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While every care has been taken to present the most accurate information, our survey gathering system is far from perfect. We welcome your Shipyard Contracts input. Please e-mail any changes to: Some contract values and contract completion dates are estimated. Information based on data as of about December 1, 2012. (*) Asterisk indicates in series delivered. “C” aafter a vessel type indicates a major converREGULATION & IMPLEMENTATION AT A GLANCE May 1, 2012. (*) Asterisk indicates first infirst series delivered. A “C” Aafter vessel type indicates a major conversion,

Vessel Category

sion, overhaul or refit. Additional commercial and government contracts are listed onwebsite, our website, overhaul or refit. Additional commercial and government contracts are listed on our

Ballast Water Capacity

Commercial New Vessels All

Date Constructed

On or after Dec. 1, 2013 SHIPyARD Shipyard Location LOCATION QTy TyPE Particulars PARTICULARS Qty 1,500 m Type Est. Value $ Mil 3 Existing Vessels Less than BeforeOwner Dec. 1, 2013

Vessel’s Compliance Date

OnOwNER/OPERATOR delivery EST. $ MIL EST. DEL. Est.Scheduled Del. First Drydocking after Jan. 1, 2016

Alabama Shipyard Mobile, AL 1 riverboat casino 38,000 ft2 casino Hollywood Park Casino 35.0 7/00 RECENT CONTRACTS AllenShipbuilders Marine, Inc. Sitka, passenger catamaran 78 ft Allen Marine Tours Candies Houma, LA vessel 102m x 20.6m Candies LLC 2014 1,500 – AK 5,000 Before Dec. 1,72013 FirstOtto Scheduled Drydocking after Jan.2.01, 2014 2000 JUN18 Huntington Ingalls Pascagoula, MS m31 1 subsea assault ship LHA U.S. Navy $2,381.4 AllenMarine Marine, Inc. Sitka,RI AK passenger catamaran 61 NYWaterwayTowing 2.0 2000 2013 Senesco Kingston, ASD tug 5,150 McAllister Gladding-Hearn Somerset, MA 31 1 patrol boats ft xhp 1778ftft NYPD AMFELS Brownsville, TX 1 deepwater construction vessel 4000-ton deckload CalDive International 100.0 1Q/01 Senesco Marine Kingston, RI dry dock 420ftft, 7,300 lt cap Caddell Dry Coastal Dock Voyages Gladding-Hearn Somerset, MA boats 70 17 ft passenger Atlantic Marine, Inc. Jacksonville, FL 21 m 2 3patrol cruise shipsBefore Dec. 226 Delta Queen 60.01, 2016 6/01 2013 Greater than 5,000 1,x2013 FirstNYPD Scheduled Drydocking after Jan. Vigor/US Fab Seattle, WA MS auto ferry 362ftftx 336in x ft83 ft 2hp in Washington State Ferries FEB14 Signet Shipbuilding Pascagoula, tug dredge 80 ft, 5150 Signet Maritime Bay Shipbuilding Sturgeon Bay, WI 1 1 tractor cutterhead 250 Lake Michigan Contractors 2000 MAY13 Bay Shipbuilding Sturgeon Bay, WI 1 trailing suction hopper dredge 5,000 m3 Great Lakes Dredge & Dock 51.6 3Q/2001 Bender Shipbuilding Mobile, AL 1 MP deepwater vessel 340 ft Torch Inc. 30.0 2001 DELIVERIES Bender Shipbuilding Mobile, offshore tug OttoCoast Candies, Inc. 5.0 8/00NOV12 DELIVERIES Bollinger Shipyards Lockport, LA AL 1 1 FRC 154 ft 150 ft U.S. Guard Bender Shipbuilding Mobile, AL 1 offshore tug 150 ft Otto Candies, Inc. 5.0 10/00 Bollinger Shipyards Lockport, LA 1 FRC 145 ft x 25 ft U.S. Coast Guard $47 MAY12 Chesapeake Shipbuilding MDRI 1 1 paddlewheeler 295ft, 150 Linelisted only five BWM2000 JUL12 in are similar to theSalisbury, ones adopted by Guard a Type Approval certif- American (SABCruise Study) techBlount Shipyard Warren, harbor13tughas issued 55PAX ftft stock GD-NASSCO San Diego, CA 1 T-AKE 689 ft x 106 U.S. Navy $412 APR12 Horizon Shipbuilding Bayou2016; LaBatre, AL new 1 1 towboat 120 ft x 35 ft Florida Marine Transp. Blount Shipyard through Warren, RI oyster dredge 90 will ft Tallmadge Brothers 7/00 OCT12 the Convention the icate, AMS certification no longer be nologies that met the IMO D-2 discharge US Fab Portland, OR 1 covered barge 180 ft x 52 ft Georgia Pacific Consumer MAY12 Blount Shipyard sightseeing dinner boat 74 ft xfor ft610 Chicago from the Lake, Ltd. Horizon Shipbuilding BayouWarren, LaBatre, AL 1 1 towboat 3264ftwhich in in the Coast Canal Barge OCT12 construction implementation isRI almost possible for vessels standard that is now adopted in4/01 the Bollinger Marine Fabricators Amelia, oceangoing barge 400 ft McDonough Marine Service 2/01NOV12 Meridien Maritime Matane, CANLA 1 1 research vessel 25m x 9.2m Canadian Coast Guard two Bollinger years Shipyards apart, with the Lockport, Convention at Guard Type Approved system is deemed Coast Guard Regulations: 1. De-oxygenLA 1 cement barge 295 ft Lone Star Industries 2000 PENDING CONTRACTS Bollinger Lockport, LA towboat 8,000 hp 8.0 + chlorine 3/01 NOTES January 1,Shipyards 2012 and the Coast Guard at 1 suitable. Title 46 CFR Part 162.060 Riverway ationCompany + cavitation; 2. Filtration PENDING CONTRACTS Bollinger Shipyards Lockport, LA 1 utility vessel 166 ft Gilco Supply Boats, Inc. 8.0 10/00 TBD 6 car ferry 1,200 PAX (Convert to LNG) Washington State Ferries RFP by NOTES July 11 3 December 1, 2013. sets out the requirements for submittals Great dioxide; 3. Filtration$137.0 + UV; Lakes Dredge BAE Systems Southeast Mobile, AL MS 21 1 dump 7,700 Bollinger Shipyards Lockport, LA utilityscows vessel 166 ft dwt Gilco Supply Boats, Inc. 8.0 4. Filtration 5/01option VT Halter Marine Pascagoula, Roll-On/Roll-Off 692 ft,ft26,600 Pasha Hawaii Transport option Bollinger Shipyards Lockport, LA 1 utility vessel 145 ft 6 in Lytal Marine Operators 8.0 9/00 TBD 6 car ferries 1,200 PAX (Convert to LNG) Washington State Ferries RFP issued For BWM equipment installed prior from Type Approval testing by a foreign + UV + Ti O2; and 5. Filtration + electro VT Halter Marine Pascagoula, MS 24 PSVs 97.2m, DP2 Hornbeck Offshore $1,080.0 options Bollinger Shipyards Lockport, LAimpleutility vessel 145250 ft 6ftin Plaisance Marine 8.0 1/01 RFP TBDthe 5 1 OSVs stretch to Harvey Gulf Intl. Marine to Coast Guard Regulations administration. chlorination. Brusco Tug & Barge Longview, WA 1 Z-Drive tug 3,600 hp Diversified Marine, Portland, OR 5.0 4Q/00 TBD OPCs Offshore Patrol Cutters U.S. Coast Guardthe Convention and RegulaRFP/Phase I mentation date, the Coast Guard Once Conrad Shipyard Morgan City, LAmay 1 lift boat 110 ft undisclosed 5.0 1Q/00 TY Offshore New Orleans, LA LA 2 1 PSVs dual fuel, 302 x 64 ft Harvey Gulf Intl. Marine Conrad Shipyard Morgan City, lift boat 111 ftOFftBWM Global Marine 5.0 6/00options issue a five-year certificate for the use SELECTION AND INSTALLATION SYSTEMS tions build dates requirements are taken VT Halter Marine Pascagoula, 692 ft, 26,600 Pasha Hawaii Transport $137.0 5.0 Conrad Shipyard MorganMS City, LA 1 1 Roll-On/Roll-Off liquid mud barge 130 ft dwt undisclosed 1Q/00option of anConrad Alternative Management System The vessel owner’s attention must Hornbeck intoIndustries account, Guard system Shipyards MorganMS City, LA 24 1 PSVs dry dock 10,000 ton Conrad 4Q/00options VT Halter Marine Pascagoula, 97.2m, DP2 Offshore and a Coast $1,080.03.0 Dakota Industries Anacortes, WA Prevention/Response Tug108m 140 ft,MT6022 10,192 hp Z-drives Crowley MarineLLC Services 8.0 an owner’s 7/00Option (AMS) toCreek foreign Type-Approved equipnow turn to the selection of BWM sys- Otto approval appears assured, Candies Shipbuilders Houma, LA 1 1 subsea vessel x 22m, Candies Shipyards Mamaroneck, NY 1 2 research pilot boats 56 ft aluminum NY/NJ Sandy Hook Pilots Association 2.0 12/00 TBD Derecktor vesselthe timing 65ft, hybrid Maritime Aquarium Shipyard ment that demonstrates equivalent pertems and of the installation. selection from among these alternatives Eastern Shipbuilding Group Panama City, FL 1 Offshore Supply Vessel 204 ft Naviera Tamaulipas 7.0 6/00 to be selected formance to thatShipbuilding with Coast Guard Science Advisory30,000 Board willMarine depend upon the circumstances of FirstWave/Newpark Houston, TX Type- 1 The tank barge bbl Study that Blessey Services 3.0 6/00 Friede Goldman Halter Escatawpa, auto/pax ferries passengers/40 DOT operation and10.8 7/00 Approved equipment. Once the MS Coast 2 was submitted to the 300 EPA in July autos 2011 North theCarolina vessel’s the configuraFriede Goldman Halter Pearlington, MS 2 casino barges Harrah’s Entertainment 2Q/00 Friede Goldman Halter Gulfport, MS 30 inland deck barges 200 ft Ingram Industries 9.0 4Q/00 Friede Goldman Halter Gulfport, MS 1 oceangoing tank barge 370 ft, liquid sugar Express Marine 10.0 8/00 Friede Goldman Halter Pascagoula, MS 1 pure car truck carrier 579 ft Pasha Hawaii Transport Lines 70.0 sp/02 Friede Goldman Halter Pearlington, MS 1 self-unloading bulker 740 ft Great Lakes Marine Leasing 30.0 4/00 Friede Goldman Halter Lockport, LA 1 tugboat hull 150 ft Thoma-Sea Boat Builders 4.0 4Q/00 Friede Goldman Offshore Orange, TX 1 semi-submersible 7500 ft water depth ENSCO International 100.0 8/00 Friede Goldman Offshore Pascagoula, MS 2 semi-submersibles 5000 ft water depth Petrodrill Construction Inc. 186.8 12/01 Friede Goldman Offshore Pascagoula, MS 1 semisubmersible (C) Ilion Noble Drillling/FGII N/A N/A Friede Goldman Offshore Pascagoula, MS 2 semisubmersibles (C) Bingo 9000-12 Ocean Rig ASA (Norway) 313.0 12/00 Gladding-Hearn Shipbuilding Somerset, MA 1 fast ferry 143 ft Boston Harbor Cruises 5.0 2000 Gladding-Hearn Shipbuilding Somerset, MA 3 pilot boats 75 ft Charleston, Boston Pilots 6.0 2000 Gunderson, Inc. Portland, OR 3 railcar/deck cargo barges 420 ft Alaska Railbelt Marine, LLC 15.0 2000 Gunderson, Inc. Portland, OR 1 split hull hopper barge 1,700 yd3 capacity J.E. McAmis, Inc. 3.0 2000 Houma Fabricators Houma, LA 1 offshore tug 125 ft Harvey Gulf International 7.5 2000 Kody Marine, Inc. Harvey, LA 3 switchboats 1,500 hp LC Power 2.0 1Q/01 Kvichak Marine Industries Seattle, WA 1 catamaran 54 ft aluminum Maui Classic Voyages 0.8 7/00 Kvichak Marine Industries Seattle, WA 1 oil spill response vessel 38 ft Clean Sound Co-op 2000 Kvichak Marine Industries Seattle, WA 1 passenger shuttle 54 ft aluminum Atlantis Submarines 0.8 3Q/00 Kvichak Marine Industries Seattle, WA 1 patrol boat 38 ft aluminum Nassau County Police 0.5 12/00 Kvichak Marine Industries Seattle, WA 1 pilot boat 73 ft aluminum Columbia Bar Pilots 2.6 8/00 Kvichak Marine Industries Seattle, WA 1 whalewatch catamaran 65 ft aluminum Eco Adventures 0.9 3Q/00 Leevac Shipyards Jennings, LA 2 deepwater supply vessel 260 ft-280 ft Hornbeck Offshore Services 36.0 6/01 Leevac Shipyards Jennings, LA 1 it’s riverboat casino 280 ft, 30,000 sq ft casino Hollywood Shreveport 36.0 10/00 Find the right people, whether shore-side or LeTourneau Vicksburg, MS 1 jackup rig 400 ft depth Rowan Offshore 211.7 6/00 LeTourneau Vicksburg, MS 1 Super Gorilla XL 550 ft water depth Rowan Offshore 190.0 3Q/03 shipboard professionals by leveraging Litton Avondale Industries New Orleans, LA 3 Alaskan tankers 125,000 dwt ARCO Marine 496.0 4/01 Litton Ingalls Shipbuilding Pascagoula, MS 2 cruise ships 1,900 passenger American Classic Voyages 880.0 1/04 Litton Ingalls Shipbuilding Pascagoula, MS 3 multipurpose jackup vessels 180 ft water depth Searex, Inc. 21.9 2000 MARCO Seattle Seattle, WA 2 pilot boats 104 ft San Francisco Bar Pilots 8.0 1Q/01 Marine Builders Utica, IN 1 dinner cruise boat Winston Knauss 5.0 2000 Mark Steel Corporation Salt Lake City, UT 1 car passenger ferry 148 pax/26 auto Utah DOT 3.0 9/00 NASSCO San Diego, CA 2 RO/RO ships 839 ft TOTE 300.0 3Q/02 Nichols Brothers Boat Builders Whidbey Island, WA 1 dinner boat 800 passenger Argosy Cruises 8.0 6/00 Nichols Brothers Boat Builders Whidbey Island, WA 1 high-speed ferry 400 passenger Golden Gate Bridge, Hwy. 8.5 6/01 Nichols Brothers Boat Builders Whidbey Island, WA 1 high-speed ferry 379 passenger Catalina Express Lines 8.5 sp/01 Nichols Marine Ways Portland, OR 1 hydraulic pipeline dredge Manson Construction 10.2 N/A North American Shipbuilding Larose and Houma, LA1 AHTS 7,200 hpEdison Chouest Offshore 8.0 5/00 North American Shipbuilding Larose and Houma, LA1 Offshore Supply Vessel 190 ftChouest Offshore Ser vices3.5 5/00 North Florida Shipyards Jacksonville, FL 1 oil tanker 171 ft Marine Tankers Services, Ltd. 10.0 2000 Orange Shipbuilding Orange, TX 1 deck barge 200 ft undisclosed 2.0 2Q/00 Orange Shipbuilding Co., Inc. Orange, TX 1 deck barge 120 ft undisclosed 1.0 1Q/00 Patti Shipyard Pensacola, FL 2 offshore towing vessels 150 ft Harvey Gulf International 22.0 2000 Quality Shipyards Houma, LA 1 towboat 8000 hp Marquette Transportation 8.0 8/00 SEMCO Lafitte, LA 3 Multi-Purpose Vessels 156 ft x 103 ft Transocean Sedco Forex 15.0 2000 Swiftships, Inc. Morgan City, LA 2 crewboat 170 ft aluminum hull Candies Fleet 12.0 3Q/00



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$3,485.8 MILLION

Dec 2012 Marine Log Magazine  

Dec 2012 Marine Log Magazine

Dec 2012 Marine Log Magazine  

Dec 2012 Marine Log Magazine