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Wakeboarding and Music are Designed for One Another

Wakeboarding is an excellent sport that has become very popular on America’s coasts and inland waterways, as well as worldwide. But it is much more than that - an entire culture is growing up around this extreme sport and today it’s about far more than just wakeboarding. Wouldn’t you agree? People are into the sport of wakeboarding that would never strap on a Jet Pilot wetsuit, jump on a Liquid Force Watson and take airborne on a Raley or try a toe side front roll by using a front side 180. They go wakeboarding because it’s a culture they connect with and enjoy. They can get on the board here and there for some fun, but they’re into the sport because of the setting, the pleasure to be on the open water, spending time with friends, while enjoying the tunes that are cranking from a boat’s sound system, just perfectly distributed and balanced by the onboard marine grade eq and caressing their eardrums through a sharp, high-caliber sound system.

The music - it has become a huge element of the wakeboarding lifestyle and scene. Just like surfing had its own litany of bands, with the Beach Boys being just the most well-known among them, so wakeboarding, being a, culture is binding with genres of music that suit the mentality and the lifestyle. Hip hop and metal carry on to offer the soundtrack for several wakeboarders, with Jay-Z, Metallica and Kurupt being widespread, while established rock bands like Green Day and even classic groups like Zeppelin are found on the sound track aboard many MasterCraft and Malibu boats creating perfect wakes for their riders. Throw in newer bands like Mystikal or White Kaps and you’ve picked up music to please nearly everybody.

Precisely what features do you hope to see in the best sound system and marine eq to turn your boat into THE boat? The very first thing to note is to opt for products designed particularly for marine use. Numerous boaters slap a car sound audio system into their boat just to be sorry later. As an example, a car equalizer that transmits sound to back and front seats isn’t fitted for handling the sound on the water like a marine grade eq is, built to provide fantastic sound to those in the boat and at the same time project the music to the wakeboarder 100 feet behind the boat. You will be much happier with a marine equalizer which has the electronics to complete the job as well as being packed to shield it from the elements it will come across. Definitely go with a marine eq and ditch the car audio eq!

Most likely the best marine eq presently in the marketplace is the Krypt KMA 4200 EQ 4 Band Parametric Equalizer with an integrated microphone. It’s designed and manufactured by wakeboarders for wakeboarders and delivers all the features you must have on the water. These include a coated circuit board to fully stand up to the elements, a built in microphone and two zone volume control with distinct marine eq overall performance to help you to independently personalize the sound and volume of music delivered to your boat speakers and tower speakers.

Music is an essential element in great wakeboarding whether you’re relaxing in the boat or casting tricks behind it, and having an audio system furnished with a top-line marine grade equalizer is one thing no boat should be without.

Get the latest marine equalizer today and take advantage of the features it of fers for a more exhilarating wakeboarding. Top of the line Marine EQ are easily available at reputable online shops.

Wakeboarding and Music are Designed for One Another  

Get the latest marine equalizer today and take advantage of the features it offers for a more exhilarating wakeboarding. Top of the line Mar...