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Restaurant San Diego San Diego, a large city of 1.3 million people is located immediately adjacent to Mexico. It is also the second-largest city in California and the eighth-largest in the United States. The city located on the coast of the Pacific Ocean is known for its pleasant year-round climate and extensive beaches. It is a place that can be visited almost any time of the year. San Diego’s astoundingly wide range of cuisines is the result of the multi cultural and ethnic mix. Due to the long history and the proximity of San Diego to Mexico, one can find numerous extensive varieties of authentic Mexican restaurants. One can also find Italian, French, Spanish, Filipino, Vietnamese, Greek, Latin, German, and Pacific Islander food throughout the city. There are many seafood restaurants that dot the beaches. Regional specialties, border fare and haute cuisine are also served in some restaurants, San Diego. Its vibrant fishing industry provides an abundant supply of seafood. Many of the restaurants can be found in the Little Italy, La Jolla, Hillcrest, Old Town and Gaslamp Quarter. Local specialties that can be found on the menu in some restaurants include street tacos, burritos, fish tacos, enchiladas, carne asada fries, ceviche, wood-fired, California-style pizza, and local wines like Rancho Bernardo, and Julian. Rubio's, Jack in the Box, Pat & Oscar's, Souplantation, Roberto's, Alberto's, and Anthony's Fish Grotto are some of the restaurant chains in San Diego. Gaslamp Quarter- the historic heart of San Diego The Gaslamp Quarter is a historical neighborhood in Downtown San Diego with many popular restaurants where every summer a competition is designed to showcase some of San Diego’s best dining. Gaslamp restaurants, San Diego prepare dishes for the event and ticket holders are free to explore the Gaslamp Quarter and sample the wide variety of foods of the participating restaurants. This event is also known as the Taste of Gaslamp. Many chefs from some of the Gaslamp Quarter’s finest restaurants put in their best efforts in preparing dishes that are consistently delicious. A wide variety of cuisines such as American, Indian, Mexican, Eclectic, Italian, Mediterranean, and

many more are included. Participating restaurants feature some of their most popular dishes, some old favorites and some new creations. Gaslamp Quarter in San Diego is famous for its fine dining and the Taste of Gaslamp is an inexpensive opportunity for the locals and tourists to experience the Gaslamp Quarter dining and relish new gourmet opportunities.

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Restaurant San Diego - San Diego, a large city of 1.3 million people is located immediately adjacent to Mexico. It is also the second-largest...