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Application Data Sheet Posture Improving Backpack

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Provisional Patent Application ---- Inventor Info ---First Name: Marina Last Name: Prospero Middle Initial: E Street: 170 Edenbridge Dr. City: Toronto State: ONTARIO ZIP: M9A 3G6 Country Residence: Canada Country Citizenship: Canada Email: Phone: 786 245 4042 Fax: ---- Other Inventors ---Title of Invention: Posture Improving Backpack Objectives: The Posture Improving Backpack is ergonomically designed to lift the body into more optimal spinal alignment which results in improved breathing, improved balance, less stress on neck, shoulders and back. The backpack is more intelligently designed because it takes into consideration biomechanics. The backpack differs from current backpacks because of its unique design that applies support to the upper mid back by applying a protuding pad that pushes gently against the vertabre of the thoracic spine causing a biomecanical shift resulting in the chest expanding and the head to move back into position over the shoulders. The result is better spinal alignment in relation to gravity. Over time the constant reminder of better alignment triggers muscle memory, stronger posture is a result of regular use. How Invention Works: A backpack that carries personal belongings that also functions as a posture improving device. Please list and describe the main components or steps of your invention. A packpack composed of materials that include a formed and sloping protrusion on the inside back panel that is positioned to fit against the thoracic spine when the shoulder loops are pulled snug, the biomechanical shift results. I CLAIM: 1. A method comprising all of the features specified in this disclosure. 2. A device comprising all of the features specified in this disclosure. 3. A system comprising all of the features specified in this disclosure. 4. A Posture Improving Backpack.