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From Glazing to Glass, A Product For Every Project Are you looking for great quality glass? Are you in search of a reliable and trustworthy service? Do you expect the highest level of professionalism? Then you've come to the right place! Glass for the Home Owners When it comes to your own house, glass is one of the most delicate issues that you have to deal with. It's not just about renovation and building a new home but about creating something that will last for years to come. From shower screens to windows, every need of yours can be satisfied with the products offered. Choosing the right kind of glass can make the difference between having noise seep through the seeming and having the perfect sanctuary for you. It can protect from harsh weather as well as from intruders while giving you the privacy that you deserve within the walls of your home. Bathing in natural light with security for your window panes, glass can be just the thing that you're looking for!

If you want you can even give yourself peace of mind and choose glass that will protect you from accidents while being energy efficient. The energy efficient performance glass gives you the

opportunity to insulate your house against heat reduction during the winter months and keep your house cool during the summers. Aside from the practical aspects of glass, it's a perfect way to decorate your house. Interior partitions and glass walls, aside from looking incredibly stylish, make your house look more spacious and bright. The smooth, clean finish of glass gives your home a premium look. You can even customize any glass with the many splash back options available. The most important aspect is that all the products are durable while being unbelievably easy to clean as well. On its own, the glass is resistant to any kind of the dirt, stains or mould. Glass for commercial projects Whether it's a large scale project or a small scale project, any task is important down the finest details. You can sit back and relax while everything else is taken care of. From fabrication of the finished product, toughening, shaping and edge work will be processed within the quickest time frame possible. Not only will the job be done on time, adhering to all safety standards and health and safety risk management plans, it's ensured that your legal responsibilities with each project are met without you having to sweat even once. Competent, efficient and cost effective, the whole plan will be laid out before you prior to any construction. Only once you say yes, will we make your dreams come true. 1300 EVERCLEAR (383 725) Everclear Glass and Glazing Unit 13-4 Abbott Road Seven Hills NSW 2147 Phone: 02 9838 4211 Fax: 02 98384115 Email: Website:

From Glazing to Glass, A Product For Every Project - When it comes to your own house, glass is one of the most delicate issues that you have to deal with.

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