanker for Chemicals, ESP, Ship Type 3, CSR, E0, TMON, ETC, CLEAN, VCS-2, LFL Fueled.

Harvey Stone

Multi-Purpose Field Support Vessel This past summer, Eastern Shipbuild-

ing Group, Panama City, FL, delivered the Harvey Stone, a Multi-Purpose Field Support Vessel (MPFSV) built for Harvey Gulf International Marine, LLC, New Orleans, LA. Based on the Rampage 6400 MPFSV design from Robert Allan, Ltd., Vancouver, BC, Canada, the Harvey Stone operates as a dedicated field support vessel for the Shell Stones FPSO offshore terminal. The MPFSV supports and assists in the berthing, loading and unberthing of offtake tankers. The 212.7 ft vessel is classed by ABS as +A1, AMS, Circle E, ACCU, ACP, UWILD, FFV-2, DP-2, Offshore Support Vessel, Notation (DSV Capable, ROV Capable), AH, TOW, SUPPLY, HAB+ (WB), ENVIRO, GP, and USCG, IMO, SOLAS and MARPOL certified.

Harvey Stone’s propulsion is provided by two Tier 4 compliant GE 12V250 MDC main engines, each rated 3,495 kW at 1,000 rev/ min, with Schottel SRP 3030CP azimuth thrusters. It has a total of 9,374 bhp. With a bollard pull of 106 MT, the MPFSV can reach speeds of up to 13 knots. One unique aspect of Harvey Stone is its hybrid propulsion system that allows for economic propulsion and station keeping on one engine, driving mechanical/electrical propulsion units and bow thrusters. Karl Senner, LLC, Kenner, LA, supplied two Reintjes LAF 3414 P HL/HR Horizontally Offset Reduction gearboxes with combined PTO/ PTI drives. The hybrid gearboxes can take input power from either the diesel engine or a separate electric motor to drive the CP propeller, as well supply AC power to the vessel.

Donna J. Bouchard/ B. No. 272

New Era of Transportation for Bouchard To meet the goals of its fleet expansion plans, Bouchard Transportion Co., Inc., Melville, NY, ordered a series of new ATB units that would provide it with a modern, fuel-efficient and reliable fleet. Earlier this year, the company took delivery of the largest member of its fleet to date, the Donna J.Bouchard/B. No. 272 Articulated Tug Barge (ATB) unit. The B. No. 272 barge unit was built at VT Halter Marine’s main yard in Pascagoula, MS. The 628 ft barge has a 255,000-barrel

capacity. The barge is ABS and USCG certified for Jones Act service. Meanwhile, the 10,000 hp twin screw ATB tug, Donna J. Bouchard, which is paired with the B. No. 272, was built at VT Halter’s Moss Point Marine shipyard in Escatwapa, MS. The tug is classed by ABS as +A1 Towing Vessel, Dual Mode ATB, USCG Subchapter M, and is equipped with an Intercon Coupler System. It measure 150 ft x 50 ft x 29 ft. The ATB unit was designed by Guarino & Cox, LLC, Covington, LA. December 2016 // Marine Log 19

December 2016 Marine Log  
December 2016 Marine Log