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Summer 2006

Executive’s Agenda E m p l o y e e H e a l t h a n d Yo u r B o t t o m L i n e Medical Costs • Absenteeism • Productivity • Moral

Your investment in healthy, active employees will pay off: • Increase productivity • Reduce turnover

(44% decrease – National Workplace Survey)

• Increased employee satisfaction / morale







Exclusive Engagement: P O W E R TO U N L O C K T H E







• Reduced rates of absenteeism, particularly incidental rates of absenteeism (employees with low fitness level take over 2.5 times as many days off work as their fit counterparts)

• Reduced risk of cardiovascular disease • Reduced number of musculoskeletal injuries • Reduced health-claims • Increased organizational effectiveness • Less stress-related illness presented by:

SPOTLIGHT: Improved posture leads to better health



author of Dr. Baron’s Report Introduction by:

The Organizational Benefits of The Correctore Posture Strengthening System Managing your workforce well



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it is crucial for executive teams to

identify concerns and trends at their


ealiest signs and act as quickly as

possible to maintain an edge in

today’s agressive global market.


Executive’s Agenda

BOTTOM LINE The performance of a corporation depends

Increased Productivity

upon the performance of its key asset,

“studies estimate between $69 - 117 billion/year are spent in direct medical costs”

its employees.

E m p l o y e e H e a l t h a n d Yo u r B o t t o m L i n e

Founder, CEO and President Collon Brown

Depreciation of a worker’s productivity is a significant cost that is not a deductible expense on a company’s tax return. Just as management will do what it takes to protect the longevity of it’s other valuable assets, care should be taken to protect the well-being of each employee.

“58 million days of work are lost annually”


Editor-at-large Marina Prospero

Copy Editor Mandy Minor

Contributing Writers Dr. Spencer Baron


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In the current corporate environment

Companies now recognize that an increase in the overall mental and physical health of its employees will result in a decrease in overall costs.

“$ 5.7 billion is lost in revenue”

A wellness program that educates employees and makes it easier for them to institute a healthier lifestyle will result in higher productivity, reduced absenteeism, reduced health-care costs, and lower worker compensation costs. The corporation’s bottom line is directly related to the employee’s health. The average company spends 45 percent of its after-tax profits on health benefits.

“studies on ROI for health improvement programs range from $1.49 to $4.91 with a median of $3 saved for every $1 spent”

Companies that take pro-active steps to protect their “intellectual capital” will enjoy a reduction in health related costs and an increase in the overall well-being of their workforce. Bottom Line.....healthy employees are more productive and more cost effective.


Imagine a line from your ear, middle of your shoulder, center of your hip,


just slightly behind the center of your knee


What steps am I going to take to improve the health and wellness of my employees?

and in line with your ankle bone. This is correct posture.

Importance of Good Posture Correct posture is the foundation to good health and well-being. Along with a strong core, good posture helps to maintain a healthy back, it holds your body upright and improves your balance. This culminates in maintaining optimum mobility and protection from the risk of over-extension. Poor posture leads to the following:

Good Posture leads to the following:

• neck and back pain

• keeps joints in the correct alignment so that

• poor digestion

muscles are being used properly

• obesity


• helps decrease the abnormal wearing of joint

• sight problems surfaces that could result in arthritis

• nerve problems • decreases the stress on the ligaments holding


• low confidence

the joints of the spine together

• fatigue • low motivation

• prevents the spine from becoming fixed in abnormal positions • prevents fatigue because muscles are being used more efficiently,

Does your workforce exhibit

allowing the body to use less energy

the following traits?

• prevents strain or overuse problems

• slouching

• prevents backache and muscular pain

• low motivation • poor health

• contributes to a good appearance

• pain

Adopt new solutions 3


S U M M E R R E P O RT 2 0 0 6



Dr. Spencer H. Baron DC, DACBSP graduated from Texas Chiropractic College in 1985. His practice, located in Miami, Florida, specializes in sports injuries. With a post graduate specialty in sports injuries, he has been a treating physician for the Miami Dolphins from 1990 to present day. While the Florida Marlins and Florida Panthers have also used his expertise, he has been recognized by hospitals, athletic associations, medical faculties and large corporations as an esteemed and valued professional. Dr. Baron lectures nationally about simple applications to improve health. He is the recipient of the prestigious Chiropractor of the Year award.

Added height

Improved posture

Confidence in Seconds It is an indisputable fact that if a person stands tall—with their shoulders back, breathing deeply from the chest and looking upward with a leveled head—they are going to radiate with a sense of confidence. Conversely, those who slouch—with drooping shoulders, shallow breathing, and a downward gaze—project an air of lethargy and ill-ease.

The Correctore—an easy-to-use, wearable posture-perfecting tool— eliminates all this strain and pulls you into correct posture immediately.

Expanded chest

Daily use of the Correctore Posture Strengthening System and its exercise program will assist you in strengthening the muscles needed for good posture. It will provide you with the energy and stamina you need to hold perfect posture, giving you a more attractive presence for a longer period of time. Based on the proven benefits of elastic resistance training, the Correctore is a low-tech, easy to use solution to the problem of bad posture.

I know, I know, your mother has said this for years: “Stand up straight! You are going to get a hump in your back if you don’t.” Stand up straight. Sound simple enough, right?

Lifted abdomen

It doesn’t matter how old you are; it is conclusive that the health implications of exercise can reverse the osteoporotic changes that occur in bone. Exercise causes a slight, gradual and consistent amount of positive healthy stress on the muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones, and discs of the spine, forcing minerals and other building blocks into nutrient rich musculoskeletal tissue for greater stability and a reduced risk of injury.

Then why are you unable to hold the position for more than a few seconds? And if you do hold the position, why does it hurt between the shoulders, making you melt back into a hunched over position? One must understand a few key concepts before you undertake the essentially effortless but important task of improving your posture. You can’t become a “swan” from an “ugly-duckling” unless you understand that posture is one of the most powerful physical manifestations of personality!

Less stress on lower back & neck

Improved posture has several immediate changes and long term benefits: • • • • • • • •

Within seconds of assuming the posture of a happy person, your brain believes you are excited and enthusiastic. Alternately, the posture of a lethargic, depressed person can reinforce the sensation of sadness and disempowerment. Can you imagine a runway model or the president having poor posture? Perfect posture provides this level of confidence within seconds.

Internal and external representations of confidence and self-esteem Greater desirability and allure Less potential for the ill-fated Dowagers Hump Decreased potential for neck strains and sprains Reduced risk for osteoporosis Less potential for headaches Fewer wrinkles in the front portion of the neck Reduction in the appearance of a double chin

Back support

Proper posture is the right choice for improved employee wellness.

Confident appearance

The Correctore is the right choice for improving posture.

Your spinal muscles need to be conditioned to hold your head and shoulders upright, as these are often the most neglected muscles. Since our society is very forward-oriented and we spend a lot of time eating, reading, writing, working on the computer, and watching TV, gravity constantly pushed down on our 10 to 15 pound heads, causing headaches, neck discomfort, and mid-back pain.

Be a hero for your employees: help them attain improved posture and better health. Dr. Spencer H. Baron

Consult your health care professional before beginning any exercise program


Elastic Resistance Builds Strength The Correctore Posture Strengthening System is based upon the fundamentals of elastic resistance. In recent studies, participants performing 6 week exercise programs while using elastic resistance training were able to increase their strength anywhere from 10% to 30%*. Added benefits of this training were:

• increased muscle mass • increased power • improved mobility

• improved balance • improved gait

• decreased body fat • increased endurance Collon Brown

* 5

Founder, CEO and President Perfectore Inc.



Spine Aging

Does your workforce exhibit the following traits, slouching, low motivation, poor health, back pain? These are problems caused by poor posture. For every 10 degrees that the neck and head lean forward, 40 pounds of extra pressure is added to the lower back. Back support is especially important for people who spend many hours sitting in an office chair or standing throughout the day. The Correctore is designed to encourage the body to maintain upright posture, putting less stress on the lower back.

With the CORRECTORE Posture Strengthening System

Without preventitive measures



















For personalized service and customized corporate packages

Posture Strengthening System

contact Correctore directly at

305-865-3339 Ideal for the work environment

pulls shoulders back and down

The Correctore is designed to improve and strengthen posture while sitting or standing. The Correctore is composed of an elastic band that gently creates tension for your muscles to work against - which builds strength. The Correctore will cause a gentle positive shift in your posture. Over time and with daily use of the Correctore exercise program, you will strengthen and improve your posture permanently.

areas where posture shifts

ONE SIZE FITS ALL! expands your chest

The Correctore slips on to your body shifts abdomen up

similar to a jacket or vest • adjust shoulder loops to

The Correctore can be worn over

accommodate your shoulder size

or under clothing or a uniform.

• the Correctore Shield fits evenly

The Correctore is designed to: • immediately improve posture


• strengthen posture with daily use

• the lower cross strand fits below

• relieve muscular stress

your shoulder blades

• allow for a full range of motion

Correctore Shield

• engage neuromuscular coordination • improve stabilization and maintain proper posture

between your shoulder blades

• to adjust comfort level,

Carry Bag Tubing Shoulder Pads

• waterproof and washable • inexpensive and portable

pull on the strands