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February 2005

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Water Recedes in Guyana: Is god vexed with us, Who will save

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SEEKING DIVINE GUIDANCE: President Bharrat Jagdeo, Opposition Leader Robert Corbin and Prime Minister Samuel Hinds pray together at yesterday’s National Interfaith ceremony. (Delano Williams photo)

Queens Community Leader Takes Prompt Action In Disaster, A I S H A W A R Y A

Armant Singh : What a wonderful boy ! (Pg 15)

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6 L 0 O V Y E E A F R O R O L A D Rupa Persaud : New York Dancing Princess (Pg 15)

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acial Profiling is a chronic problem in our neighborhoods in District 28. It occurs predominantly while individuals are walking, driving, shopping, even flying, sitting at home, or worshipping. In the government's post 9/11 war on terror the practice has affected one of nine Americans. Its practice by law enforcement undermines National Security US Law Enforcement's Pervasive Focus on Race, Religion, and Ethnicity. This is a Human Rights Violation and is the direct result of an estimated 32 million victims in the United States. An estimated 87 million Americans are at risk of falling prey. Racial Profiling, Domestic Security, and Human Rights in the United States, asserts that law enforcement's use of race, religion, country of origin, or ethnic and religious appearance as a proxy for criminal suspicion undermines national security. With terrorist acts on the rise it is imperative that those concerned urgently recognize that this practice blinds law enforcement to real criminal threats. The frightening reality is that we are “all at risk” unless prompt action is immediately taken to halt this pernicious practice.

West Indian Graphics Editorial Board Herman Singh Joseph Agard Roger E. Rawana Reggie Rawana Dave Anderson

Chief Editor Joseph Agard Roger E. Rawan

President/CEO Herman Singh

Advertising Mgr. Reggie Rawana

Photographer Jaskaran Persaud Reggie Rawana

Publisher West Indian Graphic A Non-Profit Corp.

Legal Kawal Totaram

To be constantly judged based on the color of skin, place of birth, and the way of worshiping God rather that on contributions and good intentions is definitely wrong. Those concerned must uphold the Constitution and apply its principles equally and fairly. How can you convince someone who has endured the humiliating and dehumanizing effects of profiling that those venerable ideals also apply to him? Surely such practice diminishes confidence in our ‘friend and helper’ the police? Wouldn’t this make individuals even more reluctant to either call 911 or to cooperate with law enforcement? It is now time for a comprehensive federal law banning all race-focused law enforcement practices.

Joseph A. Agard, Certified Mediator/ Arbitrator is the Editor. He holds a Masters Degree in law and advanced professional qualifications in international arbitration, transnational civil litigation, intercultural negotiation/ mediation law and practice and international affairs. A former senior government officer, police detective, Guyana Scholar and European Fellow Joseph was an ‘A’ student at New York University. He studied European Union law and American law in the UK, USA, France, Germany, Belgium Luxembourg and Holland and received training and exposure at the European Court of Justice, European Court of First Instance, European Court of Auditors, The Euro-


Lake Persaud Aftab Karimullah Dave Balgobin Dave Narine Sindy Singh Bhola Ramsundar George Subraj Kalkie Gahoor Pia Scarfo Lionel Narine Sarvan Kumar Jay Rakhar Gopaul Deo Nick Singh Mohamed Baksh Richie Anderson Tony Yassin Anand Ahuja Bisram Bhagan Al Akbar Jack Bharat Ed Ahmad


Kawal Deosarran Bisram Bhagan Patricia Ali-Agard Lakeram Salik Roshan Aliahmad Foreign Correspondent Andreas Agard- Europe Pearl Smith-UK Vishan BeresfordCARICOM Meganathan Reddy , South Africa

All/any material presented in this newspaper may not be reproduced in whole or part without the written permission of the editor in chief. Advertisers are encouraged to check their ads for errors which may be due to printing error. The views and opinions explicitly and or implicitly stated by authors do not necessarily reflect those of West Indian Graphics USA. Readers are encouraged to forward their concerns to the Editorial Board of West Indian Graphics USA at 120-05 Atlantic Ave. Richmond Hill, New York 11419, West Indian Graphics USA. is published bi-monthly as an educational and cultural project. It is available everywhere. West Indian Graphics USA will not sell, barter, disseminate, disclose or link information about anyone, group, organization or company at any time. Should request be made for this we will obtain prior approval from the relevant party. We shall not entertain any kind of salacious or pornographic material nor shall we accept any kind of scandalous or libelous material. We make public this disclaim. ****************************

pean Parliament, European Commission, European Council, The European Reconstruction Bank; The French Parliament, French Supreme Court, the United Nations in New York, also with several humanitarian organizations. Among other professional associations Joseph is a member of the American Society of International Law. He is affiliated with the United Nations Association of USA, the City University of New York International Center (CUNY), the Medicare Rights Center as a Medicaid/Medicare Counselor also with several other NGOs. In 2004 he was awarded the Volunteer Service Award by CUNY Graduate Center also the Certificate of Appreciation by the Medicare Rights Center for outstanding service. Joseph studied at the University Of Leicester Faculty Of Law Graduate School, (UK); University of Hertfordshire Faculty of Law (UK); University of Paris II, Paris Institute of European Legal Studies (France); University of Humboldt Faculty of Law (Germany); Tulane University School of Law (USA) and New York University, Center for International Affairs (USA).

Old people seh: “Pore man gie he life, nobaddy nah see nothin; Rich man gie wan dallah only, an everybaddy ah clap.”

Interpretation: Regardless of how large a contribution the person of little means to you , society quickly overlooks their hard efforts.


we move away from ancient times, the issue of trust in persons claiming to be profound leaders of modern communities becomes as perplexing as some of the leaders themselves. Can our community solve its problems if its members remain stuck in time? How can we understand critical issues in neighborhoods, identify common points of compromise and arrive at sound decisions if community leaders and editors of local articles don’t understand the function (s) of the local press? The role of West Indian Graphics in its relationship with the community is visibly central. With expanding technology and changing economics the news media must bring a wealth of data at our fingertips. Inexorable blending news of local events, entertainment, techniques of film making, story telling once considered the province of Hollywood and Bollywood now reaches the community. Unlike the past, community leaders today should not tell people how to think, what to read or what to listen to. Let news and messages be brought unshaped to minds in the community, nothing should be left out, nothing should be added. As the founding father of our Constitution (Thomas Jefferson) wrote: “It is necessary for the free press to keep the waters pure for the only security of the neighborhood is the free press.” However, a local press with its powerful roles must not fall in the hands of local leaders who harbor support in news circles about their roles, status and prestige. When that happens, citizens get confused. At the desk of West Indian Graphics, we are committed to bring clear, accurate and unbiased news about the community to the community. We are a staff of modern writers that are skilled and experienced at news gathering so as to update minds on the changing times of technology and economics. West Indian Graphics is confident in its efforts to bring information that’ll update, motivate and educate the community.

West Indian Graphics

February, 2005


Letters to the editor


elcome to the West Indian Graphic, your community newspaper. The West Indian Graphics is a marvelous achievement for our community and is made possible through the hard work of a great and professional team. However, this newspaper could not have been possible without the guidance and support of its President Mr Herman Singh. It has always been the dream of Mr. Herman Singh to provide our community with a genuine community newspaper which maintains the highest journalistic standards. The West Indian is the realization of that dream. Any new project is exciting. In the case of the West Indian Graphics it is a joy to witness an idea take root and blossom into an achievement for this community. As with any good newspaper we will strive for excellence. We will work closely with all progressive organizations to further the cause of peace in the world. We will involve our youth so they can have a voice in the shaping of our society. The start of the year 2005 has tested the resolve and goodwill of humanity. The Tsunami tidal wave has left its scourge on the planet and for millions life would never be the same. In our beloved Guyana the worst flood in 100 years has taken its toll on property and lives. We are mindful of these tragic events and urge you to support all fundraising events generously. Later this year our community will be asked to make an important decision of the polls. In District 28, in New York City, we will have the opportunity to elect a Councilman to represent the District. There is only one clear and obvious choice. We know that you will work closely with us in all our efforts as we bring you the news and become part of your family. We know that you will become an important part of this community. At this critical time when we seek the answers to many questions, the West Indian will be your trusted friend, bringing you the latest news, views, and interviews from across the world. Congratulations, West Indian. Dr. Dhanpaul Narine, Queens NY

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Dear Joesph: Recently, I was part of a team (mostly members of Guyana Watch) went to assess the situation in Guyana and also to conduct a "needs analysis" for the people of Guyana. During our visit, we visited the flood stricken areas in the West Bank of Demerara and also villages from Lilliendal to Enmore, along the East Coast of Demerara. We found that the people who occupied communities along the railway embankment on the East Coast, to be practically incapacitated. We held meetings with the President of Guyana, Hon. Bharat Jagdeo and the Minister of Public Service Management, Dr. Jennifer Westford, and both have advised that the major focus for Guyana must be the availability of medical services as well as the recovery process. With the flood waters mostly stagnant and slowly receding, the potential for water-borne and other tropical diseases is very imminent. Hence, we found the plea for volunteer service by overseas Medical professionals to be justified. We observed from the water impression on the fences, that the flood was very high and as a result the "pit-latrines" and grave yards were overflowing. President Jagdeo has advised that whatever monies we can raise to aid the recovery process, we should place it into an account and await further instructions since adhoc decisions can lead to duplication of services. The Government has, as part of its recovery plan, indicated that it will provide the victims whose livelihood were destroyed with an interim amount of livestock and feed, as a jump start towards their normal living. Since the flood waters are receding at a very slow pace, we found that there is an immediate need for pumps to expedite the drainage process. My advise is that the pumps be diesel generated and with a bore of at least 24 inches. There are many other groups and organizations who are providing services to the affected residents and as a result there is sufficient food for now. During our stay, our team along with Guyana Stores Ltd. provided food hampers,bottled water, carbonated beverages as well as cooked food to the people in Canal #2 on the West Bank of Demerara, Pigeon Island and its surrounding villages on the East Coast of Demerara. We are currently recruiting Doctors and other Medical Professionals for our return trip, which will be in an matter of two to three weeks.

Lake Persaud, Long Island, NY

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February 2005

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Imam Yasin Abu Bakar Treason Trial BY ROBERT ALONZO

Key Witness Tells Defense Lawyer: I’m a Master of Deception A key witness in the Yasin Abu Bakr conspiracy to murder trial testified yesterday that although he had confessed to a high-ranking detective about his involvement in kidnappings, he was allowed to walk out of the Port-ofSpain CID a free man. It was under cross-examination by Bakr’s lawyer Pamela Elder, SC, that 27-year-old murder accused Brent Danglade, alias “Small Brent,” spoke about his participation in drug trafficking, robbery, firearm offences, murders and kidnappings. Danglade, who spent the entire day in the witness box yesterday, told the jury and alternates he was in jail at present awaiting trial for the December 2002 kidnapping and murder of Curepe businessman Dennis Persad Jodhan. The jury heard from Danglade that he is jointly charged with Sheldon “Skelly” Lovell and Sean “Gumbo” Vincent for that murder. Responding to Elder, Danglade said, “In the life of crime I’m a master of deception.” He also said he testified that he could lie convincingly during the preliminary inquiry at the magistrates’ court. Bakr, leader of the Jamaat al Muslimeen, is before Justice Mark Mohammed at Port-of-Spain Third Court, charged with conspiring to murder expelled members Salim Rasheed and Zaki Aubaidah, on June 4, 2003, at Citrine Drive, Diamond Vale, Diego Martin. Danglade testified that it was after visiting Brent “Big Brent” Miller in prison in July 2003, that he went to the Homicide Bureau in Port-of-Spain and confessed to Sgt Wayne Dick about his involvement in kidnappings. He said after he confessed to Dick no charges were laid against him, neither did any member of the Anti- Kidnapping Squad question him. Danglade said he had been involved in about three kidnappings. He said he kidnapped a man named Manzin for a ransom of money and drugs. Out of the $200,000 ransom for Manzin’s release he got $20,000, he said. Danglade said he could not remember the names of the other two kidnap victims, but in one of them the ransom was $300,000. He did not say how much he got from that ransom. Danglade said he also received £7,000 ($70,000) from another kidnapping. He said an Englishman who had come to negotiate a drug sale with him “lost his money.” Danglade said he used to buy drugs from

Rasheed, whom he knew for 13 years, and resell it. He recalled being at a house in Carenage when a discussion about the kidnapping of a Chinese man for $2 million came up. Also at that house were Rasheed, Miller and another man called Kazim. Danglade said it was Rasheed who had called Miller to Carenage to discuss that kidnapping. Miller, a co-conspirator in the shooting, has been granted immunity by the State to testify against Bakr. Danglade said the ransom payment for the Chinese man slowed down because one of the kidnappers was held by police. He said Miller ordered the release of the Chinese man and the next day Rasheed called for his share of the ransom. Danglade said he remembered seeing the family of that victim crying on television. He said men belonging to the Jamaat kidnapped the man. Danglade also admitted he knew about a murder in Bournes Road, St James. He had initially told the court he could not recall how many murders he had been involved in and those victims had never done him anything. However, when pressed by Elder, Danglade said he was

not involved in any killings and never killed anyone. He will continue his evidence when hearing resumes today. “The Boss” Ordered the Hit Jamaat al Muslimeen leader Abu Bakr ordered a hit on expelled members Salim Rasheed and Zaki Aubaidah, during a meeting at the home of David “Buffy” Millard, according to key witness Brent Danglade. Danglade said he had gone to Millard’s Citrine Drive, Diego Martin home on June 4, 2003, when he saw Bakr’s jeep parked outside. He said Millard’s wife, Angie, told him “the boss” was inside. He went into a bedroom and saw Bakr and Millard and they spoke about Rasheed and Aubaidah. “They said Salim and Zaki was giving trouble. They said Salim and Zaki were dealing in drugs and they did not want them to deal in drugs. “They wanted to discipline them. They said they wanted them dead.” Danglade said Bakr told Millard, “Don’t stick like the last time.” When asked by DPP Geoffrey Henderson what he meant by stick, Danglade said it meant, “Don’t miss.” He said he had gone to Millard’s house to get money from him. However, he changed his mind and asked Bakr instead. He said Bakr gave him $500. He insisted that Bakr was at the Diego Martin house and gave the order to kill the two expelled members. Responding to Elder, Danglade said he was a good and truthful man. He said he left the Jamaat in 2003 and was not expelled. He said he was a Roman Catholic. He said a Muslim prayed five times a day and performed religious rites, but “I never used to do that.” Danglade said he had gone to the Homicide Bureau because he wanted to tell the police about the MovieTowne shooting in which Rasheed and Aubaidah were injured and Jillia Bowen was killed. He said he had also gone to the police to tell them that another witness, Brent Miller, was not involved in that shooting.

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Marley’s Fans Gather in Ethiopia Thousands of Rastafarians and music fans are gathering in Ethiopia to begin a month of events to mark what have would been Bob Marley's 60th birthday. It is the first time the annual celebrations are being held outside the reggae legend's native Jamaica. Ethiopia was chosen because Rastafarians, such as the late singer, regard the late Ethiopian emperor Haile Selassie as their spiritual leader. Marley's widow Rita Marley has said one day she wants him reburied in Ethiopia. She has distanced herself from initial comments she made last month that Marley would be reburied as part of this year's celebrations. "It was a dream of Bob Marley and it is a dream of the family to bury him in Ethiopia. As we believe in what is to be, must be, it will happen in due course," she told AFP news agency. Icon Netsanet Asfaw, Ethiopia's minister of state for information, said Ethiopia

was pleased to be hosting the events. "Bob Marley put Ethiopia on a pedestal and it is in his honour that this festival is going to take place here," she said. Under the banner Africa Unite, the month-long events will include concerts, a film festival, seminars and a gala fundraiser using the themes of Marley's songs including War, Exodus and Get Up Stand Up. They will kick

imagination of millions. Africa Unite is from his most political album, Survival. On the cover is a quotation from black nationalist leader Marcus Garvey: "A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots". Marley was a dedicated Rastafarian and a strong believer in one of its central beliefs, the importance of return

tal, Addis Ababa, on 6 February Marley's birthday - featuring three of Marley's children as well as Quincy Jones, Baaba Maal, Youssou N'Dour and Angelique Kidjo. After that the celebrations will move to Shashemene, some 250km (155 miles) south of the capital, where a Rastafarian community has settled on land left to them by Haile Selassie. off on Tuesday evening with a concert Peace recognition by the late singer's 80-year-old Marley became an icon of the mother, Cedella Marley Booker. A 1970s with his music catching the highlight will be a concert in the capito Mother Africa. He received a United Nations Peace Award , in recognition of his attempts to calm the warring factions of Jamaican politics and played at Zimbabwe's independence celebrations in 1980, where he discovered more Zimbabweans knew the lyrics of his song than knew the words of the national anthem. Aged 36, he died of cancer in 1981 and was buried with his Gibson guitar and


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February 2005

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Caribbean News

February 2005


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February, 2005


West indian GRAPHICS

Caribbean News

February, 2005


Guyana: Floods OCHA Situation Herman Singh Report No. 4 Situation 1. The United Nations Disaster Assessment and Coordination (UNDAC) team reports that the Guyana Meteorological Service forecasts continuing rains across the national territory for the next four days. Drainage efforts are ongoing in affected areas of the East Coast (area between the capital Georgetown and Mahaica to the east). 2. The national authorities report that the water is now at 8-24 inches (20-61 cm) below the crest of the Conservancy Dam. The water levels monitored in affected villages indicate that these levels are either stationary or decreasing. 100 workers are carrying out repairs and control in the Conservancy area. However, the rains of the past two days and the preoccupying weather forecast have placed the relief community on alert for a possible exacerbation of the flooding. 3. As long as the water levels remain at the current level, a large proportion of the population in the flood-affected areas will continue to depend on relief assistance. The Joint Operations Centre (JOC)/ Civil Defence Commission (CDC) estimates that the flooding has affected more than 200,000 persons. 4. According to GCIFR, 293,988 persons have been affected (39 per cent of the total population) in 113 villages. This represents some 60,000 families, mainly on the East and West Coast, and the West Bank. In the most affected area, (the East Coast from Georgetown to Mahaica), GCIFR estimates 72,020 people in 68 villages have been affected. 5. Guyana has a total population of 750,000 persons, of whom 90 percent live on only 10 percent of the national territory by the coast and along the east and west banks of the Demerara River. The affected area is estimated by the Guyana Citizens Initiative for Flood Relief (GCIFR) at 1,400 square km, which is 6.5 percent of

the country (total: 215,000 square km). National and International Response 6. On 29 and 30 January, the UNDAC Team facilitated a coordination meeting involving community-level actors, the national authorities, international agencies and bilateral donor representatives. The Guyana Citizens Initiative for Flood Relief (GCIFR) was established and convened a meeting of NGOs and other relief actors on 29 January. On the basis of baseline data and field assessments, GCIFR has established a matrix of affected populations. 7. On 30 January, the Joint Operations Centre (JOC), which is supporting the Civil Defence Commission (CDC) in coordinating national relief efforts, invited international agencies to attend a briefing on national relief activities. 8. The United Nations Resident Coordinator visited flood-affected areas on 30 January together with national and international partners. The United Nations Country Team, while involved in emergency relief activities, is also looking ahead at recovery requirements that will be essential to address as soon as the levels of flooding have decreased significantly. The UN Country Team is preparing an international appeal to cover UN recovery activities over six months. National and International Response by Sector . Shelter 9. Sixty-nine shelters are in operation as of 30 January, housing 4,483 people. It is estimated that additional 400 people could be accommodated. 10. Some deficiencies have been reported in the water distribution to the shelters. This issue is to be addressed among the Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI), Oxfam and JOC/CDC. NGOs are verifying the need for mattresses in some of the shelters. Food 11. Organizations involved in this sector are: JOC/CDC, the Guyana Red Cross, the World Food Programme (WFP), the Catholic Relief Services, GCIFR, the Rotary Club, the Lions Club and communitylevel initiatives.

12. The actors in this sector focus on of GWI, Oxfam and the European Com32,800 beneficiaries and distribute prepared meals in shelters and food packages for the affected population. WFP with JOC/CDC will assess the most floodaffected areas to determine the target population for contributing dry rations intended for 10,000 persons for one month. WFP will work with JOC/CDC, the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), the Pan American Health Organisation (PAHO/ WHO), the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) and OCHA/UNDAC in this emergency operation. 13. The Guyana Red Cross (GRC) has distributed aid to 14,285 beneficiaries, in the east coast of Georgetown. The headquarters was converted into a shelter last week to house 30 people whose homes were flooded. Volunteers are cooking more than 400 meals a day to distribute in the city. Water and Sanitation 14. Organizations involved in this sector are: the Ministries of Health, Housing and Water, the Environmental Protection Agency, CDC-JOC, the Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI), the Guyana Red Cross/IFRC, PAHO/WHO, UNICEF, Oxfam, the Catholic Relief Services, and GCIFR. 15. The authorities, together with national and international agencies involved in this sector, are addressing the needs of potable water for 127,000 persons. The authorities have installed water tanks at strategic locations close to the affected populations. There are 16 water distribution points in Sophia and 54 in Albouystown and East Coast Embankment Rd. 16. In addition, 19 mobile trailers are delivering water to the beneficiaries and 29 standpipes have been fitted to address potable water needs. GWI has also distributed bottled water. The Government has established a National Commission for Water to plan activities in this sector. 17. IFRC announced that it would contribute 10,000-litre water tanks. A joint project

mission Humanitarian Aid Office (ECHO) aims to mobilize Water Distribution Marshals for four weeks to monitor the water quality and distribution. Health 18. Organizations involved in this sector are: the Ministry of Health, JOC/CDC, the Guyana Red Cross/IFRC, PAHO/WHO, UNICEF and GCIFR. 19. The partners in this sector target 200,000 people. A major concern is to prevent the outbreak of water-borne diseases. A Ministry of Health ‘Flood Hotline’ is now in service. The Ministry issues a daily health situation analysis and is circulating health advisories on how to prepare potable water and reduce health risks. The Government has established National Commissions to address the issue of solid waste and of post-flood activities in this sector. 20. Thirty-five medical mobile teams involving some 300 medical personnel are visiting flood zones daily to address medical issues. The Guyana Red Cross has distributed hygiene kits to 30,000 people. The Humanitarian Supply Management System (SUMA) is operational at the capital’s airport and the CDC headquarters. 21. In the most flood-affected areas, 16 percent of health posts are fully functioning, 42 percent have limited functioning and 42 percent are out of service. Some health posts are inaccessible. 22. In the immediate term, the water distribution is the key to prevent health problems. The actors involved in this sector are also acutely aware of the health and environmental health issues that may arise, once floodwaters recede... 23. This situation report, together with the information on contributions and other ongoing emergencies, is also available on the OCHA Internet Website at http:// (Source: Guyana: Floods OCHA Situation Report No. 4 By OCHA , Feb 1, 2005, 12:43 pm, Ref: OCHA/GVA – 2005/ 19, http://

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february, 2005

REAL ESTATE: Questions and Answers Qualifying for a Mortgage

By Reggie Rawana, Lic. Real Estate Broker/Radio Announcer West Indian Graphics forwards readers’ questions to qualified and experienced members of its staff. The advice herein presented should not be considered as specific advice, as one should further consult a Licensed Real Estate Broker/Mortgage Broker in the field. Q: Can I qualify for a loan if I don’t have an established credit history? A: Yes. You can substitute alternate credit reference letters from telephone, gas , insurance companies, etc. stating that you had an account with them and payments were always made on time. Q: If I had some late payments on my credit card in the past but everything is now current and up to date, can I still qualify for a loan? A: It is very possibly. Once we check your credit history and see the overall scenario, we’ll be able to know what program is suitable for you. Q: If someone co-signed to help a relative/friend qualify for a mortgage in the past, and is now ready to purchase a home, can he/she still qualify for a loan although there is an existing mortgage? A: Of course. All you have to do is get 12 months of cancelled mortgage checks to prove that the other party is responsible for the mortgage payments. Q: What are some of the options that make it possible to refinance? A: The choices at hand are as follow: If you are paying a high interest rate; if you would like to reduce the term of your mortgage; if you would like to consolidate some credit card debts; if you would like extra cash to buy another home, a car, or would like to take a vacation. Readers queries should be submitted to the Editorial Board of West Indian Graphics.

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Caribbean News

February 2005

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Threats of water borne diseases are very real. Region must ACT !!!



t is with deep admiration that the Guyanese Diaspora noted the dem on st r a t ed an d sel fl es s commitment of the President of the Republic of Guyana H.E. Bharat Jagdeo, Regional and National Governments and International institutions and NGOs such as CARICOM, the Civil Defense Commission (CDC), the Joint Operations Center (JOC), the UN Disaster Assessment and Coordination (UNDAC), PAHO, also Guyanese and friends of Guyanese from home and abroad - H.E. Brentnol Evans, Guyana New York Consul General, Community Activists Mr. Herman Singh, Dave & Ritchie Anderson, Ed Ahmad, Kawal Torerra, Bhola Ramsundar, Dave Narine, George Subraj, ICC, Club Togabo, Mangoville, Aftab Karimullan, Dave Balgobin, Reggie Rawana, Jas Persaud, Dr. Danpaul Naraine, New Concept Democratic Club, Guyana Tri-State Alliance USA . . . and the list goes on – whom have all promptly and admirably responded to address the immediate needs as a consequence of the Guyana Flood Catastrophe. But while such an initial response is highly commendable it is imperative that all concerned be cognizant of the consequential lurking danger associated with the medium and long term. There must be no complacency. The critical issues related to the Region's response to the medium and long term situation in Guyana must not only be urgently discussed by those concerned, the recommendations generated must be i mm edia t el y r ea dy for pr om pt implementation to address the expected waterborne health hazard. This cannot wait. The slightest delay may result in heavy toll in lives.The gravity of the situation facing the Guyana Government, the Guyanese people, those who live there, also those otherwise affected is indeed grave. But as we all continue to struggle and do our part to deal with the relief efforts to so many whom have suffered from the effects of the floods we urge those concerned to be wary of the implications for the health and well-being of all Guyanese and residents in Guyana equally. There must be no ethnic or sociopolitico distinction. The reality is that the slightest complacency to take urgent and effective steps to prevent the spread of water borne diseases and to put in place

adequate facilities to respond to critical economic, social and health needs will definitely add fuel to a real catastrophe of exponential proportions that will affect all – without discrimination. Recent disasters such as that is South East Asia and Grenada etc. was incomprehensible to many of us. Never, in our wildest dreams did it occur that such can happen to our beautiful Guyana – ever. “We are immune from such catastrophes”, some said. The lessons to be learnt here is that natural disasters never discriminate.

Nature has no way of segregating based on race, color, creed or soco-economic status. We have seen that no individual race was singled out. As we say in Guyana “Rain na fall ah wan man door”. Tragi c though it is this catastrophe seemed to have

finding delegation to Guyana also confirmed this. The effect is nothing more than chilling. As part of the Guyanese Diaspora in the USA I grieve with our brave countrymen who have been suffering the hardships and the perils of this unprecedented disaster. This is a one of a kind in the annals of our country's history. Who would have thought that a boat would be needed in Guyana to go to our homes in G/T? I am sure that my fellow countrymen will support me in this plea to national and regional Editor-in-Chief Agard with Guyana Attache to the UN at Guyana National Disaster Fundraising event, Tropical gover nmen ts and Gardens, New York institutions to please

Delegation leader, Lake Persaud measuring flood levels in Guyana united us. Suddenly, to quote H.E. Brentnol Evans, Guyana Consul General to New York, “our national motto ‘One people, One Nation, One Destiny’ seems to make sense”. Must we always have to go through such pain and suffering in order to grow, to mature and to reach new heights? You tell me. We have all seen on public TV and the media the onslaught of the floods, the sites of devastation also the affected areas in and around Georgetown and on the East Coast. Queens Community Activist Lake Persaud who led a reconnaissance and fact

There must be a workable plan of action - a framework of a strategy that is not only capable of taking those initial national efforts further but also one to adequately respond to the health situation as well as to preempt any health disasters in the bud – one that can immediately assist the Government of Guyana to avert what, without appropriate action, can indeed develop into a health crisis of exponential proportions in the country. Whatever the time line may be to address the crisis - be it immediate or rapid response or medium or long-term measures - positive results here hinge on resource capabilities and timeliness. We of the Diaspora urge regional health institutions and leaders to collectively identify areas of competence, scope of activities, resource capabilities and capacity of the institutions to deliver on commitments, in a timely manner. As the relief phase merges into rehabilitation and subsequent restoration such an action strategy seems imperative. With the help of the international community, our friends and partners and the ‘All Mighty’ we are highly optimistic that we shall emerge stronger than before. Our heart goes out to our brothers and sisters in our beloved Guyana. Rest assured the Guyanese Diaspora will never turn their backs.

contribute toward the restoration efforts in Guyana, the Home of CARICOM, in this hour of need. We all ask that the gravity of the situation be appreciated and that a coordinated regional effort be made to effectively address whatever perils may lie ahead. Threats of water borne diseases such as dysentery and cholera and others including malaria and filaria are very real. The regional response must focus on the health situation in Guyana. It must also be A graduate in European Union Law, the cognizant of the efforts already being author is an expert on Regional Issues spearheaded by the Guyana Ministry of and strategies to address them. Health, et al, during the relief phase.

Who’s who of West Indian Graphics

A graduate in European Union Law. The author is


Reggie rawana

Jas karan

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February 2005

page 11

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Religion February February 2005 2005

page 12



By Herman Singh


mplications of points of similarity between the lives of Jesus and Krishna: Krishna is the second person of the Hindu Trinity. He is considered to be one of the incarnations of the God Vishnu. Some Hindus believe that he lived on Earth during perhaps the 2nd or 3rd century BCE. Yeshua of Nazareth is generally regarded as having been born in Palestine circa 4 to 7 BCE. Thus, if there are many points of similarities between these two individuals, most skeptics and some religious liberals would accept that elements of Krishna's life were incorporated into the legends associated with Jesus. Other reasons for the similarities have been suggested which are more acceptable to conservative Christians who believe in the inerrancy of the Bible, in the inspiration of the Bible's authors by God, and in the belief that Jesus is God's only son and the world's only savior: Legends of Krishna's life are lies which Satan created to discredit Christianity in advance of Jesus' birth. The similarities in the two lives are simple coincidences.

Krishna's life was a type of prophecy foretelling the arrival of the Christian Messiah. Correspondences between events in Jesus' and Krishna's life: Author Kersey Graves (18131883), a Quaker from Indiana, compared Yeshua's and Krishna's life.

He found what he believed were 346 elements in common within Christiana and Hindu writings. 1 That appears to be overwhelming evidence that incidents in Jesus' life were copied from Krishna's. However, many of Graves' points of similarity are a real stretch. He did report some amazing coincidences: #6 & 45: Yeshua and Krishna were called both a God and the Son of God. 7: Both was sent from heaven to earth in the form of a man. 8 & 46: Both were called Savior, and the second person of the Trinity. 13, 15, 16 & 23: His adoptive human father was a carpenter. 18: A spirit or ghost was their actual father. 21: Krishna and Jesus were of royal descent. 27 & 28: Both were visited at birth by wise men and shepherds, guided by a star. 30 to 34: Angels in both cases issued a warning that the local dictator planned to kill the baby and had issued a decree for his assassination. The parents fled. Mary and Joseph stayed in Muturea; Krishna's parents stayed in Mathura. 41 & 42: Both Yeshua and Krishna withdrew to the wilderness as adults, and fasted. 56: Both were identified as "the seed of the woman bruising the serpent's head." 58: Jesus was called "the lion of the tribe of Judah." Krishna was called "the lion of the tribe of Saki." 60: Both claimed: "I am the Resurrection." 64: Both referred to themselves

having existed before their birth on earth. 66: Both were "without sin." 72: Both were god-men: being considered both human and divine. 76, 77, & 78: They were both considered omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent. 83, 84, & 85: Both performed many miracles, including the healing of disease. One of the first miracles that both performed was to make a leper whole. Each cured "all manner of diseases." 86 & 87: Both cast out indwelling demons, and raised the dead. 101: Both selected disciples to spread his teachings. 109 to 112: Both were meek, and merciful. Both were criticized for associating with sinners. 115: Both encountered a Gentile woman at a well. 121 to 127: Both celebrated a last supper. Both forgave his enemies. 128 to 131: Both descended into Hell, and were resurrected. Many people witnessed their ascensions into heaven. Errors in Grave's book: Due either to carelessness, or the primitive knowledge of religious history in the late 19th century, it appears that Graves made some errors in his book. He reported that: Both Krishna and Yeshua were born on December 25. Actually, Krishna is traditionally believed to have been born during August. The festival Janmashtami is held in honor of this birth. The birth day of Jesus is unknown, but is believed by many to have also been about August during some year between 4 and 7 BCE. December 25th was chosen for

Christmas to coincide with a preexistent Pagan Roman holiday, Saturnalia. December 25th was also recognized in ancient times as the birth day of various other god-men such as Attis and Mithra. All were linked to the winter solstice, which occurs about DEC-21. Jesus' and Krishna's mothers were holy virgins: Actually, the virginal state of Miriam when she conceived Jesus is a matter of debate. Paul and the author(s) of the Gospel of John appear to directly reject the concept. The author of the Gospel of Mark appears to have been unaware of it. The authors of Matthew and Luke accepted the belief. Christians today are divided. The virginal state of Devaki is also a matter of debate. One tradition states that Krishna was her eighth child. Another states that it was a virgin birth: "In the context of myth and religion, the virgin birth is applied to any miraculous conception and birth. In this sense, whether the mother is technically a virgin is of secondary importance to the fact that she conceives and gives birth by some means other than the ordinary....the divine Vishnu himself descended intothe womb of Devaki and was born as her son Krishna." 11 Jesus' and Krishna's mothers had similar names: Miriam (Mary) and Maia

In reality, Krishna's mother may have been referred to as Maia, but only because this is the Hindi word for "mother." His mother's actual name was Devaki; his foster mother's name was Yashoda. Points of similarity found by

other writers: In addition, there are other points of similarity between Krishna and Yeshua: "The object of Krishna's birth was to bring about a victory of good over evil." 2 Krishna "came onto earth to cleanse the sins of the human beings." 2 "Krishna was born while his foster-father Nanda was in the city to pay his tax to the king." 3 Yeshua was born while his foster-father, Joseph, was in the city to be enumerated in a census so that "all the world could be taxed." Jesus is recorded as saying: "if you had faith as a mustard seed you would say to the mountain uproot yourself and be cast into the ocean" Krishna is reported as having uprooted a small mountain. 4

Krishna's "...fosterfather Nanda had to journey to Mathura to pay his taxes" just as Jesus foster-father Joseph is recorded in the Gospel of Luke as having to go to Bethlehem to pay taxes. 10 "The story about the birth of Elizabeth's son John (the Baptist), cousin of Jesus, corresponds with the story in the Krishna myth about the birth of the child of Nanda and his wife Yasoda." 10 Nanda was the foster-father of Krishna. The Greek God Dionysos, Jesus and Krishna were all said to have been placed in a manger basket after birth. Continue on p.13

West Indian graphics on a tree, to which he was Were Krishna and Ye- ishbeing Were Krishna and Yeshua both nailed shown with holes his by the stroke of an in arrow." shua both crucified andcrucified later raised toand feet, handsare and side.references 5 There other to heaven? In the Christian Scriptures (New Krishna being crucified, and belater raised to heaven Testament) In addition to the above points of ing Yeshua's shown with holes crucifixion in his feet, together? correspondence between Yeshua hands on a and crossside. or stake 5 is often re-

In Krishna, additionthere to may the beabove and one Inferred to as beingScriptures "hung on (New a the Christian points correspondence between moreofsimilarity: they may have Testament) tree:" Yeshua's crucifixion Yeshua and Krishna, both been crucified.there may be onActs 5:30:or "The Godisofoften our faa cross stake reoneIn more similarity: they flatly may ferred his book, Graves stated thers raised Jesus...hanging to as up being "hung on a have crucified. thatboth bothbeen Yeshua and Krishna tree:" him on a tree. In were his book, Graves stated crucified between twoflatly Acts Acts5:30: 10:39:"The "...hanging God ofhim ouronfa-a thatthieves, both atYeshua Krishna the age and of about 30 to thers tree."raised up Jesus...hanging were between two him 36 bycrucified "wicked hands." HowActs on 13:29: a tree. "...they took him thieves, at the age of about 30 to Acts ever, this may have been wishful down10:39: from the tree..." him on a "...hanging 36 thinking. by "wicked However, Thehands." "common, ortho- tree." Galatians 3:13: "Christ rethisdox may depiction have been of Krishna's wishful thinkdeath Acts deemed us from the curse 13:29: "...they tookof the him ing.relates The "common, that he was orthodox shot in thede- down law, from having thebecome tree..." a curse for piction of Krishna's foot with an arrow death while relates under a Galatians us; for it is written, Cursed is 3:13: "Christ redeemed thattree." he was shot in the foot with usevery 5 But: hangeth a havfromone the that curse of the on law, an The arrow while under areferring tree." 5to ing author Jacolliot, tree." become a curse for us; for it is But: the "Bagaveda-Gita and Brah- written, 1 PeterCursed 2:24: "...who hisone ownthat is every The author Jacolliot, referring minical traditions," states that thehangeth self bare sins in his body onour a tree." to body the "Bagaveda-Gita of Krishna: "wasand sus-Brah- 1upon tree..." (Allhis ASV) Peterthe 2:24: "...who own self minical traditions," states that pended to the branches of a tree bare Correspondences Hinour sins in his between body upon the by his murderer, that it might duism and some branches of tree..." (All ASV) the body of Krishna: Christianity: become the prey of the vultures...Correspondences between Hindu"was suspended toof the [Later] the mortal frame the ism At and leastsome somebranches branchesofofChristiChrisRedeemer had disappeared--no tianity share the following beanity: branches of a tree by doubt it had regained the celes- liefs Hinduism: Atwith least some branches of histialmurderer, abodes..." 6 A future reward heaven or Christianity share inthe following thatM. it Guigniaut's might become the prey of beliefs Religion de l'Anpunishment in Hell. with Hinduism: A future thetiquité, vultures...[Later] which states:the "Themortal death reward Hinduism and Catholicism share in heaven or punishment frame of the Redeemer had disap- inthe of Crishna is very differently concept of Purgatory. Hell.Hinduism and Catholicism peared--no doubt it had regained related. One remarkable and con-share A day judgment. theofconcept of Purgatory. thevincing celestialtradition abodes..." 6 him per- A A makes general resurrection. day of judgment. M.ishGuigniaut's Religion dewas l'An- AThe on a tree, to which he needresurrection. for repentance for sin. general tiquité, which states: "The death nailed by the stroke of an arrow." The Salvation faithfor in the need forrequires repentance sin. of 7Krishna is very differently re- Salvation Savior. requires faith in the lated. One and to con- Savior. There are remarkable other references A belief in angels and of evil vincing tradition makes him Krishna being crucified, andper- spirits.

February 2005 A belief in angels and of evil A belief that disease and sickspirits. ness is caused by eviland spirits. A belief that disease sickness past war heaven isAcaused by in evil spirits.between good andwar bad in angels. A past heaven between Freeand will.bad angels. good God will. is considered the "Word of Free Logos." God is considered the "Word of Their religious texts talk of "the Logos." blind thetexts blind," new Their leading religious talk"aof "the heavenleading and a new blind the earth, blind,""living "a new water," "all is given by heaven and scripture a new earth, "living inspiration God," "all water," "allofscripture is scripgiven by ture is profitable for doctrine," inspiration of God," "all scripture die is great etc. "to die is"toprofitable forgain," doctrine," isFasting. great gain," etc. Being born again. Fasting. Other of similarity beBeing points born again. tween Hinduism Other pointsandofChristiansimilarity ity: between Hinduism and Christianity: Symbols: The The trident trident ----traditiontraditionally carried Godally carried by bythe theHindu Hindu GodGoddess Shiva, Shiva, is is somewhat somewhat simiGoddess similar to Christian the Christian cross. lar to the cross. Adding vertical horn ends at both aAdding verticala horn at both of the ends of thebar horizontal barwill of aconhorizontal of a cross crossitwill it intowith a trident vert intoconvert a trident three with three prongs. This actually prongs. This actually was done to done to across Christian crossby a awas Christian erected erected by a Baptist community Baptist community of 1,200 in of 1,200 in Ranalia, For the Ranalia, India. For India. decades, decades, the Baptists had annuBaptists had annually whiteally whitewashed a crossonsymbol washed a cross symbol a large on a large rockabove in a hill rock in a hill theabove town.the In town. 1999, In earlysomeone 1999, someone early added two added two horns,the turning horns, turning crossthe into a cross into a trident. When the trident. When the smoke cleared smoke cleared morehuts (literally) more (literally) than 150 mud than 150bymud huts owned owned Christians hadby been Christians had been gutted by

page 13

gutted by arson. Some named the References cited: arson. namedBharatiya the Hindu online HinduSome nationalist Janatafrom 1. Kersey Graves, "Thebook World's nationalist Janata Party as Bharatiya perpetrators. However,store. Sixteen Crucified Saviors," AdParty as perpetrators. However, "Festivals: KrishnaPress, Jan- Chapthat was denied by the local Unlimited that wasparty. deniedThis by the head at: http:// of the is local a very un-mashtami," ter 32, Page 279. (1875; Reof the party. is a very un- usual event,This because Hindus printed 2001). Read reviews or usual because in 3.order "Pagan of thefrom Christ India event, are known forHindus their unusuthis origins book safely AmaIndia are known for religious their unusuPagan Christs: ally high level of toler-myth: online bookKrishna," store. ally high level of religious toler- at:2. "Festivals: Krishna Janmashance. Many Hindus believe ance. Many Hindus believe that 4.t aFred "Jesus m i ,Nojd, " a t : - By h t No tp:// that all canreligions canMeans all religions lead their memUnique," at: http:// bers to God. 8 3. "Pagan origins of the Christ lead their members The role of water: Most Chris- 5.myth: Acharya S, "Suns of God: Pagan Christs: Krishna," Godbaptize . tians either mature mem- Krishna, Buddha and Christ Unat: Theorrole of water: Most Chris-veiled," bers infants in the congregaat: http:// 4. Fred Nojd, "Jesus - By No tiansSometime baptize either tion. this ismature done Means Unique," at: http:// total bers immersion or infants ininwater; the congregasome- Jacolliot, "The Bible in Intion. by Sometime is over done bydia," times sprinklingthis water Publ. Co., (1992).of God: 5. Sun Acharya S, "Suns total immersionhead. in water; some-Read the individual's In the Roreviews or order this book UnKrishna, Buddha and Christ timesCatholic by sprinkling overisthesafely man Church,water baptism v e i from l e d , " at: honline ttp:// head. In the Romanbook aindividual's sacrament that washes away store. Catholic is a7.6. M.Jacolliot, the person'sChurch, original baptism sin. ImmerGuigniaut, "Religion "The Bible de in Insacrament washes isaway sion in waterthat by Hindus also thel'Antiquité" dia," Sun Publ. Co., (1992). Read person's original Immersion an important ritual. sin. "Water in "Shivaorvs.order Jesus:this Hindus book safely in water by is also Hinduism hasHindus a special placean im-Burn of Christians," fromHomes onlineNew book portant ritual. because it is believed to have York Times, 1999-MAR-23, at: store. spiritually powers...In 7. M. Guigniaut, "Religion de "Water cleansing in Hinduism has the sacred water distinctions of 9.l'Antiquité" "Water in Religion," The a special place caste are supposed to count for Water Page, at:vs. http:// 8. "Shiva Jesus: Hindus nothing, as all sins fall Burn Homes of Christians," New because it is believed away...Every temple has a pond 10. Jocelyn Rhys, "The Virgin at: York Times, 1999-MAR-23, to it and have near devoteesspiritually are supBirth Doctrine: Details of the posed to take a bath before entertwo Gospel stories," (1922)The at: Wa9. "Water in Religion," cleansing powers… ing the temple." 9 t e r P a g e , a t : h ttp:// In the sacred water distinctions of References: caste are supposed to count for 1. Kersey Graves, nothing, as all"The sins fall 10. Jocelyn Rhys, "The Virgin World's Sixteen Crucified away...Every temple has Sava pond Birth Doctrine: Details of the two iors," Adventures Unlimited near it and devotees are supposed Gospel stories," (1922) at: http:// Press, Pageentering 279. the to takeChapter a bath 32, before (1875; Reprinted 2001). Read temple." reviews or order this book safely

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Immigration/ Legal/ Real Estate Real

february, 2005

Page 16

Immigration reform plan will escalate detention of immigrants Closer to home, rights groups the book "American Gulag: Inside provisions may not be adequate," By Joseph A. Agard U.S. Immigration he said. A little-noticed provision in have voiced concern about the The detention expansion plan the sweeping intelligence reform treatment of post-Sept. 11 detain- Prisons." ees held at the Passaic County Jail "The immigration service is is part of an intelligence overhaul that Congress passed last month on immigration violations. running its own prison system, for that allows for the largest buildup paves the way for the U.S. govLast month, the Department which it is not accountable to anyto date in border guards and adds ernment to triple one of its most of Homeland Security Office of one," Dow said. " nearly 5,000 immigration and controversial operations: the dethe Inspector General informed customs agents by 2010. tention of foreign nationals. When it comes to who it Legislators who supported The legislation dramatically rights groups that it was planning an audit of the immigration deten- detains and why it the expansion plan described it as expands the existing number of a step toward improving the nadetention beds, slightly more than tion system. The list of facilities it detains them, the plans to investigate includes but tion's security. 20,000, by about 40,000 over the immigration service is are not limited to the jails in During the debate over the next several years. Approximately Hudson and Passaic counties. intelligence reform measure, 8,000 beds would be added each judge, jury and jailer. Efforts to contact the HomeHouse Homeland Security Comyear for five years. This system needs to be changed, land Security Department were mittee Chairman Christopher The plan for expansion has not expanded." drawn bitter criticism from human unsuccessful. Concern about how Those who favor tighter im- Cox, R-Calif., said: "A major problem along our borders today rights organizations, who call it a immigration detainees are treated migration control, however, and the conditions under which is the lack of detention space to serious mistake to pump more praised the expansion, albeit with they are held date to at least 1995, resources into a system that has some caution. Jack Martin of the hold illegal aliens who are awaitwhen a riot at a federal facility in ing deportation. The indefensible been rife with abuse and mismanFederation for American ImmiElizabeth drew attention to the policy of 'catch and release' that agement. Groups that favor strict gration Reform, or FAIR, in system. Some 100 detainees this necessitates is threatening our immigration policies say they are Washington, D.C., said his ornational security." glad to see the federal government most of them asylum seekers ganization long has pushed for staged the riot over inhumane He praised the detention extake steps to broaden detention, additional detention beds. He said conditions and abuse by guards. pansion as a significant move "to but pointed out additional beds would reduce the The riot gutted the detention number of detainees who are re- address this problem." that the system of holding foreign But human rights advocates nationals has a checkered past and center, forcing its closing for two leased and never show up for years. Federal inquiry into objected to the attempt to link the pledged to monitor the expansion. court hearings. "Many of them are charges of abuse confirmed many immigration detention system - of The expansion plan follows never seen again," he said. of the detainee complaints, and which detainees held as part of several scandals involving the At the same time, Martin led to some reforms nationwide. said, federal officials still must terrorism investigations form a government's handling of postBut Singh reports abuse andAli-Agard substansmall minority - to national intelThe above at photo withofMs. Patricia as special guests in problems attendance atthat the Governor’s Mansion Sept. 11 detainees theshows ArmyMr. Herman address the have in Albany New YorkCuba, for the New Yorkliving State Dispute Resolution 2004 Peace Award Ceremony and Dinner for dard conditions haveAssociation’s perligence reform. base at Guantanamo Bay, at county jails, for which col- Nations former United Nations Under Secretary External Affairs more and Newarisen York City Commissioner the United sisted.General "Theforidea of giving They argue that of the record and the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq. lect often high fees from the U.S. and Consular Corps H.E. Ms. Gillian Sorensen. resources, more detention beds, to 157,000 foreign nationals deThe Justice Department has government for holding detainees the immigration service which ported from the United States last begun an investigation into rewho are under the custody of imfor so long has been known for year, the vast majority - 70 perports that the military has used migration officials. discrimination, lawlessness and cent were from Latin America excessive force on prisoners in its "Immigration contracts out and had not been linked to terrorcustody in Cuba and Iraq. Human incompetence in running its many of its detainees to nonprison system - is just unconism. The majority of detainees rights groups are pressing for a federal facilities, where superviscionable," said Mark Dow, an arrested and detained after the special prosecutor to investigate sion over immigration detention expert on detention and author of Sept. 11 attacks were not charged the charges.

with terrorism-related activities. "These provisions have no place in national security legislation," the American Immigration Lawyers Association said. "They will not make America safer. Most of the provisions in question were never subject to hearings, debates or meaningful consideration prior to their passage." Immigrant detention is the fastest-growing facet of the U.S. prison population. It grew by leaps and bounds in the mid1990s, when the number of people held under the custody of immigration officials soared to more than 21,000 from just 6,000 near the beginning of the decade. The growth was caused largely by 1996 laws that broadened the government's powers to detain foreign nationals indefinitely pending a judge's decision. "Most of the detention system has nothing to do with terrorism," Dow said. "The blurring of undocumented aliens and terrorism actually goes back to several administrations. But this administration has taken full advantage of this confusion, especially after the Sept. 11 attacks." ( Source: The Bergen Record: Tuesday, January 18, 2005.

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february, 2005

BASIC NEW YORK “RENT” LAWS month. Keep in mind that, New York State laws presumes that rent is not due until after it has been earned, How Much “Rent” can a Homeunless the lease or rental agreement owner Charge? says otherwise. Thus, if you want rent As a general rule there’s no limit to in advance, your lease or rental agreehow much rent a homeowner can ment must provide for said advance charge. However, there is an excep- rental payment. tion; if the rental unit is subject to either “rent control” or rent stabiliza- Is homeowner required to give tion”, then how much a homeowner “rent receipt”? can charge is governed by state and In a tenant pays rent by cash, city laws. New York State Division of money order or any form other than a Housing and Community Renewal personal check, New York law requires (DHCR), administers and enforces rent that homeowner gives tenant a written stabilization and rent control laws and regulations. For more information, you receipt. The receipt must contain the can call DHCR InfoLine at (718) 739- following information: (1) the date rent was paid; (2) the amount of rent paid; 6400. (3) address of tenant’s rental unit; (4) the time period for which rent is paid When “Rent” is Due? and (5) the signature and title of perMost leases and rental agreements son who accepted the rent. call for rent to be paid monthly, in advance, on the first day of the month. What happens if homeowner don’t The first of the month is a customary issue “rent receipt” as required? due date for rent. However, it is perThere is no penalty under the law fectly legal to require rent to be paid for failing to provide a rent receipt. on any day of the month. For examBut not having a receipt could hurt you ple, if the tenant moves in on the 15th day of month, then you can require down the road if you end up in court rent to due on the 15th day of each with tenant. For example, if homeBy: Al Akbar – Attorney at Law

owner sues tenant in court for back rent and tenant always paid his rent in cash. The court will resolve the case in favor or the tenant, since the homeowner violated the law by failing to issue rent receipts for the tenant cash payments.

agreement provides for such a charge. As like late charges, bounce check charges must be reasonable. As a general rule, you should charge no more that the amount your bank charges you for a returned check charge.

Can homeowner charge a late fee? What are the consequences of accepting partial “rent” payments? In New York, homeowners have no right under the law to charge a late Homeowners can and do make fee. However, a homeowner can exceptions to collect partial or delayed charge a reasonable late fee. Home- rent payments when tenant is unable owner must establish a late fee policy to pay the full amount on the first of in lease or rental agreement. If it’s not the month. However, under New York in lease or rental agreement, then law, a homeowner is not legally rehomeowner can’t collect a late fee. If quired to accept less than the full the courts find late fee charge to be month’s rent. If a homeowner occaunreasonable, it will refuse to enforce sionally accepts less than a full month’s such clause. It is recommended that a rent from a tenant, you don’t give up late fee should not apply until at least your right to collect the balance. But, seven (7) days after the due date and if homeowner regularly accepts rent in the total charge should not exceed five installment payments, when rent is due in one payment in advance, home(5) percent of the monthly rent. owner may unwittingly “waive,” or give Can a homeowner charge a fee if up their right to insist on full payment “rent” check bounces? of rent on the first of the month. Therefore, a judge in a non-payment In New York it is legal to charge a action may rule that a homeowner tenant an extra fee if a rent check written demand for rent on the first bounces, so long as the lease or rental day of month is premature, since in

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community news

February 2005


Queens Community Leader and Businessman Takes Prompt Flood Relief Action . . . By Joseph A. Agard In the aftermath of the massive flooding catastrophe in Guyana Mr. Herman Singh, Guyanese born businessman, community leader and philanthropist – a local hero to the Guyana Queens New York populace took the initiative and promptly liaised with The Guyanese Diaspora in New York, including His Excellency the Guyana Consul General in New York Mr. Brentnol Evans. Herman discussed and organized an urgent response to the flood disaster in Guyana. Included in the proposed initiatives is a "Concert for Guyana'. An emergency fundraising event was organized for January 23, 2005. Without any hesitation Herman promptly donated his catering and banquet facilities ‘Tropical Paradise’ as venue for an open door event. It is located at 120-05 Atlantic Avenue, Richmond Hill, New


York. A variety of organizations, including prominent businessmen and Guyanese and other nationalities generously responded to Mr. Herman Singh’s plea and invitation. Prominent Community activists Mr. Reggie Rawana, Dave & Richie Anderson, Lake Persaud, Dave Balgobin, George Subraj, Kawal Totaram, Bhola Ramsundar, et al, are all involved. West Indian Graphics commends Mr. Herman Singh‘s , community initiative, commitment and dedication to humanitarian causes and joins him in extending solidarity with our fellow countrymen back home.

The above photo shows Mr. Herman Singh with Ms. Patricia Ali-Agard as special guests in attendance at the Governor’s Mansion in Albany New York for the New York State Dispute Resolution Association’s 2004 Peace Award Ceremony and Dinner for former United Nations Under Secretary General for External Affairs and New York City Commissioner for the United Nations and Consular Corps H.E. Ms. Gillian Sorensen.

across India by their calculated (in the first case; self above party), and thoughtless (in the second; for all his celebrated shrewdness as party treasurer, Kesri was a disaster as Congress president) political conduct.

or god's sake, who would refuse to be prime minister?

Which Indian politician would reject the chance to savour all that intoxicating power?

►To protect her children's future. One of her adversaries, a future BJP chief minister who we shall not name, told one of our colleagues some years ago about how much she admired the way Sonia had brought up her children. I am not sure if either Rahul or Priyanka were clear that a political career was an option for them when their mother decided to lead the Congress in 1998. And who could blame them after seeing their beloved grandmother (Indira Gandhi cut short her trip to Orissa on October 30, 1984, the evening before she was killed, after learning that Rahul

Congressmen are in a state of shock. They can't believe that Sonia Gandhi has done the unthinkable. Across the capital, BJP leaders no doubt cluster in uncertain silence.By abandoning the post they were so certain she would grab with gusto -- after all, she is ITALIAN! wink, wink -- Sonia Gandhi has left the BJP leadership, already tottering under an electoral debacle they did not ever expect, like the proverbial duck frozen in the headlights of a container truck. I am not surprised by Sonia's decision at all. I have always argued that she would never be prime minister. Even after she won an improbable mandate for her party last Thursday -- I agree it is a fractured verdict, but let us not dispute that the Vajpayee government was defeated -- I could sense that Sonia was reaching end game in this phase of her political career. Will you, now that you are leader of the Congress Parliamentary Party, be prime minister, one journalist asked last Saturday after her election by the CPP? "Normally aisa hi hota hain," she responded. She had opened a window to turn down the post. Sonia has always been a reluctant leader, all too familiar with her many political inadequacies.

There are, I believe, three reasons why she considered politics:

Grove Realty & Kalki Gaur congratulate West Indian Graphics On its new venture

and Priyanka were involved in an accident; the first Mrs. G feared her grandchildren may have been the target of an assassination plot) ►To pro- and their adored father murdered? tect her family's interests, which she probably felt were under siege from P V Nara- When Sonia entered politics, I believe Reason 2 simha Rao. A lot has been alleged about what Rao weighed more than Reason 1 and certainly much did to scuttle the careers of anyone he considered a higher than Reason 3.Sonia probably felt or was led rival -- from L K Advani to Madhavrao Scindia. Dur- to believe by her advisers and diehard supporters ing the Narasimha Rao years at Racecourse Road, that she could easily use the Nehru name to restore people whispered about the manner in which the the Congress to its original glory. .The operative Widow was needled lest she emerge as an equal word may have been easy to lure the painfully shy housewife into thinking that all she needed was to centre of power. make an appearance for the party to laugh all the ►To protect what she felt was her family's leg- way to the ballot bank.As Rasheed Kidwai's lively acy, the Congress party. People like Mani Shankar biographySonia (Penguin, 2004, Rs 399) reveals, Aiyar constantly warned her that Narasimha Rao the initial years in politics were agonizing and humiliand Sitaram Kesri were eroding the party's bastions ating -- I doubt if it is any better for her now, though

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February 2005


Stars of Tomorrow Rupa Persaud – New York’s Dancing Princess No rise of a “child- star” has been quite as dramatic or spectacular as that of Rupa Persaud. Born as Nirupa Vandana Persaud, Rupa is the second and youngest daughter of Seroj and Lake Persaud (prominent radio personality). From 1994 to the present, the Rupa phenomenon swept numerous audiences off their feet and the hysteria she generated as “Baby Rupa” was unlike anything seen before from a truly “ Her performances and impressive accolade include the fact that she was declared Miss pre-teen New York in both 1998 and 2004 as well as the second runner-up in the finals of Miss-“pre-teen” USA pageant, held in New York on March 21st,2004 (Rupa with Bollywood’s actress Urmila Mattonkar) (Right photo) ( Rupa, Miss “Pre-teen”New York 2004) As performances followed all over the country, fans swooned over her; Rupa admitted feeling 'next to God.' In fact, Rupa could perhaps be truly titled New York’s first child superstar. Her premier appearance was in the fall of 1994, when at the shocking age of two, Rupa stunned the audience at the Brentwood theatre with an exhilarating performance alongside legendary performers. That paved the way as more captivating performances ensued. Her imaginative interpretation of Kutchipuddi dance-form captured the attention of Srimati Gargi Chatterji, who saw the making of a true classical dancer in Rupa. From then until now, Rupa continues to amaze the crowds as she performs under the tutelage of her instructor, Gargi. She has made appearances before both the Mayor and Governor of New York, several State senators, Congressmen and film stars such as Urmila Mattonkar, Aishwaraya Rai and Hritik Roshan, only to name a few. Her most recent performance was along Bollywood’s hottest pair, Aishwaraya Rai and Hritik Roshan, in Virginia, at Veejay Taneja’s Bollywood’s Stars nite. Applause after applause echoed a packed arena, as Rupa graced the stage with an opening dance. So striking were her flawless and well choreographed moves that she was rewarded with hugs and kisses from both Aishwaraya and Hritik. Her performances and impressive accolade include the fact that she was declared Miss preteen New York in both 1998 and 2004 as well as the second runner-up in the finals of Miss-“pre-teen” USA pageant, held in New York on March 21st,2004

(Rupa with Bollywood’s playback singer Shaan) (Rupa in one of her classical moves)

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Preview of a New Generation? Or Just a “Chip off the old block?”

It all started when, unknown to his father – the well known Queens philanthropist and humanitarian Herman Singh, little Armant (his 8 year old son) was busy soliciting donations for the Tsunami “Disaster Relief Fund”, when he was spotted by his father. Unaware of little Armant’s noble intentions Herman hailed him and queried “What are you doing son?” Little Armant promptly responded “Collecting money for the needy Dad – victims of the Tsunami disaster”. Filled with pride and admiration Herman promptly said to his son “You don’t have to do that son – just tell me how much money you need and I’ll give it to you so that you can satisfy your wishes”. “No! No!” little Armant quickly replied – “I have to do this myself Dad – this is absolutely necessary and important for me”. Caribbean Graphics would like to congratulate an astounding young man-Armant Singh for his sincere humanitarian efforts towards the tsunami relief and the Guyana floods. 8 year old Armant spent his time at a birthday party collecting funds to help victims of the tsunami and Guyana floods. While other children danced and played at the party, Armant Relentlessly collected donations from other partygoers. ArThis photograph by Jas Persaud caught little mant’s goal was to collect as Armant giving away Christmas gifts much as possible because his father, Herman Singh, promised rd to double his collection. On Sunday January 23 , 2005, Armant turned out at the big fund raiser hosted by his father Herman Singh located at the Tropical Gardens. Though there was a big blizzard the night before and the roads were treacherous, Armant made it a point to be there and give his check for the Guyana flood victims. His mom and dad, Sindy and Herman Singh, are very proud of him and want him to keep up with the good work in helping his community. Armant celebrated his 8th birthday on Wednesday January 26th 2005. We would like to join him with his mom, dad, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and all other family members and friends to wish him all the best and we pray that the almighty showers him with blessings to continue on the great path that he has chosen.

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february, 2005

Page 18

Ash's 'love' for a 60-yr-old: The Times of India

he prospect of Hollywood heartthrob Michael Douglas pairing up with Bollywood beauty Aishwarya Rai in his latest film Romancing the Monsoon has generated much debate, not least because Douglas is 60 years old, compared to Rai's 32. Will it

mond; William Holden is young scriptwriter Joe Gillis in this story of obsessive affection. The Graduate (1967)

Ullman is Anne Stanley who has a one-night stand while on holiday, with Edward Albert, playing the 22year-old Peter Latham. She

mingway; he eventually falls in love with his best friend's mistress, played by Diane Keaton. Harold and Maude (1971) Ruth Gordon is Maude, a zesty 79-year-old and Brad Cort is Harold, a 20-yearold who's a rich, bored young man who plays at committing suicide. He meets the remarkable Maude, who makes him reI’m in love with think life. A tender love a man nearly story develops. Autumn in New York (2000) Ageing twice my age playboy Will Keane, played be a match made in film by Richard Gere, 48, falls heaven? Or will the pairing for terminally ill 22-year old be hampered by the glaring Charlotte, played by Wiage difference? TOI does a nona Ryder. Love blooms. check, and finds Hollywood Lolita (1962, 1998) has a string of classic mov- Anne Bancroft is a bored meets him again -- as her James Mason/Jeremy Irons ies featuring May-December older woman, Mrs Robindaughter's boyfriend. as Dr Humbert Humbert. relationships. son. Dustin Hoffman is Manhattan (1979) Sue Lyon/Dominique Swain Here are 10 of the best. Benjamin Braddock who Woody Allen is a New as the 14-year-old Lolita. A Sunset Boulevard (1950) has a fling with his father's Yorker, attempting to come professor, Humbert, lodges Gloria Swanson plays an boss's wife, only to fall in to terms with his divorced with a widow, but gets obageing and forgotten silent love with her own daugh- status by dating a 17-year- sessed with her young teenmovie star Norma Dester. Forty Carats (1973) Liv old, played by Mariel Heage daughter in this Vladi-

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mir Nabokov classic tale. How Stella Got her Groove Back (1998) Angela Bassett as 40-plus stockbroker Stella. Taye Diggs as a hunky Winston Shakespeare. On holiday in Jamaica, Stella gets involved with Winston, and is forced to take stock of her life. The Roman Spring of Mrs Stone (2003) Helen Mirren as Karen Stone. Olivier Martinez as Paolo. Based on a Tennessee Williams novella, it tells of a fading film star who, after her husband's death, gets obsessed with a young man she has an affair with. Summer of ‘42 (1971) Jennifer O'Neill as Dorothy. Gary Grimes as Hermie Raucher. Dorothy is tragically widowed during the second World War, and finds solace with a 16-yearold admirer for a night. A classic May-December story. ru-

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february, 2005


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World news

february, 2005

Page 20

IRAQ. The need for inclusiveness now that the election is over. immediately brought into the constitution-making process. Reconciliation on all sides must be the primary focus. It is Public domain indicates the recent Iraq elections a imperative that the political leaders – now – without delay success. This should augur well for its post election transi- - indicate a clear willingness not only to play a part in this tion. World leaders should waste no time to drive home to the Iraqi leadership also leading politicians that now, more The author is editor-in-chief of West Indian than ever, there is a dire need to bring all Iraqis together in Graphics. He is also a member of the UNAshaping the future of their nation. Despite significant attempts at violent disruption, USA and a committed Community Activist. Iraqis turned out in large numbers to exercise their fran- A former ‘A’ student in International Afchise. Such courage is worthy of high praise. Indeed, to fairs at New York University he is a Mediaquote the UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, the Inde- tor/Arbitrator. pendent Election Commission of Iraq (IECI) as well as all those who helped organize the elections must be lauded process but more so to allow all Iraqi people to do so. for running the poll “so effectively in such a limited timeIrrespective of how anyone may feel about the elecframe and such daunting circumstances.” tions, or whatever arguments there may be, what is now It is now time that those concerned ensure that all important is that the elections must be seen as an imporindividuals, groups and parties who, for whatever reason, tant step in the political process – a process that must were unable or unwilling to take part in the election be bring all Iraqis together in the quest to shape the future of By Joseph A. Agard

Demand Release of Sudanese Human Rights Activist By Joseph A. Agard Sudanese government security forces detained human rights activist Dr. Mudawi Ibrahim Adam at his home on January 24, 2005, along with his friend and fellow activist, Salah Mohammed Abdalrahman. They were taken to the

their country. It is now time to encourage broad based dialogue among all Iraqi political forces. This is the best way forward to address difference in points of view. It cannot be over stressed here that it is a MUST that all Iraqis be represented in the political process –especially in the constitution making process. Failing to do so will surely result in an insurmountable obstacle in the quest to ensure that the process realizes its objective – that is to build a safe, stable and democratic Iraq. The UN and other bodies must also be prepared to support the Iraqis in this post-elections period. Consequent to its many years of dictatorship there will be need for expertise in Iraq’s constitution making process leading up to the envisaged definitive elections by the end of the year.

security headquarters in Umm Ruwaba city and interro- working in the region, it appears likely that Dr. Mudawi gated, after which they were transferred to security offices and Mr. Salah have been detained for their human rights in Al-Obeid. No reason has been given for their detention. work. Dr. Mudawi is chairperson of the Sudan Social Development Organization (SUDO), an organization actively monitoring human rights violations in Darfur and involved in the promotion of human rights and sustainable development. Given previous attacks on human rights defenders

Please call on the Sudanese government to stop trying to silence human rights defenders working in Darfur. Call for the immediate release of Dr. Mudawi and Mr. Salah. (Source: wdegde72v75n568)

motes sustainable development and human rights. It apWhile Dr. Mudawi and Mr. Salah remain in detenpears that his detention is designed to penalize him for his tion, we strongly urge you to ensure that they are provided with appropriate and timely medical treatment and that lawful, nonviolent activities promoting human rights. their conditions of detention meet basic international stanDr. Mudawi's detention also appears to be but one in a dards. International human rights law requires that all Ambassador H.E. Khidir Haroun Ahmed series of recent attempts to silence human rights defenders persons held in detention are treated with humanity and in Sudan. Other incidents include the detention of human dignity and are not subjected to cruel, inhuman or degradDear [ Decision Maker ], rights lawyers, individuals who met with Red Cross repre- ing treatment. The Sudanese government should ensure the application of the U.N. Standard Minimum Rules for sentatives and African Union personnel, and others who We of the West Indian Graphic sNewspaper’ are the Treatment of Prisoners and the U.N. Body of Princispoke out about the conflict in Darfur. deeply troubled by the recent detention of Dr. Mudawi ples for the Protection of all Persons Under Any Form of Ibrahim Adam, a human rights activist. We understand Detention or Imprisonment, which further elaborate the The Sudanese government should be promoting the that Dr. Mudawi and his friend and fellow activist, Mr. basic standards to be achieved in ensuring respect for the Salah Mohammed Abdalrahman, were arrested at Dr. Mu- work of peaceful human rights advocates, not placing rights of detainees. them in detention. According to the 1998 U.N. Declaradawi's family home on January 24, 2005. No formal charges have been brought against them. In the absence of tion on Human Rights Defenders, all persons have the Thank you for your attention to this most serious matright "freely to publish, impart or disseminate to others valid charges, Dr. Mudawi and Mr. Salah should be reter. The west Indian Graphics Newspaper will continue to views, information and knowledge on all human rights and leased immediately. monitor this case closely. fundamental freedoms." Joseph A. Agard Dr. Mudawi is chairperson of the Sudan Social Development Organization (SUDO), an organization that pro-

An Open Letter to the Sudanese Government

Three Charms for guyana flood victims people and organizations, all determined to make their And in yet another disaster aid effort, the owners contributions and show solidarity to their countrymen and at the new, elegant Rose Hall Catering Hall saw fit to conduct their own event, which was equally successful On the heels of the big disaster relief fund raiser women in their hour of tragedy. bringing in a grand total of over $5,000….. at Herman Singh’s Tropical Garden, held at the behest of Both the above establishments have lots to be Hon. Bretnol Evans, Consul General of Guyana, two proud about, and certainly earned the respect and admiraweeks ago (during the blizzard), where over $50,000 (and tion of Guyanese here and back home. still counting) were raised by the collaborative efforts the consulate, the “Tri-State Alliance” lead by Ms Pat Langford, and members of the business community, here, various other events have successfully taken place in what has proved to be an “all-out” effort to send or bring relief and Left: Dr. Dhanpaul Naraine, Reggie Rawana, Aftab rescue to all those affected in East Coast Guyana. Karimullah, H.E. Brentnol Evans (Guyana Consul But before telling of the other two events, we General) take the opportunity here to give acknowledgements to the individual, outstanding supporters from the business secBelow: Lake Persaud, Dave Anderson, George Subraj tor and other fields, at the event of January 23, at Tropical Garden: Dave and Ritchie Anderson (Kaiteur Restaurant), Dave Narain, Joseph Agard, Reggie Rawana, Roshan Ali The grand total raised at Mangoville was (Big Apple Shipping), Kawal Totaram, Lake Persaud, Haji $20,000-plus. We, hereby, commend Mangoville Zakir, Dave Balgobin, Aftab Karimullah, Ed Ahmad as the “new kid on the block” who has entered the (Century 21),Bhola Ramsundar, Dr. DanPaul Narine and main stream with flying colors. Attorney Kawal Totaram, Jay Rakhar, (Goldfield Realty), In line with the above, we must give speBishram Bhagan. cial mention to the members of BAPS, the not-forIn a separate effort, we duly recognize the early profit Gujrati organization, who came to the event demonstration of commitment and dedication by the own- delivered $10,000 toward the disaster aid. No ers of the, luxurious, Mangoville Restaurant, who have doubt they acted in reciprocation for the equally shown where their hearts are by lending their newly generous gester, demonstrated by the Indoopened (less than one year) establishment to the fundCaribbean community, when they delivered raising efforts for the victims of the flood disaster. $50,000 toward the caused of the recent South The event was attended by a healthy number of Asian Tsunami catastrophy.

By Govind Dhaya

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february, 2005

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february, 2005



By Aftab Karimullah

ife for some 400,000 Guyanese turned cruel with unprecedented rainfall in the middle of January. Extensive flooding in Regions 3, 4 and 5 – covering both banks of the Demerara River and the capital city Georgetown - on a scale never witnessed before inundated homes and streets up to five feet. Economic activity became severely affected. Utility services were interrupted in the affected areas. Livestock and farming were severely disrupted. “It deeply saddened me to see such devastation in Guyana; in all my life, I have never witnessed this much rainfall in such a short period of time. Guyanese at home and especially abroad, need to do whatever is within their capacity to help our fellow countrymen to get through this disaster, since the infrastructure is not in place in Guyana as yet to handle a natural disaster of this magnitude”, acknowledged Ms Chandra Harpaul, CEO of Universal Airlines, after visiting much of the flooded areas. Universal Airlines, Guyana’s only airline and flag carrier on some routes, has long been associated with efforts to promote Guyana and help in charitable efforts, especially with kids. With a staff of almost 99% Guyanese descent, and continuing to put Guyana on the top of its list of priorities, Universal Airlines has responded tremendously to the challenge of providing relief to those suffering from the devastating flood and its aftermath.“We are happy that we are able to be of service and to render assistance at this time especially since many of our employees, family and friends are affected. Flight Attendants are assisting through Guyana Relief agencies, the Red Cross, packaging centers as well as Universal relief efforts”, says Joanne Harte, Cabin crew manager.During a Spotlight Television discussion, Ms Harpaul explained that all her employees are volunteering to package and distribute food and other supplies in the early days of the crisis. Universal Airlines has procured a huge warehouse to collect and distribute such supplies. Through her good offices Ms Harpaul has managed

to get religious leaders, Community groups and business individuals to collaborate in rushing supplies down to Guyana. To ensure that the supplies reach the right people the airline has assumed the role of direct distributors. “At this time of great distress and hardship, we are pleased to do our part, as so many others are doing. The work is long and hard, and it’s going to take a lot of work and time; but it is something we have to do in partnership with all Guyanese”, added Ms Harpaul. The effervescent and committed chief executive of Guyana’s airline, Chandra Harpaul, is now focusing her efforts on the medical situation that inevitably will result. Conscious of this she is gearing up for supplies of cleaning agents, drugs and medical personnel. Ms Harpaul has already gotten a Canadian pharmaceutical company to take a huge quantity of drug supplies. The airline is working to transport nurses and ancillary medical personnel to Guyana.True to its commitment Universal Airlines has exemplified the spirit of Guyanese in times of distress. The airline send its prayers to the people and government of Guyana as it pulls itself from this act of nature’s powerful hand.


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Liberty Hills

february, 2005

Page 23

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medicine/psycosocial history January, february, 2005 2005 Page 14

Breaking the cycle of Domestic Violence :Dealing with Abusive Husbands

By: Dr.BASIC Harold Persaud introduction required ofEstate each new client and the behavior/domestic violence. NEW YORK “RENT” LAWS Immigration/ Legal/ Real The issue of Domestic Violence is a story telling of his story, at this point I can detect feelI teach abusive husbands to see, understand that I wish I did not have to write about but the ings and emotional states like denial, blaming and stop the abusive behaviors in response to his Real figures are appalling and it has a severe impact minimization, gender biased beliefs, non verbal emotions, which may spring from unmet de-

State laws presumes that rent is not cash. The court will resolve the case general rule, you should charge no due until after it has been earned, in favor or the tenant, since the home- more that the amount your bank unless the lease or rental agreement owner violated the law by failing to charges you for a returned check How Much “Rent” can a Homeon the home, school, courts, social agencies, language as gestures and rent facial expressions to control or dominate his wife. I teach says otherwise. Thus, ifsuch you want rent issue receipts for the mands tenant cash charge. owner Charge? Day Care Centers-indeed, on the whole fabric of your patronizing remarks andpayments. hostility, to help the him techniques and skills for emotional recogniin advance, lease or rental agreeare the of consequences of acmenttruth mustis provide said advance life.As The problem is massive and abusiveforhusband recognize the incongruence tion and the What management those dysfunctional a general rule there’s no limit to the Can homeowner charge a late fee? cepting partial “rent” payments? rental payment. how much rent a homeowner can unavoidably painful, but I am hopeful that my between what he says he feels and how he be- behaviors he previously used in response to his charge.of However, there is an guidance excepseries articles will provide and help haves, I confront him firmly In andNew supportively. feelings. York, homeowners have no Homeowners can and do make Is homeowner required to give tion; if the rental unit is subject to eito the abusive husbands and abusive wives. A process of re-socialization takes place. right under the law to charge a late exceptions to collect partial or delayed The abusive husband must ther “rent control” or rent stabiliza- “rent receipt”? In this article I will deal with the abusive The abusive husband is helped in his transition fee. However, a homeowner can rent payments when tenant is unable tion”, then how much a homeowner accept that he is a batterer a tenant pays rent by cash, charge a reasonable late fee. to pay the full amount on the first of husbands. abusive husbandIncomes from Homedominance, power and control over can charge Whenever is governedanby state and as the first step in than breaking his denial, minimizamoney order or any form other a owner must establish a late fee policy the month. However, under New York to office forYork Therapy, begin with citymy laws. New State IDivision of a compre- tion and blaming. He must assume responsibil- women to one of inter-gender equity. The abupersonal check, New York law requires in lease or rental agreement. it’s not law, a homeowner not legally tacrehensive assessment.Renewal This evaluation is siveIf husbands learns to end his is intimidation Housing clinical and Community ity and accountability for his behavior, committhat homeowner gives tenant a written in lease or rental agreement, then quired to accept less than the full (DHCR), administers andmagnitude enforces rent necessary to gauge the of the present- receipt must contain the homeowner can’t collect a tics, he was taught skills to identify the signs receipt. The ment to work through his violent temperament late fee. If month’s rent. If a homeowner occastabilization and rent control laws and ing problem or problems and provide informaand symptoms of anger, (1) the datebeliefs rent theand courts find emphatilate fee charge to be sionally acceptsfear, less jealousy, than a full frustramonth’s and gender biased process regulations. For more information, you following information: tion for rehabilitation planning. (Thewas psychotic tion and other emotional states. He don’t now focuses paid; (2)cally the amount of rent paid; unreasonable, it will refuse to enforce rent from a tenant, you give up what his wife experienced before, during can call DHCR InfoLine at (718) 739husband is generally not able to benefit from on respectful interpersonal communication (3) address of tenant’s rental unit; (4) such clause. It is recommended that a your right to collect the balance. with But, 6400. and after his abuse. The predominant belief the time period for which rent is paid late fee should not apply until at least if homeowner rent in Therapy if there is an alcohol or drug abuse his wife. When an abusiveregularly husbandaccepts understands among abusive is that al- due date and installment payments, when rent is and (5) the signature and titlehusbands of per- seven (7)their daysanger, after the problem). When “Rent” is Due? the role of his gender-biased beliefs in his viocoholism, stress, and/or upbringing caused their the total charge should not exceed five due in one payment in advance, homeson who accepted the rent. Therapy is provided concurrently, (but sepalent behavior, engages in a re-socialization procdomestic violence. owner may unwittingly “waive,” or give (5) percent of the monthly rent. Most leases and rental agreements rate from Domestic Violence Intervention). ess and masters self analysis and communicadon’t up their right to insist on full payment call for rent to be paid monthly, in ad- What happens ifI homeowner do not accept excuses and assignment of During this evaluation, the abusive husband is tiona fee skills, his rent prognosis interCan a homeowner charge if of issue “rent receipt” as required? on the for firstequitable of the month. vance, on the first day of the month. blame, the abusive husband must be accountable apprised of his responsibility, including atten“rent” check bounces? gender relations is excellent. I continue to help Therefore, a judge in a non-payment The first of the month is a customary andpenalty unconditionally. I confront the barrier with There is no under the law dance, the abusive husband, at this action may rulepoint, that by a reinforcing homeowner due datefull for self-disclosure, rent. However, itactive is per-participation, focus on his erroneous belief failing toa provide a rent receipt. In Newthat Yorksomeone it is legal to charge a written demand for rent on the first fectly legal to require rent to be confidentiality and practice ofpaid his for newly achis motivation and help him to see that DomesBut not having else a receipt causedcould his hurt behavior, you tenant I explain an extra to him fee that if a rent check day of month is premature, since in on any skills. day of At the this month. examquired point,For I will address all his if you end up in court bounces, so long as the lease tic Violence is wrong. or rental effect th down the road when he beats his wife in response to his anger, the terms of the lease or rental ple, if the tenant moves in on the 15 questions. One of the most significant with occurtenant. jealousy, For example, if home- agreement for such a charge. agreement has changed. fear, frustration, perceivedprovides provocation day of month, then you can require rences in Domestic Violence Therapy is the selfin court for back As like late charges, bounce check rent to due on the 15th day of each owner sues tenant or other emotions, he is engaging in criminal rent and tenant always paid his rent in charges must be reasonable. As a month. Keep in mind that, New York By: Al Akbar – Attorney at Law

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The Most Informative Community Paper

February 2005

Page 25

Schizophrenia: the case of a young woman gone mad

By Roger E. Rawana


harmila Ragunandan is a mediumbuilt, 26 year-old divorced Guyanese American female. She has been living with her mother and two sons in Richmond Hill, Queens for the past 3 years. On the afternoon of 2/1/05, her 7 year old son called the police and reported that she was “trashing” the house, knocking down plates, cups, pots, spoons and shouting she will burn everything down. NYPD and EMS brought Sharmila to Jamiaca Hospital Center where she underwent psychiatric evaluation, was admitted and treated for recurrent psychotic episodes with Fluphenazine and Benztropine. She was later sent for further evaluation at Creedmore Psychiatric Institution. During interview with this paper, Sharmila reported that on the afternoon of 2/1/05, before she was taken to Jamaica Hospital, she was in the kitchen preparing dinner and at the same time was talking to someone – the voice of an old woman

“It’s the voices that keep bothering me.” Sharmila explained the voice radiated into her forehead and commented on her thoughts and actions, at times giving her advice and instructions or telling her what to do; most of the instructions made sense, she did not object to them; few times they were unpleasant and too commanding but she was not bothered; this time, she said she fought back because the voice told her that she was “no good, she will never make it in life and that she will always be sick.” She said she told the voice to “stop it ” but it kept being condescending; she started feeling shaky and increasingly angry at the voice and but did not recall throwing utensils around or making any threats of burning the house. She reported she first started hearing voices when she became homeless at age 21, living in the streets from Richmond Hill to Rego Park, Queens for nearly 4 years (1999-2003). She said one day while she was at Queens Center Mall sitting on the bench watching people pass by, a few envious voices were conversating in her head that she will not make it in the streets of New York. She became upset at first but realized it had to do with her finding food; so she would stay close to the trash cans near sandwich shops like Subways; at night, the voices gave her instructions to go to the 24 hour Dunkins Donut at Hillside Avenue, there she can stay warm with a cup of coffee. Sharmila asserted she was alone in the streets, had no friends, was lonely and had eventually come to trust and rely on the voices. She denies any prior suicide attempts or history of violence. She reported she was first treated for a “mental disorder” at Creedmore in 2003 with the antipsychotic medications Haloperidol and Cogentin; one more medication, trehexyphenidyl along with vitamin E, was added later to control her parkinsonian type hand movements. The hand tremors s went away, she said, but these drugs made her drowsy and whether she took them or not she still heard voices. Although the voices can be bothersome she grew accustomed to their presence and learnt how to live with them, she said. Presently she is discharged from Creedmore and is back living with her two sons and mother. When asked by West Indian Graphics

what her medical problem is, she asserted she is “not sick,” and that there is nothing wrong her. Family History: Sharmila is the 2nd of three children. Her parents were divorced while she was at first semester at St. Johns University. At the time, she had experienced severe financial stress and episodes of depression but managed to find a part-time job at the cafeteria in Macy’s, and made time to talk to a school counselor for advice. Her father who had lived alone in Brooklyn, died of G.I cancer in 1998. She said her mother had gone through many periods of “mental breakdown” but never sought treatment. The mother’s brother who was a chronic alcoholic also had mental problems of some type, she reported. Her maternal grandmother had hypertension and eventually died of stroke.

When the singing, clapping and emotions heat up, she directly communicates in Latin with God for hours, she says. She adds, that even up to this day, she can sense the presence of satan, the devil, because when he comes around, he greets by saying Hey! Hey! Hey! , and warns her not to take any drink in a cup offered by someone else. She mentioned that in her everyday life she has learnt how to deal with satan, she even gave him a name, “GEDR.” Medical Assessment Medical research and analysis conducted by West Indian Graphics show that Sharmila is a 26 year-old female who was well oriented to time, place and person. A look at her mental status exam also reveals a nearly perfect score (31out of 33), with no prominent mood or thought disorder; however, a look at her history showed she as a child from Guyana into a What really drive her crazy? migrated new environment where she had difficulty Social History: adjusting to the spoken language and interSharmila was born in Guyana and acting with peers. migrated to New York at age 9. First, she In school she was mostly attended Parkside Elementary School in Brooklyn and had a very difficult time withdrawn, often bored, havinteracting with other kids and making friends since she spoke English with a ing few friends who described heavy Creole accent; she said she had a her as “peculiar.” difficult time coping in Junior High School In addition, multiple stressors ranging where she kept to herself most of the time from financial hardships, parental divorce, and didn’t socialize much because of her deterioration of school performance, an limited English with a heavy accent. abusive marital relationship/divorce to She attended two different High loss of job and permanent shelter may Schools because her parents were finanhelp to precipitate a psychotic episode – cially unstable and relocated several times one that was fomented by 3 years of in search of jobs. In high school, her spohomelessness and withdrawal from friends ken English improved a lot but she still and family. didn’t have many friends because she had More importantly, the significant feato go to work in the evenings in a Laundrotures of her psychotic episode were the mat. She admitted her job environment was prominent auditory hallucinations of physically stressful, at times working up to voices commenting on her thoughts and 35 hours, 5 days per week. actions. All these signs and symptoms After graduating from high school point to a differential diagnosis of: with regents distinction, she attended St. Organic brain diseases Johns University where she took pre-med  Alcohol and or substance abuse, courses for a year. During that time her medication overdose parents divorced, she had to find an eve Withdrawal from abused substance ning job, which left her with less time to (alcohol, cocaine, marijuana) study; eventually, after failing several Depression courses, she decided to go to Nursing Mood disorder School in Brooklyn for 2 years and graduSchizoaffective disorder, ated as an License Practical Nurse. She Shizophreniform disorder reported unstable relationships with most Schizophrenia of her friends who found her “peculiar” Organic brain diseases seems low on during her school years. At age 20, Sharmila got married and the differential list since all her labs and worked at several different Nursing Homes radiologic results are within normal limits; and one Hospital in Brooklyn. She reported also physical exam does not demonstrate an abusive relationship with her husband any evidence of head trauma, cerebellar or who finally left her with the kids in an cranial nerve abnormality such as difficulty apartment in Brooklyn; the marriage ended with gait, posture, reflexes, vision, hearing, up in divorce after 3 years. At that time etc. Similarly, alcohol/substance abuse or she reportedly slept poorly and disturbed medication overdose can be ruled out by the kids nightly by getting up, wandering history and urine toxicology studies. She the apartment, talking to herself in funny drank occasionally and did not smoke or voices. Her capacity to function at work- take drugs. During the interview with West Indian was affected ; she was fired from her last job. She could not keep the apartment, the Graphics, she gave an accurate account of kids went with the mother, and in the end, her past and current life; she was neither depressed nor anxious, she sleeps well, has she ended up homeless. During those years of being homeless, a good appetite and denies periods of hyshe said she would ride the subways to a peractivity and suicidal ideations. This Pentecostal associated Guyanese church in leaves the most important features in her Brooklyn where she worshipped with other disorder and that’s the hallucinatory sympmembers whom she called soldiers and the toms of voices conversting in her head, all priest designated as captain – there she felt of which point to a differential diagnosis of like she was in the army. Sharmila ex- Schizoaffective, Shizophreniform or plained she was smarter than the other Schizophrenia. According to her hospital records, psysoldiers because she holds a Doctors in chiatric assessment of Sharmila showed Theology and even speaks Latin.

that her mood did not alternate between mania and irritability; she was able to sit at ease, fully clothed, non seductive, without the suggestion of unusual sexual prowess. Therefore, the lack of a major depressive episode, a manic episode, or a concurrent mixed episode of mood and psychotic symptoms rule out the possibility of Schizoaffective disorder. Clearly then, the presence of auditory hallucinosis, flat affect, thoughts of paranoia and suspicion along with impaired social and occupational functioning narrowed J.Ds psychosis to Schizophreniform or Schizophrenia; and since these signs/ symptoms don’t satisfy psychiatric criteria of lasting at least one month and up to six months, the diagnosis Schizophreniform is not justified. The mere fact that Sharmila’s symptoms has been continuous for more than a year points to a diagnosis of Schizophrenia, Paranoid type. According to the history, she first started hallucinating when she was homeless, the voices would enter her forehead and conversate with her giving instructions on surviving the cold winter streets; even worse, telling her that she will never get better. Other significant features indicative of her diagnosis include somatic hallucinations and thought insertion.

She held the belief that she can not only bring God into her body but also differentiate the presence of the devil. At home she still refuses to take her medication, insisting that she is “not sick.” At times, her young sons observed her staring through the windows for hours, even sitting mumbling to herself; she remains suspicious of her neighbors claiming that they always spy on her. She went on to say that people talk about her on T.V also. With conditions such as these, it’s clear that Sharmila may recover from her case of Schizophrenia as she will remain impaired for the rest of her life. Nonetheless, to prevent relapse, efforts should me made by her physicians to keep her on a long term or lifelong neuroleptic regimen at the lowest dose possible for symptom control as necessary. The choice of which drug to use should be based on the side effect profile and drugdrug interaction. For example, Resperidone or Quetiapine produces minimal EPS movements as opposed to Chlorpromazine (low potency), or Haldol (high potency). Before the patient is discharged, she should be educated on using the correct dosage, being compliant and to follow up with her check ups as this helps increase compliance, provide an opportunity to adjust doses and to monitor side effects. Finally, some beneficial types of psychotherapy, which can be provided by a trained counselor, should include training the patient and her two sons about schizophrenia; for example, learning how to recognize the symptoms of Sharmila’s hallucinations and what triggers them. Also social skills training and show of support can offer a sense of safety and emotional strength to a patient like Sharmila whose psychic world hallucinates with voices of condemnation from both good and evil.

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february, 2005

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West Indian captain speaks out Lara upset at not having a say in selection Brian Lara has said that he was upset about not being part of the selection panel that picked the 14 member squad for the VB Series. Lara hinted that the new coach, Bennett King, had a lot of say in selection matters and the team was suffering because of his lack of experience with the West Indian setup. This was under a new policy where his position as captain was not confirmed until the squad had been selected. The team returned home after being forced out of the VB Series, where they won only one game, but Lara insisted that there were several gains on the tour. "You would think that someone who is in charge of the team and

had won the ICC Champions Trophy would have had something to do with the selection," Lara told the Caribbean Media Corporation, the West Indian news agency, on arrival at the Grantley Adam Airport. "Unfortunately, this was not the case. If you have a new selection policy and there is a coach who has a lot of say in the process and does not have the experience of knowing West Indies cricket, then there will be areas in which you will fall down. "I'm sure that the selectors are astute

ICC Addresses illegal bowling action


he International Cricket Council's Chief Executives' Committee has approved proposals aimed at ending the malaise over illegal bowling actions. Under the new pro-

straightening · Strengthening of the initiatives to deal with the issue at the international and regional Under-19 level Malcolm Speed, the ICC's chief executive, admitted that there might be a strong reaction from sections of the cricket community, but he insisted that the radical overhaul in the laws was necessary to deal with a problem that has plagued cricket ever since the nearepidemic of chucking in the late 1950s. "This issue has afflicted the game for over sixty years. Try as it might, the sport has never properly come to terms with it," said Speed. "Every time it comes up there are emotional reactions from people around the world based on fear and ignorance and I've no doubt we will see them all again this time. "The reality is that this new process provides the game with a sensible way forward to properly protect against people breaking the rules while providing every opportunity for players with illegal actions to remedy any problems and return to the game." The committee included Aravinda de Silva, Angus Fraser, Michael Holding, Tony Lewis and Tim May, along with David Richardson, the former South African wicketkeeper who is now on the ICC staff. Their proposals were then considered by the ICC's Cricket Committee, made up of former international players and umpires which was chaired by Gavaskar. Gavaskar said that one of the strengths of the new procedures was that they had been brought forward and scrutinised by people who had played international cricket, and who also had the benefit of understanding the latest research findings on the issue. "These recommendations have come from people who have played the game at the highest level and who have a deep appreciation of the issues," he said. "While the scientific evidence presented made the case for changing the current bowling review process compelling, it is a cricketing decision, proposed by cricketers for cricketers. "The changes should make the process quicker and fairer to all players and will promote consistency in the way in which reported bowlers' actions are dealt with." Speed also used the opportunity to make clear that rumours that the ICC had examined the actions of players from the past were without basis.

posals, the tolerance limit - for straightening of the arm - for all bowlers will be set at 15 degrees, which studies have shown is when the naked eye can make out excessive straightening. The changes were suggested by an expert panel chaired by Sunil Gavaskar, the former Indian opening batsman, and the changes will come into effect from March 1, 2005. There will be increased commitment to working with the problem at the junior level, and changes in the testing, analysis and review procedures currently being employed. The new regulations will be based on the findings of the ICC's research programme which discovered that most bowlers are likely to straighten their arm to a level undetectable by the naked eye during the bowling action. The key elements of the regulations are: An acceptance that the focus of the law concerning illegal actions is that it seeks to deal with the extension of the arm that is visible to the naked eye · All bowlers will be permitted to straighten their bowling arm up to 15 degrees, which has been established as the point at which any straightening will become visible to the naked eye · The introduction of a shorter, independent review process under the central control of the ICC with immediate suspensions for bowlers found to have illegal actions · The overhaul and standardisation of the bio- Courtesy Cricinfo mechanical testing of bowlers to ensure that all tests in all laboratories are consistent in the way that they measure the degree of

enough to know what's happening in West Indies cricket," Lara continued. "The right players that are needed, and we will hopefully see some improvement the next time we take the field." Lara, though, touched upon the silver linings from the tournament. "We looked more like a unit," he told The Barbados Nation. "We looked more aggressive and more like we knew what we were doing in the middle but it happened pretty late.

midway through the tournament and left ourselves with virtual finals every time we went out to the middle after that." West Indies, who appeared rusty for a major part of the tournament, were away from international cricket for more than three months after their Champions Trophy triumph, where they recorded an incredible victory in the finals in September. Lara also emphasised the need for significant contributions from senior players and singled out Chris Gayle for his batting slump. "It's a team game and everyone has to contribute," he said. "Unfortunately, one of our best batters, Chris Gayle, was unable to fire but these things happen. Hopefully, in the next series, he'll get things going." Courtesy Cricinfo

We didn't get out of the blocks until

We triggered Hayden’s slump-Harbajan


arbhajan Singh, the Indian offspinner, has taken credit for triggering Matthew Hayden's batting slump while maintaining that the cricketing world has missed Hayden's attacking batting this season. Hayden, who was dropped for the first final of the VB Series, has averaged 14.28 in his last seven one-dayers and only 10.5 in the VB Series. "I am disappointed because I love watching him against other teams," Harbhajan told The Sydney Morning Herald. "We had very good plans against him, about where to place our fielders and how to bowl to him and we were successful, but I do miss watching him bat now." Hayden, who was expected to dominate the series like he had in 2001 with a staggering average of 109.8, managed just 244 runs at an average of 30.5 in the four Tests. Harbhajan dismissed him three times in the series, including luring him into the sweep-trap in the first Test at Bangalore. "He is a stroke-player, and we tried to take away his boundary shots. I bowled to him a lot of the time. We all learned our lesson from his last tour here. But now I am disappointed because he is one of the best batsmen I have ever bowled to, and you love watching someone like that in good form - when

it's not against you." Harbhajan also felt that other teams had taken India's cue and learnt to tackle Hayden effectively. "Maybe those teams

watched us and have their own plans against him now," Harbhajan continued. "Now maybe everyone knows where to bowl to him. But at the end of the day, he is a great player and I hope he comes out of this stronger. I would like to watch him score over 350 again in a Test - just not against us." Courtesy Crincifo

Bajan batsmen struggle against Guyana’s spinners By Keith Holder BRIDGETOWN, Barbados, (CMC) - In what is now becoming a familiar pattern this season, Barbados batsmen again disappointed on the opening day of their fifth round Carib Beer Cup match against Guyana at Kensington Oval yesterday.Put in on an easy-paced pitch, bottom-of-the-table Barbados, the double crown holders for the past two years, were bowled out for 224 in 78.4 overs.Dale Richards, batting at No.3, topscored with 70 with 11 boundaries while left-hander Sulieman Benn hit an unbeaten 58 including eight fours as he helped to rally the lower order.Leg-spinner Mahendra Nagamootoo, in easily his best performance so far, took four for 58 off 20 overs. He was supported by off-spinner NarsinghDeonarine, better known for his batting, who picked up four for 67 in 24.4 overs.Guyana, second last in the standings, were 35 without loss off 11 overs at the close with Ryan Ramdass on 14 and Krishna Arjune, 13.Barbados had an early setback when left-hander Martin Nurse fell in the day’s third over for one off 12 balls. Opting not to play a shot against medium-pacer Trevon Garraway, the ball cut back and hit the roll of the front pad for Vincentian umpire Goaland Greaves to adjudge him legbefore-wicket.After a slow start during which he was tempted by a couple wide balls from Garraway, captain Sherwin Campbell settled down.He had just managed a boundary to third man off slow medium Assad Fudadin to take him to 20 when he cut a short ball hard to gully where Mahendra Nagamootoo took a brilliant, low catch in his right hand. Campbell batted for 72 minutes and faced 43 balls.Richards looked confident from early and got off the mark with a square drive to the boundary off captain and medium pacer Damodar Daesrath.

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February, 2005

Symonds and Lee put Australia one-up B Community News

rett Lee and Glenn McGrath devastated Pakistan's top order after Andrew Symonds corrected an early batting wobble and helped Australia take a 1-0 lead in the best-of-three VB Series finals at the MCG. Lee provided the pace and McGrath the accuracy to strike three times in the first three overs, and put Pakistan on the defensive immediately. As hard as Pakistan tried through Inzamam-ul-Haq, Shoaib Malik and Shahid Afridi, whose flame was short and bright, they were unable to rise from the dreadful start. Both sides struggled in the opening ten overs on a pitch offering valuable bowling help, but Pakistan experienced the greater danger. The memory of Lee swiftly charging in to bowl at 150kph will linger for a long time in the minds of the batsmen and spectators. Lee struck in his first and third overs with beautiful deliveries to remove Salman Butt legbefore - although Butt insisted he hit it - and clean-bowl the in-form Yousuf Youhana (3 for 9). In between, McGrath, playing his 200th match, dismissed Kamran Akmal to a lazy pull for his 299th

career wicket. He became the selves in before swinging to pick eighth bowler to collect 300 when up Pakistan. Both registered halfcenturies in a futile fightback. The runs were made carefully, but when it was time to let loose they could not keep pace. Lee came back in the 31st over and soon added the crucial wicket of Inzamam (5 for 118). Inzamam has been the most consistent player of the series with five fifties, but Pakistan needed his first

Year award on Monday, he had five ducks in six innings and was lined up for plucking alongside the dropped Matthew Hayden. In 50 overs of up-and-down cricket, Symonds hauled Australia to safety after the top three were sent packing, but on his departure at 213, the innings was once again unsteady. Afridi and Abdul Razzaq, who were both on hattricks, were responsible for cur-

In desperation, Malik and Afridi spectacularly opened their shoulders and cleared the rope before failing in the century.

Mohammad Hafeez skyed a pull that had much height and little distance, which Shane Watson took easily (4 for 27). McGrath's record was one of a small collection of fine displays that were scattered around an unusual number of stumbles in the showpiece event. The occasion visibly affected both sides, but Australia's fright at 3 for 53 was settled by Symonds's brutal and sensible 91, and then vanquished by their opening bowlers. Inzamam and Malik played them-

delicate balance to keep their heads. Malik found Darren Lehmann at mid-off and when Simon Katich caught Afridi, who chopped 26 from 15 balls, in the deep the match was decided (8 for 171). Lee finished with the satisfying figures of 3 for 23 off 10 overs but Symonds was Man of the Match. Wh ile Australia's fast bowlers were in step, they were given initial breathing space by Symonds, who showed what a difference a medal can make. Before winning the Australia One-Day Player of the

tailing the galloping in a team performance that contained moments of brilliance, crazy lapses and a collision. The upshot was

a restricted total of 237 that supporters of the underdog believed was a job well done. Symonds' self-belief was quickly evident when he warmed up with two powerful off-drives and a pull, and he looked as dangerous as during his 143 not out against Pakistan in the 2003 World Cup. With his helmet covering the frizzy hair that would make Sideshow Bob from The Simpsons break into song, Symonds became the main event. He was strong and delicate in hitting seven fours in a display that Australian fans had waited for all summer. Afridi was the only bowler to really trouble Symonds, who survived a couple of strong lbw appeals - the umpires were reluctant to raise their fingers throughout the innings. Symonds and Damien Martyn shone in a 137-run partnership that steadied the rocking innings. Martyn was the support act for his partner's attacks and managed a smart 53 without a boundary until he was stumped off Afridi (4 for 190). Darren Lehmann replaced Martyn and was caught-behind first ball to an embarrassing reverse-sweep. Courtesy Crincifo


newspaperof community