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MARINA PROSPERO CPS Corporate Posture Trainer Marina Prospero is a Certified Posture Specialist that has treated over 30,000 individuals in her ten year career with Perfectore. She has developed The Posture Transformer, a spinal alignment and posture strength building device for occupational use. Her purpose is to provide everyone with a simple solution to achieve posture strength for life. She has presented this solution widely to the general public and corporations with great success.

Look for the signs of Posture Stress: Are the employees: • slouching at their desks • suffering from neck or back pain • suffering from headaches or poor digestion • working sluggishly or looked fatigued • suffering from headaches • missing days at work due to pain issues

Book a Free Presentation The Presentation will: • Educate your staff to be at the top of their posture game • Arm them with the information that will preserve their wellbeing • Give them the tools that will keep them healthy and productive “As a corporate wellness advisor I feel it is my duty to our employees that we provide them with the most advanced training available, Marina’s contribution has exceeded my expectations of what we could have achieved with what has been available up to this point.” Laurie Rennard Ultimate Software

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