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Bollinger Larose, LLC, stretching the HOS North

STRETCHING OUT John R. Snyder, Publisher & Editor-in-Chief


Offshore support vessel operators look to get more out of their existing fleets with series lengthenings

he search for oil and gas continues to push into deeper waters, requiring a new generation of larger, more flexible, higher specification support vessels. Besides adding new tonnage to meet the demands of deepwater drilling, offshore support vessel operators Hornbeck Offshore Services, Harvey Gulf International Marine, and GulfMark Offshore all have significant programs underway to stretch existing OSVs into beefier hulks, adding more clear deck space, below mud tank capacity and thruster upgrades for DP-2 Class. The most recent deal has Harvey Gulf International Marine, New Orleans, LA, adding 40-foot-long midbodies to five DP-2 OSVs that it acquired from Bee Mar, LLC, Broussard, LA, last year. “We’ve already ordered much of the equipment that will be needed for these conversions,” says Ben Bordelon, Executive Vice President, Ship Repair, Bollinger Shipyards. “STX Marine is performing the detailed engineering for these vessels.” Bollinger Shipyards will cut each of the boats just aft of the superstructure and insert the prefabricated midbody. According to Bordelon, the first two boats will arrive at Bollinger April 15 and May 15, respectively, with delivery to HGIM in September 2013. HGIM already has a charter lined up for the two boats. The vessels being stretched are what Bee Mar, LLC, had called its Busy Bee Class Platform Supply Vessel, which had built to ABS Class as DP2, Subchapter L, SOLAS boats. Each of the 210 ft x 56 ft vessels will be lengthened to 250 ft, with added deck space and liquid mud

tank capacity. Current liquid mud capacity is 6,300 bbl and 6,000 ft3 of dry bulk capacity. HGIM, which will call them its 270 Class, says liquid mud capacity will be 10,000 bbl and dry bulk 10,000 ft3. Bordelon says the lengthening of the HGIM boats is far less complex than the work its doing on six Hornbeck Offshore Services (HOS) boats, which are also being upgraded to DP-2. Bollinger Larose and Bollinger Morgan City are each handling three lengthenings, which will turn the Super 200 Class DP-1 vessels into 240 Class DP-2 boats. The liquid mud capacities on each of the boats will be about 8,000 bbl. Other owners are discussing similar stretches and upgrades, says Bordelon.

BOLLINGER ADDS DRY DOCK Harvey Gulf has also agreed to sell Bollinger one of its two dry docks, measuring 320 ft x 120 ft x 12 ft, with 10,000 tons lifting capacity. The dry dock will be moved to Bollinger Fourchon, LLC, where a major facility expansion is underway.

GULFMARK STRETCHES AT CONRAD GulfMark Offshore, Houston, TX, has been involved with two stretch programs with Conrad Shipyards, Morgan City, LA, the first stretching three vessels between 2010-2011 and the second stretching three vessels between 2012-2013. Both programs were very similar as all six vessels in both programs were virtually identical. The 190 Class April 2013 MARINE LOG 25

Apr 2013 Marine Log Magazine  

Apr 2013 Marine Log Magazine

Apr 2013 Marine Log Magazine  

Apr 2013 Marine Log Magazine