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Patent # D635 634 Patent Pending # 12251222 PACKAGING

Benefits • Instantly improves spinal alignm ent • Improves breathing • Transfers pressure of gravity to core muscles • Relieves tension on neck and lo w er back • Lifts the body into a more attractive appearance • Strengthens muscles to achieve strong posture for life

Features • O ne size fits all • Fully adjustable • Easy to use and easy to follo w exercises • Advanced design, portable, light w eight and comfortable • M/F 10 -100 years • For all body types



Pricing USD





100-500 $45

500+ $40


System Includes and Construction details including materials: • Customized therapeutic elastic resistance tube made of natural latex rubber tube with protective nylon braided sheath • TPR Perfectore back shield allo w s for full adjustablility • Ribbed foam shoulder pads covered with nylon fabric • Foam back support cushion for optimum body contact • Plastic End Caps to protect inside of tube • Instruction and exercise DVD • Tw o - minute asse mbly instructions • Lifetim e Guarante e Care instructions: Hand wash with soap, air dry Product Nam e: Perfectore Posture M odel: Silver 2012 Packaging 8.5 ” X11 ” Polybag W eight: 12 onz M aster case pk 12 units Master case measurements: H 12” W 12” L 12” WT 8lb Initial order lead tim e, under 100 units: 2 w e eks O ver 100 units: 6 - 8 w e eks Country of origin: United States F O B Akron, O hio

TERMS OF SALE: 100% Prepaid first order, Net 30 terms on subsequent orders RETURNS: Manufacturers Defect Only

Doctor Approved and Recommended

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Testimonials I just w ant to say w hat a w onderful product the Perfectore Posture Syste m is. It is not only easy to use, but it truly w orks. It is stronger than most, and yet comfortable. I have be en with Relax The Back store for over 15 years and have se en many posture correcting products, and nothing compares to the Perfectore. W e have happy and satisfied clients using the Perfectore w ho have tried other posture correcting devices that simply did not w ork. Lori Dyson, Relax The Back Store, Las Vegas In my 25 years of experience I have never com e across a product so simple and effective for posture improve m ent. This is a product anyone can use and benefit from. This product is superior to w hat currently exists on the market. I personally recom m end it to my patients and those that I lecture to. Dr. Spencer Baron, DC, Miami I have used the Perfectore Posture Syste m in a fitness program for elderly w om en 65 years and older and the results w ere incredible. Within 3 w e eks all my participants had experienced increased range of motion in their upper back, their posture had improved greatly and they w ere enjoying practicing the daily program. This product is extre m ely effective and I recom m end it to everyone. Cathy Dutchak, Owner, FITNUTS Inc. Within the first 30 seconds that I had the Perfectore Posture Syste m on I felt better! Not only do I think it is a vital tool for achieving stronger posture for my patients but I think every chiropractor should be using it as w ell. Dr. Sam Abbruzzino, DC, Toronto Website

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