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Some people who have trouble losing weight believe that an imbalance in your hormones may be causing your weight problem. In fact it is documented that there are conditions under which a hormonal imbalance can have a negative impact on metabolism, but also proved that these conditions affect only a small percentage of the obese population and the fact is that most overweight people simply eat too much and / or exercise too little. Hormones are powerful “chemical messengers" that cause the body to make certain changes that can affect body weight. The profile of our hormones change from day to day and often affect mood, metabolism and energy levels. Any change in the balance of hormones is a change, and it is important to note that these changes depend largely on the lifestyle we lead. In other words, an increase or decrease in a specific hormone is the result of the body adapting to the level of activity you choose to have. For example, when a man becomes less active often occurs a gradual reduction in testosterone levels in the blood. Testosterone is known to stimulate metabolism and has the benefit of helping to reduce levels of fat, therefore a decrease in this hormone can result in weight gain in men. The opposite happens with a more active lifestyle. Regular exercise creates the body's need to adapt to the increased stress of the activity. To achieve this adaptation hormonal changes occur and accelerate the chemical reactions involved in the recovery, a process that speeds up the metabolism. The body hormonal profile changes because exercise causes muscles to break, so an adaptation happens. Basically our hormones can make a big difference in the outcome of our physical and can affect weight loss, but instead of having our hormones work against us, what happens is that cater to the lifestyle chosen by the person . For our hormones work for us we must give our body a active lifestyle and healthy. IF you want to know more about slim weight patch or some other pills like phen375 review

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