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IN THIS ISSUE MUSE BUSINESS 3. About Marilyn’s Muse 5. Editor’s note 7. The Original Muse INTERVIEWS 9. Muse to watch – plus-size model Jana V.

5. Marilyn’s Muse – behind the brand THE BEAUTY FILES 16. DIY - Ooh-la-la eyes 17. DIY - Catwalk hair

LIFESTYLE 13. City report – Sizzling Saigon 18. Tantalizing trends – Black & White Sophistication

COVER CREDITS Model: Josja Dijkstra Photography: Marc Haers Hair & Make-up: Thoke Delorge Fashion: TUXEDO MONROE

Marilyn Monroe’s quote embodies the essence of what Marilyn’s Muse the brand stands for, the beauty of imperfection!











Providing premium quality clothing that is tailored to fit specific body shapes at a feel better price!

way that it provides flattering and well-fitting that






accentuating each body shape’s strongest assets. Marilyn’s Muse’s tailored to shape concept allows women to show off their most powerful and prized possessions.

sizes 36 to 50+. Marilyn’s Muses are smart, fun-loving, stylesavvy women with an edge. Strong, sophisticated and self-secure because they know where their strong assets lie and aren’t afraid to work what

Marilyn’s Muse’s collection is designed in such a garments

about the body shape and not the size. Marilyn’s Muse therefore offers fashionable clothing in the

Marilyn’s Muse is a new fashion brand that distinguishes

Marilyn’s Muse believes that clothing should be

they’ve got! Marilyn’s Muse is all about positivity and strives to function as an empowering tool for women, allowing them to feel self-secure and empowered by what she wears.

A NEW Hooray , hooray!

New beginnings are

about to commence! A new season, a new brand and







researching, preparing, blood, sweat and tears we have finally arrived on the threshold of all that is new!

Season. Brand. Magazine.

Without them Marilyn’s Muse would not be as

marvelous as I believe her to be, they have helped

mould, shape and create a brand that is, truly in the business of making you feel better.

It’s been a long journey, one that took MARILYNS

They say hindsight is twenty-twenty and this

most definitely applies to Marilyn’s Muse and the long road it took to get here. A path or rather a

journey leading into many adventures, plenty of mistakes and numerous of wonderful people.

People who gave a helping hand when it was needed the most.

These people are true muses, be they long-life friends, family, supermodels, hair & make-up artists, Vietnamese hotel managers, roomies, and

MUSE from A to B. It has led me to this start, this magazine, this company that means everything to me.

It seems only appropriate to dedicate this first issue to my true inspirations; these wonderful people, muses.

To you I say this you have made MARILYNS

MUSE’S heart laugh and it seems only appropriate to dedicate this Charles Bukowski poem to you.

gorgeously sweet photographers.

New beginnings are finally here!


(Psychology) a situation or position in which a person feels secure, comfortable, or in control encouraging people to work


outside their comfort zone

have never been satisfied living the

comfortable life. To some I am that

strange loud girl, that no one really

understands and quite frankly I for a long time never knew what I was really doing in

life. From a very early age my mother always told me, “Oh Joyce (sighed), before you climb a tree make sure there’s also an easy

way down from that tree.” For some reason I

but by god I passed the second time with

an 8.9 and was admitted into the International Business & Management

Studies at the age of 26. I was the oldest

girl in class but what fun I had. For my studies I lived shortly in Buenos Aires

and was living up the Erasmus live in Las Palmas for over 7 months.

always jump into something without really

Back in Amsterdam I suffered a post-

little trait of mine has resulted in some

missing my Erasmus life and had to write


about. When I one day decided, you’re 30,

Puberty hit hard and I dropped out of school

that’s when Marilyn’s Muse came into

knowing what the results will be. This nice

Erasmus-depression. I felt miserable,

unforeseen successes and many fails of epic

my thesis and had no idea what to write it

at the age of 16, but miraculously managed to

graduate with honour’s from the school of

nightlife & clubbing. I managed to find a nice

office job that paid well. And even though clubbing was my life, I did feel restless and

annoyed by those people not giving you the

time of day cause you’re ‘merely the receptionist’. So I decided at the age of 24

you went back to school for a reason, and place. I decided to write a new business plan for my dissertation. To date it is two

years ago that I handed in my thesis proposal. Now two years along the road I

am writing this in 30 degrees, sitting

under the Vietnamese sun finishing my first collection and magazine.

that I needed to find something to move me

I have been living a life outside of the

really like?” my inner counselor voice asked

I accept that it is just the way I am.

thread a needle’, ‘Soo, think outside of the


up a little. “So what is it that you really,

comfort zone and I am happy with that.

me… ‘I love fashion, but I don’t know how to


box!’ my get-out-of-the-comfort-zone voice

unconventional brand: MARILYNS MUSE.

am unconventional, but mind

from an



replied. And that’s what I did, it was too

much of a hassle (and I was too little of a hipster) to get admitted into the Amsterdam

Fashion Institute. And with only a master’s degree in clubbing I took the 21+ test and failed miserably the first time.

Love, Joyce More about me and MARILYNS MUSE in the next editions of Marilyn’s Muse The Magazine.


to a mentally troubled mother and an absentee father, Marilyn

a hard-knock one.

Monroe’s early life was

From wedded at 16, to iconic

movies and many scandalous love-affairs later, Marilyn Monroe half a century after her death still

speaks to the imagination. Where many starlets are quickly

forgotten miss Monroe keeps on fascinating and inspiring many of us.

If Marilyn were born in these times, would she still be


Marilyn Monroe was also a woman owning her own

of the same magnitude as she

company and a frontrunner on issues of race. It is Ella

nowadays everyone can be the next big thing: practice

who stated that back in race segregated America of the

the ultimate

is now, many years after her death? It seems that

and master the perfect duckface, implant your bum, and your almost there. If you’re really dedicated to the job a semi-professional it,





sex-tape will do





announcement on twitter, facebook, 4-square and instagram.

It makes you wonder, what type of icon she would be now? Would she be the one

duckfacing her

ass off or would she be the one making it clear that

today’s true it-girl is not the one named after a random capitol or country but rather Malala

Yousafzai the heroic Pakistani girl who risked her

Fitzgerald, a woman of colour and a pioneer in music 50’s it was Marilyn Monroe who changed her life.

“I owe Marilyn Monroe a real debt. She personally called the owner of the Mocambo, and told him she wanted me booked immediately, and if he would do it, she would take a front table every night. And it was true, due to Marilyn’s superstar status that the press would go wild. The owner said yes, and Marilyn was there, front table, every night. The press went overboard. After that, I never had to play a small jazz club again.

life and became the symbol of education for all Pakistani





She was an unusual woman, a little ahead of her time. And she didn’t know it.”


remembered for being seductive, an icon of sexuality

but also as being that slightly dimwitted platinum


So many would argue that if she were todays it-girl

She might not be known for being a feminist icon.

shots done after being arrested several times for

doing a little bit of both.. she would be the ultimate it-

she would probably be the one getting ‘YOLO’ mug drunk driving?


But I would like to think she would be the it-girl girl with dip-dyed hair rooting for Malala and her quest for equal rights. Marilyn Monroe; ahead of her

time, inspirational and truly a muse, she’s our kinda gal!


A m o d e r n d a y f e a t u r e d i n a

M a r i l y n f a k e C K

A D .

MUSE TO WATCH Interview +Size model Miss Jana V. For this very first issue of MARILYNS MUSE THE MAGAZINE we managed to interview miss Jana V.

This natural beauty has been in the business for quite some time and started at the age of 19 as a conventional size fashion model but is now working more than ever as a plus-size model.

This curvy natural beauty is definitely one muse model to watch!


started modelling at the age of 19 when I was

And in the meantime we make ourselves miserable by

thought was a hostess agency – but what turned

better to accept who you are and embrace ourselves with

‘discovered’ after sending pictures to – what I

out to be a high fashion agency. Before this I never

thought I could be a fashion model. Five years followed and because I was considered too big a size for the

industry I wasn’t able to do a lot of work, and then it hit me; Who am I kidding? I stopped starving myself

and discovered that there was a market for plus size models.

PLUS-SIZE is often badly per ceived. W hy do you think that is?

We live in a world where a size zero is considered to be the ideal beauty standard. I believe that we’ve been

‘media-indoctrinated’ by all these images of size zero celebrities. And I think it’s about time that the we get to see more beautiful curvy women in high fashion and showbiz.

Body image has much to do with social comparison.

Often, women compare themselves with celebs, and

mirror their own body image to that. If there’s a big

difference between them and what the celebrities look

like, that woman might think she’s ugly because she doesn’t life up to certain beauty-standards.

aspiring an image that’s not ours. Instead it would be

curves and all! We also don’t get to see much plus size models in high fashion. Many plus-size models get booked to do catalogues , which is lovely work to do but it would

be nice to see more plus-size in high fashion. Curvy models can be very high fashion and classy.

Cr ystal Renn aspir ed to be a fashion m odel at age 14 but w as told to lose w eight to get w or k. W hich

tr igger ed a ser ies of eating disor der s that dr ove her out of the business. Do you think the fashion industry is a healthy business to be in?

On the one hand it can help you accomplish a healthy way of living. For me working as a model made me very

conscious about being in shape. The most important thing is balance,

not overdoing it or getting obsessed.

Considering the very

strict and sometimes very

unrealistic norms models have to uphold, it’s hard not to get obsessed.

MUSE TO WATCH Do you think the ‘bizz’ encour ages or trigger s

Cara de levigne or K ar lie K loss?

are naturally slim it won’t be a problem to meet the

in the days. Neither of these two (stunning!) girls

‘bigger’ girl it can be a major battle to get and stay in

say Adriana Lima and Doutzen Kroes.

eating disor der s? It depends on the person. If you requirements of the industry. But if you are a naturally shape for the straight size modelling business. I know it was for me. If a girl is sensitive for having an eating

disorder, working in this industry could maybe trigger

it. But that’s always a combination of a person’s

I really love the glamour of supermodels from back

have that look. They are both gorgeous but I would

Robyn Law ley or Cr ystal Renn Robyn Lawley.

character and environment.

Muse to w atch?

B iggest m isconception about the ‘bizz’?

and killer body.

People seem to think that it’s a tough business with nasty people, and that models are arrogant and mean

girls who, when they get the chance, stab each other in the back to eliminate competition. The opposite is actually true; almost every working day I meet

wonderful people and the relationship with other

models is always warm. Most of the time the people I work with are free, creative, open and easy going.

Y our m ost am azing m odelling exper ience?

Is yet to come I hope! But of course I did some great

things, some of my highlights: Working in Lisboa

shooting the Ulla Popken Catalogue, walking for top designer Jan Taminiau, and an advertorial in Dutch Psychology Magazine.

What’s your biggest to-do on your modelling bucket list?

There are so many things that I still dream of doing. I would love to work in New York City. Maybe a feature in the Italian Vogue.

A campaign for Marina Rinaldi is the biggest thing I dream of.

Ford model Myla Dalbesio. She has an amazing face

W hat’s your body shape? A subtle hourglass I guess…

Inspir er or inspir e?

Both. Being a plus size model I really hope I can

contribute to a more realistic image of woman in the media. It would be amazing if I can help making young women feel better about themselves.

Moder n day m use?

Robyn Lawley, no doubt. She is a world class beauty. I have admired her from the first time I saw her.

CITY REPORT Southeast Asia is a continent on the rise, it’s a traveling to-do for many, South-east Asia is blooming to the fullest. One

dazzling gem in South-east Asia and one that’s

is a metropolis formerly known as Saigon; that

is special to Marilyn’s Muse

Ho Chi Minh City. If you think that New York is the city

never sleeps, think again!

Ho Chi Minh will take you for a never ending ride. You either love it or hate it, but Saigon will keep

you amazed. Ho Chi Minh is located in the southern

part of Vietnam and has 8 million inhabitants. The city is rich of


it’s the city of

bright-red banners with golden stars, hammers and

sickles, ’motorbikes’ & Bentley’s, sidewalk dining,

and rags and riches!

That anything is possible in Ho Chi Minh


evidenced by the large diversity the city offers. From decadent




dormitory rooms, Ho Chi Minh offers it all



Vien has many budget to-do’s. Bui Ven is a long


bars, restaurants and

many backpacker dormitory rooms. If you’re really on

a budget Bui Ven offers many street-food stalls (price

between € 0,75 to € 2) varying from fresh skewers and cóm (rice).

An absolute Bui Vien

they take on disadvantaged street kids and provide them with training that is mostly done by voluntary hospitality students. Your money is well spend here as all the upbringings go back into this project.

Not so much a budget tip but an absolute must-see is

the CHILL skybar located on 76 Le Lai. The award winning Sky Chill bar which is located on the rooftop of

the AB tower and is an absolute gem and decadence at

its best. It’s a place to see and to be seen. Chill the rooftop restaurant is mainly western oriented with

French and Danish inspired dishes. Price range from €

For those on a budget, the backpacker area of Bui street with art

The best fries. The charm of this place however is that

crab to

tip, is coffee bar SoZo. This

coffee lounge has a little Buenos Aires bohemian

feel to it, with terracotta coloured walls and beautiful

atmospheric black and white pictures of Vietnam everyday life, they serve western style food and have

8,- for a starter to € 65,- for an Australian imported

Wagyu rib eye, the prices are nowhere near

Vietnamese standard restaurant prices but for this you get a 27-story view over

Saigon. If you only want to

enjoy the view go for a cocktail and view the city at night, the good cocktails are pricey but the view that comes with it is priceless.

There are many, many things to see in Saigon, beautiful Pagoda’s, thousands of ‘motobikes’, street

stalls and expensive fashion as Louis Vuitton and

Versace, this worth a visit,

city breathes exhilaration and is well

Saigon is a city Marilyn’s

Muse loves!


Sozo, Bui Vien 176



MAKE-UP TRENDS BY SHAMLEE Bling-it-up this spring! We already saw it on the runways of the four major fashion weeks; “ooh-la-la eyes” are an

absolute hit for spring and summer! Renowned fashion houses as Fendi, Christian Dior, Chanel and

Donna Karan owned the runway with colourful eyeliners, jewelled eyelids and intense colours as true


We hear ya thinking, ‘don’t I need a professional to create these stunning eyes?’ No need to worry, with these Marilyn’s Muse do-it-yourself tips & tricks it is going to be one head-turning hot summer!


“ooh-la-la eyes”

Peach or yellow undertones to your skin? Use orange or red colors.

Dar k skinned? Use pastel colors.

Christian Dior

If you have brown eyes, greens are beautiful and for blue eyes a real eye catcher will be lavender or blue.

Step 1:

apply eye shadow primer for fixation.

Step 2:

apply a neutral colored eye shadow on the

eyelid as a base.

Step 3:

Anna Sui

apply a green color on the eyelid in the left



apply a orange color in the eyelid crease

and then shadow all the way to the right until you reach the brow bone.

Step 5:

apply eyeliner from the inside of the lashes

till the end with a nice big sweep

Step 6: apply a few coats of mascara to the



HAIR TRENDS BY SHAMLEE Brigitte Bardot made it a 60’s signature style look and Lana del Rey brought it back. Retro beehives are a definite to-do for this year’s spring and summer. How to do it yourself? Leave one small section of hair (that isn’t backcombed) Apply some hairspray at the hairline of the next section. Back-comb a few sections until it reaches the height you like. Then smooth the top of the hair with some hairspray and a boar bristle brush which gives the top some shine. Pull this first section to cover the back-combed hair and create any beautiful shape you like. Use bobby pins to secure the beehive. If you want you can leave the back of the hair down or pull it up.

D.I.Y. The (anti-) Ballerina bun - Brush your hair thoroughly from your hairline to the ends and apply some hairspray at the hairline. - Make a side parting and brush it until all bumps are gone. - Make a ponytail and tie this back. - Looking for a slick look? Apply some wet-look gel - Wrap the ponytail around the base and use bobby pins to secure the knot.

Et, voila! A slick runway tied up knot!



Marilyn's Muse The Magazine  
Marilyn's Muse The Magazine  

The first ever Marilyn's Muse The Magazine is here and its rocking spring with trends in beauty, travelling and fashion!