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Cris is the most important singer in all the world. She is very excited becauseshe is doing a tour around the world. Thesedays she’s in New York. She has prepared it a lot to do it great, becauseit’s very important for her career. She presents her new album, Love, this album is very successful. Today she is giving a concert in the most important stage in New York.

People love the concert and Cris is having a great time. She has a bit dizzy, and she is a bit nervous, and suddenly, Pum! She falls down off the stage.

Everybody is shocked and scared. She looks as if she was dead. Quickly they call the ambulance and take her to the hospital, the concert is finish. Everybody is very worried. THESINGERIS DEAD!

The funeral takes place one week later. Everybody is very sad. Nobody can believe what has happened. Everyone is crying and there are a lot of people. Nobody will forget her songs ever. She was a very important a famous singer and everybody knew about her.

Suddenly, she rises up. It’s a miracle! Nobody believes what is happening; they had never seen anything like that. Many people think that it a miracle from God; others think she has never been dead. What is the truth? We will never have an answer.

The Miracle  

Cris is a famous singer who died while she was giving a concert

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