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Forbes Possible Selection as Secretary of Navy


resident-elect Donald Trump has begun to announce his selections for his cabinet, including Marine General James N. Matthis as Secretary of Defense. President-Elect Trump’s likely choice for Secretary of the Navy appears to be Rep. J. Randy Forbes (R-VA). That news was first reported by USNI News the day after the Presidential election. USNI News quoted a

person familiar with Trump’s national security team as saying, “I don’t think there’s anyone else.” Elected to Congress in 2001, Representative Forbes lost his bid for re-election when he was defeated by State Del. Scott Taylor in the Republican primary in Virginia’s 2nd District. The Congressman is a strong advocate for the 12-carrier group, 350-ship Navy and is a Senior Member of the House Armed Services Committee and Chairman of the Subcommittee on Seapower and Projection Forces. Back in July 2016, Forbes released a statement regarding the Navy’s longoverdue, 30-year Shipbuilding Plan. “I am concerned that despite Congress’ clear intent to bend the curve lines and grow the fleet,” writes the Congressman, “this document still shows attack submarine production returning to a single boat in 2021, a shortfall in small surface combatants, and an eventual return to 10 carriers. All told, the plan

will result in a fleet that will only meet the Navy’s outdated requirement of 308 ships for 8 years, and falls far short of the larger force that the CNO and every serious naval analyst thinks we need for the future.” Based on his past record, it would be reasonable to think that Forbes as Secretary of the Navy would push for a larger Navy shipbuilding, conversion and repair budget and the development of new defense technologies. In a post on his website, “A Vision for National Defense,” Forbes writes, “Elected representatives have an obligation to push and pursue new defense technologies and innovations to ensure military power today, the same way that we pursued stealth and munitions to ensure victory in the Gulf. We need the creative genius that comes with collaboration between private and public sectors and allied nations to create a future-focused defense structure.”

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