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Decking choices for 500 Series Canadian manufacturer, Technomarine, has released three new decking options that are designed to fit on its 500 Series floating dock systems. The patent-pending panels are easily installed and removed from the dock frame using a socket wrench. panel, which gives a stylish First choice is a fibrenon-slip grating surface reinforced concrete panel, that remains dry underfoot ideal for customers seeking but allows water and light the traditional look and feel through. Technomarine has of a concrete walking surface fully tested the panel and combined with the various claims it to be of superior advantages of an aluminium strength to others of similar dock. The two materials blend design. seamlessly and the decking is offered in various colours Last but not least is the and finishes and can even timber alternative, perfect for feature sandblasted graphics a classic marina look. Widths or logos. of hardwood planking are A more modern approach can be created with the polypropylene decking

aligned with the length of the dock to resemble the deck of a yacht.

Contact Technomarine in Canada on email: info@ technomarine.ca

Mobile clean-up service

Marina operators in the south coast of England are taking advantage of a new clean-up service offered by Portsmouth based company, Harbour Clean. Utilising a fleet of small ‘Nirvana’ workboats, designed specifically for shallow water (less than 6in or 150mm) operation, Harbour Clean offers a range

of activities within the intertidal areas of many south coast ports. “Floating and washedashore debris and litter is still a major problem,

despite the introduction of MARPOL (marine pollution) regulations,” says Harbour Clean manager, Sean Moth. “Although ships and all marine leisure craft are

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banned from dumping litter overboard, it is amazing how much plastic waste and flotsam arrives on our shores. Large plastic sheets, ropes and parts of fishing nets are a real hazard, not only to wildlife but even to huge craft such as the cross-Channel catamaran and other high performance vessels in rivers and harbour approaches.” “Weed control in marinas is also of great concern this year,” he continues. “The Royal Yachting Association reported recently that a large number of their sailing clubs were clogged with various types of weed and we are receiving a high level of enquiries for both weed control and removal.” Harbour Clean also operates an emergency service for both oil spill boom deployment and for personnel/equipment evacuation from flooded land. The Nirvana fleet is fully road transportable and can be mobilised swiftly. Contact Harbour Clean in the UK on email: admin@ harbourclean.com