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MARINA PLANNING & DESIGN The residential tower and nearby villas with the Pyare Village, drystack and marina beyond. into sections of circular patterns. The use of materials changes from raw forms along the outside edge to more refined forms in the centre. Vertical developments also reflect this theme, with stone as the base material giving way to wood and glass further up the building. The design of the marina integrates functionality with architecture that complements the local environment. The blue sky of the Mediterranean meets the blue of the sea, setting off the sandy-coloured stone of Cyprus, the marina’s main building material. Each building has been considered in terms of its view towards the water, and each building in turn links architecturally – and sometimes physically – to the other. The aim is to reflect a country steeped in a rich history, to capitalise on its traditions and bring together its diverse geographical regions in one unique site.

Central focus Every new development needs a central focus, and the social and commercial core of Makronisos Marina is a village named Pyare, which is linked to the marina by a shaded promenade that will ‘become the model for a visionary, interconnected regional waterfront trail system that services the surrounding area.’ In compliance with the provision of the local development plan, the pathway is designed to connect to the planned regional public walkway at designated points on the east and Luxury villas with private berths are situated left and right of the tower.

west ends of the development, further incorporating the marina site into the area. The promenade’s canopy will follow the crescent shape of the marina, providing welcome and ever-changing patterns of shade along Pyare Village and terminating above the elevated yacht club. It will architecturally link the village and drystack facility with a high rise tower of 68 condominiums that overlook the sea. The village itself will be the bustling commercial core of the resort, providing shops, restaurants, cafés, gym and spa facilities, recreational and relaxation amenities, all of which overlook the marina. The village’s Event Centre will be constructed of stone, glass and wood, and will feature a lattice-like structure inspired by the hull of a boat or sail. A private yacht club will offer a pub and restaurant facilities to the general public.

Private residences with access to – and views of – the water are dotted along the shoreline and surround the marina basin. The exclusivity of these villas and their size differentiates the offerings at Makronisos from the recently completed Limassol development, which offers a mix of smaller units. The villas are uniquely positioned along the water’s edge with access to private berths and the beach. In keeping with aesthetics, the exteriors will be constructed of the same materials as other developments on site, while the interior of the villas will reflect a Mediterranean lifestyle. The designers aim not only to embrace the environment, but to utilise it. In support of sustainable initiatives influencing the project, landscaped areas of the development are planned to incorporate technology that promotes water conservation. These strategies include capturing rainwater from the roofs of buildings and condensation from heating and ventilation systems for use as a water resource. Other sustainable initiatives include the provision of occupancy sensors to reduce unnecessary energy use, using green roofs, and evaluating and integrating renewable technologies (wind and solar) as appropriate. The designers hope that Makronisos Marina, which has an estimated completion date of 2017, will become the eastern Mediterranean destination - both for the local boating community and the international sailor. Contact SmithGroupJJR via www. - May/June 2013


2013 May June Marina World