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K en n el Cl u b «STOL I TSA » present 1 -st I N T E RN A T I O N A L GRO O M E R` S F O RU M «Z ooGr oom – 2 0 1 4 »

2 3 – 2 5 of M a y Par k -h ot el «A B RA M T SE V O » General sponsors:

Moscow region, Sergiev Posad district, village Abramtsevo

Dear Friends! So another year has flown since our meeting in Moscow on traditional International Grooming Competition «ZooGroom -2013». Long pondering the theme of the contest, we have come to believe that it is time to change the concept of the event, attracting not only the participants, but also breeders, groomers, yet, because of their experience, do not dare to take part in the contest! Thus, we came up with the idea of creating of 1-st Intrnational GROOMER`S FORUM “ZooGroom - 2014”!

1-st GROOMER`S FORUM «ZooGroom – 2014» it:  Traditional International Grooming Competition «ZooGroom-2014";  Commercial scissor. class and creative grooming class;  Contest of "Young groomer“ (model-dogs);  Nomination "Salon of the Year", "Groomer of the Year";  Grooming seminars and master-classes from leading professionals from Russia and Europe;  Many competitions and nominations;  Grooming seminars by Russian Grooming Team;  Grooming of the cats: competition, masterclasses and seminars.

And also:

 Entertainment show program;  Gala dinner with a disco;  Many communication, recreation in a friendly relaxed atmosphere;  Swimming pool, billiards and much more (included in the price of Hotel);  And, of course, fresh air in a perfect location near Moscow!

Schedule of 1-st Int. Groomer`s Forum «ZooGroom - 2014» May 23, Friday SEMINARS AND MASTER-CLASSES  Master-сlass of grooming COMMERCIAL BREEDS (Yorkie, Shih- Tzu) by Paola Acco (Italy);  Master-сlass by Chiara Picchionetti (Italy) FOXTERRIER;  Master-сlass by Carol Buiza (Spain) WEST HIGHTLAND WHITE TERRIER;  Seminar “Grooming school” by Chiara Picchionetti (Italy);  Master-сlass by Anna Bardysheva (Russia) POODLE;  Seminars and Master-сlass by Natalia Samoilova and Nadezhda Rumyantseva (Russia) CATS;  Master-сlass of commercial breeds "Asian style" and tattoo on dogs and cats by Irina Smirnova (Russia);  Master-сlass by Roman Fomin (Russia).

Schedule of 1-st Int. Groomer`s Forum «ZooGroom - 2014» May 23, Friday PRESENTATIONS    

Presentation of production of WAHL & MOSER; Presentation of professional cosmetic for pets NOGGA (Spain); Presentation of professional cosmetic for pets PET SILK (USA); Presentation of Russian Grooming Team 2011-2013

 and others…

Schedule of International Grooming Competition «ZooGroom - 2014» 24 of May, Saturday The Morning Pure Breeds, Handstripping Classes: Open, Champion, Beginners Juges of Pure Breeds – Paola Acco, Chiara Piccionetti, Carol Buiza Judges of Hanstripping – Paola Acco, Chiara Piccionetti, Carol Buiza 08-00 – registration of participants 08-30 – open competition and prejudging 09-00 – 11-30 – time of participant`s work 12-00 – finalist choice The Afternoon Spaniels and Setters, Poodles, Mixed breeds (only for Beginners) Classes: Open, Champion, Beginners Judges of Spaniels and Setters – Paola Acco, Carol Buiza Judges of Poodles – Paola Acco, Chiara Piccionetti, Roman Fomin 13-30 – prejudging 14-00 – 16-30 – time of participant`s work 17-00 – finalist choice 17-30 - 18-00 – Best in Show 19-30 - GALA DINNER!!!

Schedule of International Grooming Competition «ZooGroom - 2014» 25 of May, Sunday Commercial sciss. class, Creative sciss. class, Nomination «Salon of the Year 2014», «Groomer of the Year - 2014» , Competition «Young groomer», Grooming competition of Cats

Judges of Commercial sciss. class, Salon class – Paola Acco, Carol Buiza, Chiara Piccionetti Judges of Creative class – Roman Fomin

10-00 – registration of participants 10-30 – open competition and prejudging 11-00 – 13-00 – time of participant`s work 13-40 – award winners





JUDGES OF GROOMING COMPETITION “ZooGroom - 2014” Paola Acco (Italu)

Carol Buiza (Spain)

Roman Fomin (Russia)

Chiara Piccionetti (Italy)

Paola Acco (Italy) Owner of a grooming salon in Portogruaro since 1991, Paola started grooming

competitions in 1995 collecting gold, silver and bronze medals in Europe and USA as well; 3 BIS in Italy, France and Czech Republic. She became Italian Champion in 1999; Vice Champion of Best of the Best in Milano. She has been four times finalist in the Oster Tournament of Champions; member of the Italian Team winner of the World Team Championship in Barcelona 2003; member of the Italian Team second classed at the World Team Championship 2007 in Milano. She did several grooming demonstrations in Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Asia and cooperates with the most known Italian factories to promote the grooming industry in Italy. Co-founder of ATI (Italian Groomers Association), she's also organizer of the event "Master Show" (trade and grooming show) and co-organizer of the Italian Championship. Paola is breeding Bichon Poo. In her grooming school, opened in 1999, she formed more than 100 students and some of them already got medals and BIS in international contests.

Chiara Piccionetti (Italy) Chiara started her grooming career in 1998 and got her first good results in

competition in 2000. She got several gold, silver and bronze medals all over Europe in Handstripping, Spaniel, Poodle and Purebred Scissoring. Chiara has been "Best in Show" at "MilanGroom", at "Pragobest" and at the Italian Championship. She has been member of the Italian Team second classed in the World Championship 2005 and third classed in 2007. In 2004, in Barcelona, she became Vice European Champion. Several times invited to the Oster Tournament of Champions, Chiara has been finalist both in 2002 and 2004 and became "Oster Europe Grand Champion" in 2009. She's speaker for several factories leader in the pet market and gives demonstrations for the most important grooming associations. She also prepares show dogs competing at European level. Currently she's grooming and handling wire fox terriers. Chiara is co-founder and Vice President of the Italian Grooming Teachers Association (A.I.T.I. She owns a grooming school in Rome where she gives forming and specializing courses since 2005.

Carolina Buiza (Spain) Carol, director of the prestigious dog grooming academy "Style Dogs", started her career in 1997 attending almost all national and international grooming competitions held in Europe and obtaining several gold, silver and bronze medals. Carol has been finalist in the prestigious Oster Tournament of Champions held in France in 2007; member of the Spanish Team third classed in the 2007 World Team Championship in Italy; Best in Show in "Ciseaux d'Or" 2011.

She gives seminars in different grooming schools in Madrid, Barcelona and Girona. In 1999 Carol entered the dog show's world showing a fantastic Scottish Terrier called Gregal and she has been proud of him for long time. Later Carol specializes in grooming and showing miniature schnauzers. Since 2001 Carol is the owner of "Style Dogs", grooming salon in Ripollet (Barcelona).

Roman Fomin (Russia) Roman`s career began 23 years ago with the advent of his house first poodle. Education - teacher of drawing, Roman realized himself as an artist - groomer. His style of work characterized by an individual creative approach. In 2000, Roman founded a student program for grooming. He found simple answers to complex questions of balance, proportion and technology of scissors. To date, his program produced a huge number of students in different cities of Russia, China and foreign countries. Roman achieved a high level as a professional groomer and handler. His name is associated winning at dog shows of the highest rank. Roman began to take part in grooming competitions since 1999. The start was a victory for the first grooming competition in Russia. In 2000 Roman was a finalist at the most prestigious grooming championships: «Oster Tournament Championship», which took place in Berlin, as well as the "Milan Groom", held in Italy. In 2002 Roman won the silver medal of the international grooming competition «Intergroom», held in the U.S. state of New - Jersey. And in 2003, Roman was invited to «Intergroom» already an expert. Today Roman is one of the famous professional groomer for grooming different breeds, the owner of a professional grooming schools, organization master classes and seminars.

VIP-GUESTS Elena Levina In 1999, in Berlin on the Oster Tournament Championship won the silver medal. In 2001 in Milan won Best in Show at the grooming competition "Milan Groom" and also won the silver medal «Oster Tournament Championship». In 2011 at the International Grooming Competition «ZooGroom», held in the «ZooRussia» exhibition in Moscow, won Best in Show.

Ludmila Moon Judge RKF-FCI, winner of two gold badges RKF for outstanding contribution to the development of the breeding, finalist of the grooming contest «MilanGroom», breeder of American Cocker Spaniels world-famous kennel "MOONLIGHT SHOW".

Natalia Pecherkina The owner of the famous of the World Kennel Kerry Blue Terrier "Avalanche Eire-Kerry", founded in 1997 Together with her husband, Andrei, Natalie shows her dogs since 1983. She is famous in Russia and abroad as a successful breeder, groomer, handler and judge as dog shows and grooming competitions. The style of grooming her favorite breed – harmony and perfectly proportioned Kerry blue Terrier. Natalia has a title of "Best groomer of the year 1999" the United States (Boston), "Best International groomer 1999" (France).

Dear Friends and Members! First time in the history of grooming competition, we are preparing to release 1st info edition «ZooGroom»!!! A5 format, full color Information Edition «ZooGroom»- 6 in1: 1.Katalog contestants. 2. Grooming articles. 3. Interviews with leading groomers from Russia and Europe. 4. Trends of grooming. 5. Previews of upcoming events ( contests, seminars, master classes). 6. Advertising companies, salons and groomers! You can send the announcement of your event (contest, seminar, master class) by e-mail: Placing is free.


For holding Groomer’s Forum, we chose an awesome place: PARK HOTEL "ABRAMTSEVO"

HOTEL`S LOCATION Park-hotel "Abramtsevo" is 56 km from Moscow to Yaroslavl highway in one of the most picturesque corners of the cleaner suburbs. Fairly extensive area of ​the park, the hotel has diverse landscape. The upper level of the hotel is located on the top floor of a beautiful hill with a magnificent view of the river valley Warri . Here are all the main building include a main building with hotel rooms, restaurant, bar, swimming pool, sauna complex "Terme", town house of the Russian log house , divided into five blocks for accommodation, sports and children's playgrounds . The lower level consists of two hotel houses 20 rooms and a covered barbecue area , which is located off the coast of Worya. Elevation in relation to the upper terrace is approximately 30 meters. At any time, around the picturesque park paths that connect the upper and lower area of the park - hotel "Abramtsevo" will delight you and your children. Park-hotel "Abramtsevo" - the ideal place to start exploring the rich history and culture of the Moscow region edge. The land on which today is our hotel, once belonged to the noble landowner Galushkina. Unfortunately, at the beginning of XX century it was almost completely destroyed property. Until today only well preserved slim lime avenue - the pride of the park - hotel "Abramtsevo". Scenic beauty of these places at all times attracted famous family of artists, musicians and writers.

For more details, please, go to:

At your disposal COTTAGE "VILAGE"

At your disposal 2-storey TOWNHOUSE

At your disposal CHALET

At your disposal COTTAGE "HOTEL"

And, of course, THE MAIN BUILDING

Dear Friends!

The hotel is happy to accommodate you with your pets. Cost of living your dog or cat is 600 rub. per day.

Pries of Park-Hotel «ABRAMTSEVO» in Main Building* 1 € ~ 51 rubles 1 person in the Number Workdays



2 people in the Number Workdays


Extra bed for adults

Extra bed for a child (4-10 years)

Total number of rooms Brea All Brea All Breakf All Brea All Brea All Breakf All includ includ includ includ includ includ kfast kfast ast kfast kfast ast ed ed ed ed ed ed

Standarte, Double




























Luxe 3-rd rooms














VIP-Luxe 2-nd rooms














When booking be sure to tell your password - "ZooGroom". Password gives you a discount on accommodation - 10%! * - For more details of living in the hotel you can see at web-site -


Magazine «DROUG» for pets lovers

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Prices of International Grooming Competition "ZooGroom - 2014" Name of Classes


Open / Champion / Comercial.class / Creative class

30 €


20 €

Nomination "Salon of the Year"

60 €


25 €

Nomination "Groomer of the Year"


Young Groomer


Entry and details for payment on web-page:

Prices of Seminars and Master-Classes "ZooGroom - 2014" Name of Seminars and MasterClasses


Each seminar and master-class

12 euros VIP-ticket (all seminars and workshops) 80 €



Gala dinner

60 €

Golden ticket (all seminars + Gala Dinner)

120 €

Entry and details for payment on web-page:


Kennel Club “STOLITSA” Bk – Facebook – phone: +7(499)740-67-07, +7(499)707-72-03

We are waiting for YOU!!!