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Welcome to Pike Paradise! Interested in fishing in beautiful natural surroundings where you can have peace and quiet and space to breathe? Pike Paradise on the West coast of Finland offers all this, and more! Here you can fish for pike in the sea, rivers and lakes all year round. In the winter the surface of the water freezes, and you can experience the thrill of ice fishing. Our 250 km coast line, with a unique archipelago, many rivers and lakes, all with an abundance of pike and many skilled fishing guides, offers plenty of opportunities for visitors to enjoy some really great fishing. Our waters provide diverse fishing, from simple angling and bait fishing to fly fishing, casting and jigging, for beginners, families, or the specimen pike hunter. There are many choices of lodgings – you can take your tent with you, sleep in an old light house, cozy chalets, refurbished farm houses or B&Bs. The choices among cottages are many –from basic to luxury standards, situated either in isolation, in small camps or charming seaside towns, all near fishing waters. It is easy to get here by bus, train, or by daily flights (less than an hour) from Helsinki and Stockholm. There is also a daily ferry between Umeå in Sweden and Vaasa. Simply make up your mind as to where, when, how and with whom you choose to fish. This brochure provides you with more information and contact details.

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SPECIES Streams of sea water from the Atlantic and freshwater from the northern rivers mix making our sea water brackish. This allows freshwater and marine fish species to co-exist. The most plentiful fish in our sea, rivers and lakes are pike, perch, ide, bream, silver bream, crucian carp and rudd. Pike (Esox lucius) Our water system is ideal for pike. Shallow waters and post-glacial rebound have created thousands of flads and gloe lakes, where pike spawn in early spring, and bundant aquatic vegetation provides optimal habitats for pike. Water here is clean as it is continuously replaced by the current running through Kvarken. European Perch (Perca fluviatilis) The European perch is the most common catch that an angler will get in the Kvarken region. It is found almost everywhere: in the sea, ponds, brooks, and rivers. Waters here are clean and there is an abundance of nutrition. This allows fish to grow big and stocks to remain large. Ide (Leuciscus idus) The Kvarken archipelago is known for its rich ide population. The average ide weighs over 1.5 kg and it is not rare to catch one that is over 2 kg. The largest ides caught by angling in the Kvarken region have been over 3 kg. Common bream (Abramis brama) Large bream populations can be found in rivers and estuaries. The average size of a bream rising upriver weighs 1-2 kg and the largest caught have been up to 4 kg. Crucian carp (Carassius carassius) Crucian carp are common in small bays of the Kvarken archipelago. Pike and perch, which populate these bays in summertime, keep the smaller crucian carps in check, and only the larger individuals of above 2 kg are left untouched. Common rudd (Scardinius erythrophthalmus) This species is generally found in shallow weedy bays. About 20 km north of Vaasa is the northernmost place in the Gulf of Bothnia where the common rudd can be found. Silver bream (Abramis bjoerkna) Bream is found around the islands close to the mainland and in the estuaries. This fish, resembling small common bream, is often caught in rivers while angling for common bream. Dace (Leuciscus leuciscus) Dace is often caught by angling in the lower reaches of the Kyrรถnjoki River.


FISHING CALENDAR Have a look here for the best months for your species of interest. Pike




Crucian carp


Silver bream


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Fishing licences 2015 The National fisheries management fee must be paid by everyone aged 18-64 unless you are ice fishing, or angling with a simple rod and line (without a reel and lure), which is exempt from licences to everyone. The annual fee for 2015 (valid until 31 December) is 24 €, or 7 € for seven days. Anyone aged 18-64 years practising lure fishing, fly fishing or trolling with a single rod, reel and lure must also pay the provincial lure fishing fee or have the permission of the owner of the location´s fishing rights. The provincial lure fishing annual fee for 2015 is 31 €, or 7 € for seven days. When fishing on ‘put and take’ lakes, fly-fishing and lure fishing on rivers and rapids or trolling with more than one rod, permission from the owner is always needed, regardless of age.

How can I purchase licences? Online payment: Direct payment to the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. National Fisheries Management fee: IBAN FI47 5000 0121 5028 42, and Provincial lure fishing fee for Western Finland: IBAN: FI81 5000 0121 5029 09. By mobile phone using the following service numbers: National Fisheries Management annual fee: 0600551622, 7 days, 0600551623. Provincial lure fishing fee for Western Finland, annual: 0600551625, 7 days: 0600551630. Combined licence for 7 days: 0600551635. A fee is charged for this service. In the chain of convenience stores, R-kioski, found throughout the country. A fee is charged for this service. Owners’ permits and licences are available locally at fishing tackle stores, shops, petrol stations and other information points (


Fishing rules and size limits of some species Fishing is prohibited in rapids and running water in Iakes and rivers populated by salmonids, or in other areas where fishing is prohibited under other rules or regulations. Regulations for a specific fishing site are usually available when purchasing a licence locally. Minimum length limits by law: 60 cm for salmon, sea trout and brown trout, 37 cm for pike-perch and 35 cm for grayling. The local fishing districts may pass regulations on the minimum size of other fish species, too, or they may stipulate higher minimum length limits for the species mentioned (see: http:// Remember to take other people into account. As long as you do not fish too close to an inhabited shore, you will avoid causing unnecessary disturbance. For information on fishing licences from 2016 onwards, go to

Basic Rule:

Always treat the fish as gently as possible -7-

Fishing guides & accommodation 1 Northern region

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Gofish EssNature Saaristomatkailu Hopan Luontomatkailu Holiday Village Seljes Villa Solhaga Villa Strandnöjet Villa Blå & Villa Lokki Villa Solglimt

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Kvarken Archipelago

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Southern region

26 Villa Meribjörkö 27 Odd Inn


28 FunFishing 29 Wanha Tupa 30 Gåshällan 31 Kaskinen Sea-Charter 32 Strandkulla stugor 33 Wanha Tupa

Fishing guides


Northern region

Kvarken Archipelago

Southern region



Northern region The northern region is characterised by the sea and islands, woods and lakes, open landscape and horizon – all in one region! The rivers and lakes offer a good chance of catching large specimen of pike and cyprinids. Experience the beautiful seven bridges archipelago around the towns of Nykarleby, Pedersöre, Jakobstad, Larsmo and Kronoby. The area offers great opportunities for kayaking, nature walking, cycling, swimming and bird watching.

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GOFISH / Markus Sällinen

Sipolastigen 11, 67700 Kokkola +358 40 521 0182


Markus offers his customers an enlightening fishing trip and specimen fishing from the shore or from a rowing boat in the sea, river or lake. Markus’ priority is proper handling of the fish. Overnight accommodation can be arranged in cabins or wild camping, with food cooked on a campfire. Species: pike, bream, ide, common carp, pikeperch, perch Fishing methods: angling, waggler fishing, ledgering, traditional angling, fly fishing, ice fishing. Group sizes: max. 20 persons for fishing from the shore, 2 persons from rowing boats Tour duration: 1 hour - several days Season: all-year round


ESSNATURE / Mattias Kanckos

Huvudsjövägen 411, 68840 Nederlappfors +358 50 593 9536

Mattias offers fishing- and wilderness guiding. Fishing takes place in the unique Esse River, which offers large sized pike, from either boats or canoes. Overnight accommodation can be arranged in cabins or wild camping. Species: pike, trout, grayling, pikeperch, perch Fishing methods: fly fishing, spinning, angling, jigging Group sizes: rod and ice fishing 1-30 persons, fly- and lure fishing 1-6 persons. Tour duration: 1 - 6 hours/day


SAARISTOMATKAILU / Jorma Koivuniemi Kackurvägen 172, Larsmo +358 50 526 5110

Jorma offers a guaranteed catch of pike on his fishing trips in a beautiful archipelago. Jorma can provide packed lunches or a visit can be made to nearby restaurants. Sauna and accommodation can be arranged. Species: pike, sea trout, salmon, pikeperch, perch, burbot (winter), white fish (winter) Fishing methods: spinning, angling, jigging, trolling, ice fishing Group sizes: 1-15 persons Tour duration: from 3 h /day Season: all-year round



Storströmsvägen 20 B3, 68580 Larsmo + 358 45 340 0344

Mika offers guided fishing tours at Larsmo-Öjasjön’s freshwater lagoon. Mika collaborates with other guides and can offer guiding for larger groups. Mika also arranges accommodation and meals are included during the fishing trip. Species: pike, sea trout, salmon, pikeperch, perch, roach, burbot (winter) Fishing methods: spinning, angling, jigging, trolling, ice fishing Group sizes: 1-15 Tour duration: from 4 h /day Season: all-year round


ACCOMMODATION HOLIDAY VILLAGE SELJES/Sinikka Koski Seljesharju 204, Alaveteli +358 40 969 2524

Seljes offers access to great lake fishing with opportunities to catch trout, pikeperch and pike. The site has 26 cabins of varying sizes accommodating up to 8 persons. All cabins have well equipped kitchens or kitchenettes, shower and WC. Breakfast can be provided in the restaurant. Other facilities: rowboats, kayaks, fishing gear and bicycles for hire, sauna, hot tub, fileting tables, fish smoker. Restaurant and shop on site. Season 1.5–15.9


VILLA SOLHAGA / Lars-Erik Södö

Punsarvägen 68810 Ytteresse +358 50 596 335

Villa Solhaga consists of 14 cabins, either 4 or 6 berths, which have fully equipped kitchens, toilets, showers and saunas. The smaller cabins have kitchenettes and access to a communal toilet, and shower and sauna facilities by the river. Internet access in all cabins. Other facilities: rowing boats, kayaks and pedal boats, hot tub and large sauna for hire, conference building for 15 people with beds for 10 people. Shop: 15 km, restaurant: 5 km. Season: all-year round


VILLA STRANDNÖJET / Siv & Magnus Storholm Mörtholmsvägen, Kronoby +358 40 583 1747

Villa Strandnöjet offers the whole family relaxation in beautiful, natural surroundings. The cabin has four beds with 4 extra beds, electric heating and a well equipped kitchen. The large property boasts a child friendly private beach. Other facilities: rowboat, mooring jetty, motorboat and bicycles hire, sauna. Shops and restaurant: 7 km. Season: all-year round


VILLA BLÅ & VILLA LOKKI / Tuomo Luikku Gertrudsvägen 3, 68570 Larsmo +358 44 332 1000

Two large adjacent villas located by the seafront, each with 4 bedrooms, a sauna, showers, toilets and a furnished terrace. With extra beds each villa can accommodate up to 16 and 20 people. The villas feature fully equipped kitchens, fireplaces to cosy up around, and internet access. Other facilities: a barbecue house, gas grill, barbecue and a volleyball court, mooring jetty, canoe and rowing boat, motorboat for rent. Shop: 1.5 km, restaurant: 4 km. Season: all-year round




VILLA SOLGLIMT / Ann-Marie Lillmåns-Backlund Södra Tjuvören 8, 68580 Larsmo +358 50 303 1638

From Villa Solglimt you have easy access to good fishing spots. The plot has three small cabins, which can accommodate 2 people each. One cabin has a fully equipped kitchenette, a living room with a fireplace, and the other two cabins have wood fired saunas. There is a separate, well-kept, old fashioned outhouse instead of WC. Other facilities: a large lawn down to the seafront with two jetties, motorboat for rent. Shop: 1.0 km, restaurant: 4 km. Season: April - October



Kvarken Archipelago At the heart of the Ostrobothnian coastline is the unique Kvarken archipelago, Finland’s only UNESCO Natural Heritage Site. Land masses rise here at a record speed of approximately 8 mm per year, constantly creating new fishing grounds. The archipelago also provides ideal conditions for kayaking, bird watching, hiking and cross country skiing. The close proximity to the coastal town of Vaasa means you are only a short drive away from cultural experiences and great shopping.




PESCA MARE/ Carina Rönn

Norrfjärdsvägen 30, Maxmo +358 44 527 2314


Carina offers guided fishing and outdoor experiences in various parts of the archipelago by boat. Accommodation on an island in the outer archipelago can also be arranged. Lunch and coffee is included in the full-day rate. Species: pike, perch Fishing method: lure fishing, jigging, trolling, angling, ice fishing Group sizes: 1-4 persons Tour duration: from 4 to 8 hours/day Boat rental: motorboats, fishing kayaks Season: all-year round



Svedjehamn, Björköby +350 50 530 8062

Ove, the fisherman, offers customers a trip with his fishing boat. Cold or warm, traditional meals can be provided. In the winter, Ove rents snowmobiles and shows customers the best ice fishing spots. Species: pike, perch, sea trout, common white fish (winter). Fishing methods: spinning, angling, jigging, fly fishing, ice fishing Group sizes: 1-4 persons Tour duration: from 3 hours /day Season: all-year round



Vesa Heinonen

Björkövägen 856, 65870 Björköby +358 500 996 927

Vesa offers guided fishing trips and nature tours. In addition to a modern fishing boat, you can opt to fish from a traditional wooden sailing vessel. Food is included on the tour. Vesa can arrange for the catch to be prepared by the chef in a local restaurant. Species: pike, perch, common white fish, herring Fishing methods: spinning, angling, jigging, ice fishing Group sizes: 1-4 persons Tour duration: 2 hours - several days Boat rental: motorboats Season: all-year round


MERIBJÖRKÖ OY / Jukka Viita-Aho

Raippaluodontie 1089, 65870 Björköby +358 44 368 3006

Jukka offers guided fishing trips by boat from Villa Meribjörkö (26). In the winter you can also go ice fishing by kick-sleds, crosscountry skiing, hiking with snowshoes, or ice-skating. Meals can be provided during the tour. Species: pike, perch Fishing methods: angling, spinning, jigging, trolling, fly fishing, netting, ice-fishing Group sizes: 1-15 persons Tour duration: 3 to 8 hours/day Boat rental: motorboats, rowboats (for loan). Season: all-year round



Södersidsvägen 45, 65730 Jungsund +358 500 863 009

Kari offers fishing guide services on a small catamaran in a large area of the archipelago. Overnight accommodation can be arranged at nearby cabins or wild camping. Meals can be provided on the tour. Species: pike, perch, ide, roach Fishing methods: spinning, angling, fly fishing, jigging, trolling, netting, ice fishing Group sizes: 1-5 persons Tour duration: 4 hours to two days Boat rental: a small motorboat Season: all-year round


YOUR FISHING GUIDE / Mikko Laine Strömsviksvägen 17, Vasa +358 44 338 8321

Mikko offers clients fishing trips by boat or catamaran from the city of Vaasa to the archipelago. Mikko can also pick up customers from the archipelago. Overnight accommodation can be arranged in private villas and meals can be provided during the fishing trip. Species: pike, perch, salmon, sea trout Fishing methods: Spinning, angling, jigging Group sizes: 1-12 persons Tour duration: 2-8 hours/day Season: all-year round


OUTBACK / Johnny Norrgård

Idrottsgatan 6, Vaasa +358 50 581 1710

Johnny is a wilderness guide that offers kayak fishing tours from the city of Vasa or anywhere in the archipelago. Customers should be experienced canoeists. Wild camping can be arranged. All equipment is included and meals can be provided. Ice fishing trips can be arranged with snowshoes or kick sleds. Species: pike, perch, common white fish (winter) Fishing methods: spinning, angling, jigging, trolling Group sizes: 1-10 persons Tour duration: from 1 hour – 2 days Boat rental: fishing kayaks Season: all-year round



Svedjemarksvägen 3, 65610 Korsholm +358 50 553 2360

Johan offers guided fishing trips by boat with the possibility of using his own handmade lures. Food can be provided and accommodation can be arranged at Åminne Holiday Village. In conjunction with the restaurant Strand-Mölle, customers are also offered a package of a 2-3 hour guided fishing, sauna and a three-course dinner. Species: pike, perch, sea trout Fishing methods: spinning, jigging, trolling Group sizes: 1-6 persons Tour duration: 3-8 hours/day Season: all-year round







Ahlnäsvägen 62, 66730 Vörå +358 405 955 936


Villa Sjöman is a refurbished log house by the seafront and close to good fishing grounds. The villa has a cosy living room with fireplace, a fully equipped kitchen, toilet and shower. Upstairs are two bedrooms with three beds per room. Other facilities: a mooring jetty with rowboats, private beach, separate wood-fired sauna with lounge area and fireplace. Shops and restaurant: 12 km. Season: all-year round



Torsviken 140, Maxmo +358 44 034 5868

Villa Torsviken, situated in a bay in the tranquil Maksamaa archipelago, offers luxurious accommodation with all amenities. The villa has 3 bedrooms and the possibility of arranging extra beds. There is a kitchen, fully equipped for 12 persons, sauna, shower, washing machine and tumble dryer. Catering can be provided and bed linen hired. Other facilities: rowboat, private beach, barbecue and fileting table. Shop: 4 km, restaurant: 1.6 km. Season: all-year round



Västerö 1587, Maxmo +358 44 345 5065

Varppi offers cosy and old-fashioned accommodation in a refurbished log house by the seafront. The house can accommodate 20 people in 9 rooms, each with a shower and WC. The house has a coffee maker, microwave and refrigerator. Bedding and breakfast is included. Other facilities: rowboats for hire, restaurant with a conference room, a wood-fired sauna and kitchen for use in the summer, bicycles. Shop: 6 km, restaurant: on-site. Season: all-year round


VILLA IRENE / Björn-Erik Söderblom

Rexholmen 100, Maxmo +358 50 575 4141

Tranquil Villa Irene is situated close to the Rexholmen farm where Highland Cattle roam in the shore. The villa is fully furbished, including saunas, WC, shower and washing machine. There is a separate overnight cabin with 8-10 beds in 3 rooms. Catering can be provided and bed linen hired. Other facilities: rowboats, outdoor hot whirlpool, barbecue. Shops: 11 km, restaurants: 12 km. Season: all-year round



MERENKURKUN MAJATALO / Anne Ojala Rudtäskvägen 6, Björköby +358 50 448 6790

At Merenkurkun Majatalo you will find a cosy, old-fashioned atmosphere with restaurant and accommodation in a renovated outbuilding. There are two 2 berth and four 3 berth rooms, each with a shower and WC. Breakfast is included in the on-site restaurant, which also offers lunch and dinner. Other facilities: sauna, hot tub, conference room, bicycles. Shop: 1 km, restaurant: on-site. Season: all-year round


Björkövägen 856, 65870 Björköby +358 41 436 7643

Vippipookki is an intimate, rustic and cosy cabin. The cabin can accommodate 2-3 adults and 2 children. There is a fully equipped kitchen, shower and washing machine. Breakfast can be provided. Other facilities: sauna, bicycles for loan. Shop: 1 km, restaurant: next-door. Season: May to September.


TORPET /Britta Rosenqvist-Miekk-oja Storåkersvägen 28, Björköby +358 50 593 8928

Torpet comprises of three charming cabins in a tranquil location. The cabins, each with all amenities, vary in size accommodating 5, 2 or 8 persons. Bed linen can be hired. Other facilities: rowboat, sauna, barbecue, fish smoker. Shops: 0.5 km, restaurant: 2.5 km. Season: mid-March to late November.


BJÖRKÖ CAMPING / Sonja Björkman Raippaluodontie 1089, 65870 Björköby +358 50 526 2300

Björkö camping provide three 4 berth and two 6 berth cabins at a great fishing location. Each cabin has a fully equipped kitchenette, shower and WC. Bed linen can be hired. Other facilities: rowboats, wood-fired sauna with a lounge area and fire place, fileting table. Shops: 6 km, restaurant: 9 km. Season: all-year round


VILLA MERIBJÖRKÖ / Jukka Viita-aho

Raippaluodontie 1089, 65870 Björköby +358 44 368 3006

Villa Meribjörkö offers a great venue for groups. The large dining room and fully equipped kitchen can accommodate up to 50 guests. The house has 10 beds plus 4 extra beds. Bed linen can be hired and catering can be provided. The owner is a fishing guide (13). Other facilities: mooring jetty, rowboats, sauna, outdoor Jacuzzi, large patio, private beach. Shops: 6 km, restaurant: 9 km. Season: all-year round


ODD INN / Fredrik Köhler



Söderuddsvägen 1526, 665970 Söderudden +358 45 119 5155

Odd Inn is a refurbished school with 50 beds in 7 rooms with either single, double or bunk beds. The inn has three fully equipped kitchens, a sauna and washing machine. There are communal bathrooms as well as showers and toilets in most rooms. Bed linen can be hired and catering can be arranged. Other facilities: Rowboats, bicycles. Shop: 25 km, restaurant and kiosk: 2.5 km. Season: all-year round



Southern region The beautiful coastline of the Gulf of Bothnia and a few good rivers offer great fishing opportunities in this peaceful countryside with its vibrant and charming small towns. The area also has great swimming beaches and hiking trails, along which you can find excellent spots for berry and mushroom picking. The small towns offer interesting museums and historical monuments.




FunFishing / Tomas Björkqvist

Merimiehenkatu 1, 64100 Kristiinankaupunki +358 44 355 2577


Tomas is an experienced fisherman with local knowledge who offers guided fishing trips on a catamaran or boat. Meals are provided on the tours. Accommodation can be arranged at hotels or B&B’s in the picturesque small town of Kristiinankaupunki. Species: pike, perch, pikeperch, sea trout Fishing methods: spinning, angling, jigging, trolling, ice fishing Group sizes: 1-12 persons Tour durations: 1 hour to several days Season: all-year round


WANHA TUPA / Veli-Pekka Honko

Lillsundvägen 39, 64300 Lappfjärd +358 40 524 4272

Veli-Pekka offers guided fishing trips by boat on a lake, river or the sea. Meals can be provided, the fish catch can be cooked or pancakes fried on a campfire during the tours. Accommodation can be arranged at Wanha Tupa cottages (no 33). Species: pike, perch, common white fish, bream, ide, sea trout Fishing methods: spinning, angling, jigging, ice fishing Group size: 1-2 persons Tour duration: 2-8 hours/day Boat rental: a rowboat Season: all-year round



Norrnäs archipelago, Närpes +358 50 381 3089

Gåshällan, a former coastguard station, located on an isolated island, serves as accommodation for groups or individuals. The station has 28 beds in 3 rooms and a kitchen equipped with a gas stove, wood-fired range and gas refrigerator. The only source of electricity is through solar panels. Guests need to bring their own bedding. Drinking water must be brought from the mainland. Boat transportation can be arranged. Other facilities: a sauna, outhouse and well providing water for washing and the sauna, canoes and kayaks can be rented. Shop: 5 km by boat, restaurant: 30-45 minutes by boat. Season: May to September (April & October depending on weather)


KASKINEN SEACHARTER / Kari Häggblom Alexandersgatan 43, 64260 Kaskinen +358 40 524 0820

Kaskinen Sea-Charter offers accommodation in a former coastguard station adjacent to a lighthouse situated on a small island, about 5 minutes by boat from the harbour. The site has 32 beds in variable sized rooms, everything from a single room to separate apartment or a cabin. The main building has a fully equipped kitchen, shower and WC and the cabin has a kitchenette. Boat transportation and catering can be provided. Other facilities: wood-fired sauna, rowboats. Shops & restaurants: by boat 10 minutes and by car 5km from the harbour. Season: 15.4-15.10.


STRANDKULLA COTTAGES / Håkan Södergård Skrattnäsvägen 700, 64250 Närpes +358 50 546 3775

Strandkulla offers 14 cabins, each with their own garden and access to the sea and rowboat. Cabins accommodate 4-8 persons and have a sauna, washing machine, shower and WC. Fishing permits are included for all visitors, and fishing rods and nets are available to loan. Bed linen can be rented. Other facilities: barbecue place, smoke oven and fileting table, bicycles for rent. Shops and restaurants: 7 km. Season: all-year round




WANHA TUPA / Marjo Honko

Lillsundvägen 39, 64300 Lappfjärd +358 40 524 4272

Wanha Tupa offers two cosy and heritage style cottages ideal for couples, groups or families. One cottage has a bridal suite and beds in the loft accommodating up to 15 people. The other cottage sleeps 6-10 people. Both cottages have large dining areas, fully equipped kitchens, bathtub, shower, toilet and washing machine. Wanha Tupa has its own fishing guide (29). Other facilities: An outdoor sauna and kitchen, bicycles and kick sleds. Shop and restaurant: <1km. Season: all-year round



Practise responsible fishing

• Purchase any necessary licences before you go fishing • Release all unharmed undersized fish back into the water • Do not take more fish than you need for your personal daily consumption • Handle fish with care, so that the fish you do not keep can be released back into the water unharmed • Fish that you intend to keep for consumption should be killed immediately • Avoid fishing during spawning seasons • Avoid fishing endangered fish species in our regions, such as salmon and grayling, even if you practise catch and release. The fishing incident may harm the fish • Consider other people in the area, commercial fishermen and their traps


Fishing in Finland, Ostrobothnia


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