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Kate Winslet ‘s Secret - The Facial Analysis Diet We will always admire models’ charming figure. Why they look so gorgeous? In this article, dietitian from reveals the secret of Kate Winselt. Kate takes the facial analysis diet plan to lose weight successfully.

Introduction to The Facial Analysis Diet

Kate Winslet shed pregnancy weight with the Facial Analysis Diet, created by celebrity nutritionist Elizabeth Gibaud. The premise is that differently shaped faces need different diets, and that facial imperfections, such as forehead wrinkles or large pores, can signal dietary needs. Red or puffy cheeks, for example, are considered signs of dairy intolerance.

Simple diet plan of The Facial Analysis Diet

Cons of the slimming diet plan

1. Many foods must be eliminated for all types including chocolate, dairy and meat. 2. Supplements are required if organic produce is not available. 3. Dieters may experience uncomfortable symptoms such as headache and fatigue when eliminating caffeine. 4. Does not include vegetarian options. 5. Does not encourage exercise. Tips: combine with some natural diet pills (such as 2 day diet pills), the weight loss process will be accelerated a lot. You can try Kate Winslet’s diet plan. Before taking any diet plan, it’s a good idea to ask for advice from you doctors or dietitians.

Kate Winslet ‘s Secret - The Facial Analysis Diet