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Guidelines for Finding Your Next Marine Amplifier

If you own a boat then you certainly know that a high-quality marine amplifier is the central part of the sound system. Boating is wakeboarding, escaping in the fresh air and sun, taking advantage of great times with friends, partying in the cove - and for all of these activities you will want a sound system created for boats: a marine rate boat stereo with marine audio pieces, mainly a marine amplifier. Here are tips for looking for your next marine grade amplifier to add in the power of music to all your boating activities.

First and foremost, and I assume we’ve been clear on this already, ditch car sound components of any sort and pick and choose only a marine amplifier that is produced for life in the water - like the moisture, the salty mist and the thumping of splashing water. A coated internal circuit board is important - if not the death of your amp is simply a matter of time and you’ll be left singing ‘bye, bye miss American pie’ by yourself and the day the music dies.

Next, search for a highly-capable marine amplifier. A what? Marine amps, like all amps, are graded on efficiency - how efficiently they'll use battery power? A/B amps are bare minimum efficient so don’t play them long with the engine off or they'll use up the battery, and you’ll be drifting to Guam before you know it. Most boat amp designs are class D amplifiers, however the best marine grade amplifiers are class H amplifier models, or class g/h.

Lastly, seek a marine amplifier for your marine audio system with enhanced electronics that supercharge performance and guard the amp. One example is the Krypt KMA125.4 Class G/H Marine Audio Full Range Amplifier. It is far more effective and suffers less distortion than class D amplifiers. The Krypt marine amplifier furthermore sports superior defense against reverse/over voltage, speaker short and thermal overload, all system failures that can have you drivin’ your Chevy to the levee, if you know what we mean.

In our research, we’ve found out that Krypt handles the marine amplifier bases a lot better than most. The model we talked about is joined by the Krypt KMA500.1 Class G/H Marine Audio Full Range Amplifier to provide you with a range of two dynamic models to drive the power on your marine audio system. Whatever marine amplifier you choose, make sure it has the 3 qualities we specified here and you’ll get better performance and more durable service from your boat stereo every time.

Anytime you need marine-grade marine amplifier, be sure to only acquire them at reliable stores. Find out the best deals on marine amp and get the best value of your money.

Guidelines for buying your next marine amplifier Anytime you need marine-grade marine amplifier, be sure to only acquire them at reliable stores. Find out the best...