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ELOY'S school bag My school bag is white with black and red stripes. It's also brand Quiksilver. It has two pockets, one is big and the other is small. It's my daily companion, minus weekends.

MATĂ?AS' school bag

My school bag has the color blue. It has a drawing of skull. Weighs four kilos. In my school bag i carry my books and case. My school bag is very beautiful.


Hello, my name is Esther,and every day I get up to go to school.I need my school bag to go to school. My backpack is dark with a pattern of pink, It is not too big or small. My school bag is made in China and it is made of poliester What's inside ? -nomework notebook -books -pencil case -one folder I haven't got PSP and a computer. My backpack is the most beautiful !!!!!!! Esther Mari Garcia


My school bag is white and with a lots of flowers and leaves of different colors green, red and brown. In my bag there is a little pocket, and in it has got the food and a little bottle of water. In my bag there are books, a pencil case, a notebook, a folder, and sometimes I put a flute or a T-shirt. The bag is very big it weighs 6.5 Kg. It's made in Vietnam and it is made of polyester.

ISMAEL'S SCHOOL BAG Hello my name is Ismael. My bag is red and it is made of polyester.It is heavy , it weighs three pounds and a half .It keeps the books with which I have to work. My backpack has no picture , just letters that say “tenixnails” . It is made in China. Bye bye.

MARTA'S SCHOOL BAG My school bag is very beautiful, it isn't very big, my school bag has got a lot of colours:pink, black, green and white. In my school bag there are my books, a pencil case, a folder, and a notebook. It hasn't got wheels. On Wednesday it weighs a lot because there are a tot of books, and it weighs 4 kg.

TIGER'S BAG This is my school bag. It's mainly black with white shapes. It's big enough to put all my books and notebooks in it but our mums give them to us . We are not allowed to bring our mobile phones or Ipads to school but when we get out of school we are allowed to use them. We have to bring pack lunches to school, DO YOU ????!!!!!

GAYA'S school bag. Hello I am Gaya's school bag.I am white with purple flowers.Inside I have a folder a pencil case,many books and a t-shirt.I am made in Vietnam. I weight 5,3 kilos.I am very big and I have many pockets.And I have a key chain.


In these projects the pupils describe their school bags.