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Substraits - Artist Canvas / Acrylic Screen / Silk Fabric DIMENSIONS

SIZES 8’x6’



Details: Turn-around time : 15 days Payment: 50% deposit & 50% on delivery Delivery:

UPS ground to specified location


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Authenticity: Each painting is original and 1 of 1 Signed and numbered by the artist, Marina Prospero accompanied with Certificate of Authenticity.

Biography Conceived during the Summer of love and born to a huge Italian family, Marina Prospero, was surrounded by creativity and expression. Marina’s art was encouraged from a young age by her mother Marie, a celebrated visual artist and art teacher. As early as 18 years old Marina was selling her unique jewelry, this drive to create has spanned into an artistic career of experimentation ….water colors, acrylics, mosaics, miniature sculptures, video art and live performance art. Professionally her creativity extends into dramatic writing, producing and directing for her video production company, World Club Organization. Her first feature film, Spectrum, is scheduled for a 2007 wide release.

This series of paintings were created during a period in which I was meditating on wealth and prosperity. Everyday was filled with good fortune and I was inspired to infuse that “feeling” of joy into my art. I have always lived an abstracted life…. colored outside of the lines so to speak, to me this randomness is where beauty lives. Gazing upon each painting I feel my mind expanding and hope to expand the minds of those that gaze upon them as well. The vibration of M is a Feeling will add positivity to your space and your life. Peace and Harmony Marina Prospero

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