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Meridian: Innovative solutions to critical survey and inspection needs Meridian Ocean ServiceS is a subsea inspector and surveyor offering client-tailored services. Using ROVs and AUVs (Remotely and Autonomously Operated Vehicles), Meridian directs an intense focus on innovative and creative deployment of vehicles. Each job is customized to deliver the most efficient and cost-effective solution to precisely meet a client’s needs. Meridian optimizes ROV and AUV deployment by “right-sizing” each job: the right team, with the right training, and the right equipment, customized for the project. Meridian’s goal? Streamlined process. Specialized personnel. Bespoke equipment. Meridian recognizes that not every job requires the expense, manpower or resources of large vehicles. All of this results in a better bottom line for the client. In 2012 and 2013, Meridian gained critical experience in a broad spectrum of subsea industries. Meridian’s projects have included UXO identification, reef survey, pipeline survey, ship hull inspection and damage survey, ballast tank inspection, rig inspection, offshore vessel anchor buoy, PLEM, and riser survey as well as dredging fill identification. Meridian also delivers effective

solutions for short and long term deployments to support pipeline inspections, touchdown monitoring, UWILDs, rig inspections (cathodic protection and ultrasonic thickness measurements to maintain class inspection), and more. Meridian uses top-of-the-line technology, tailored to the particular requirements of every job. Meridian can conduct steel thickness measurements of ship ballast tanks, offshore LNG terminals, or subsea structures such as offshore platform legs to maintain class certifications. Their ROVs can integrate CP, UT, jetting tools as well as the latest survey suites. Meridian hand picks the best technology for each project to provide a comprehensive tool kit to ensure safe operation and maintenance throughout the life of the platform or vessel. With its top-of-the-line equipment and teams trained to look through the client’s eyes, Meridian enhances the client’s control of risk management. For example, Meridian can provide support for oil industry “wet tows,” by giving jack-up operators a quick and clear real-time view of the subsea environment, providing critical information in the event that jack up legs must be set down. This fast and

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S4 MARINE LOG August 2013

cost effective survey can prevent legs punching through the ocean floor and damaging the rig. A major benefit of Meridian’s ROVs and their right-sizing approach is the ability to use a small equipment platform, saving valuable deck space and minimizing personnel, which saves time and money for the client. Meridian simultaneously operates AUVs to gather data while conducting ROV ground truthing operations. For pipeline inspections, Meridian operates AUVs to image and ROVs to inspect any areas of interest, providing significantly reduced operational times in a cost effective and streamlined package. As a small and rapidly expanding company, Meridian is eager to demonstrate its capability to new clients. Meridian thrives on finding creative solutions to difficult situations and welcomes the opportunity to propose their approach. Located in in Newport, Rhode Island, Houston, Texas and Nassau, Bahamas, the company operates its own fleet of vehicles and maintains an extensive partner network. This enables Meridian to identify, locate and deploy - for any job, any client and at any time.

August 2013 Marine Log Magazine  
August 2013 Marine Log Magazine