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A FUTURE IN NOISE BLOG DIRECTORY FOR MUSIC SUBMISSIONS 300+ SITES LISTED VERSION 4.0 | UPDATED 11/2009 WHAT IS THIS? This is a directory of hand(mouse?)-picked music blogs and magazine-style websites that accept music submissions for review, for the use of independent musicians and labels to help them reach more ears, as well as anyone looking for more music blogs to check out. This is a project connected to the music blog A Future in Noise. Please e-mail with any corrections or additions to details. I’d love to hear suggestions of sites to add to the list, the only requirements are that 1) the blogs must primarily have music-based content, 2) have been updated at least in the past 3 months, 3) specifically state somewhere on the site that they are interested in submissions (Contact box/e-mail, SoundCloud, etc.). Thanks! - TIPS FOR MUSICIANS / LABELS Be sure to browse through articles on the site you are considering sending your music to beforehand, so you can see if your style is a potentially good match to their taste. Send download links for your mp3s and/or ZIPs within your message, as opposed to attachments, unless otherwise specified. Convenient, pop-up free websites for storing your music files and making them available to others are and

Including a press kit helps, as well as links to your official website, MySpace Music page, Facebook, iLike, Twitter, etc. DON’T SPAM- always be professional and courteous! In my personal experience, I have found that the music I post about from submissions tends to be from those who are the nicest (and least generic!) when they have contacted me. Coincidence? I don't think so! This article is also a good reference for how to effectively pitch your material: The Golden Rules of PR: 12 Music Bloggers Set it Straight | bigMETHOD TIPS FOR MUSIC BLOGGERS / WEBSITE OWNERS Include your e-mail and a brief invitation for musicians/labels to send their music to you for review consideration and/or embed a SoundCloud Dropbox on your page and place it in a noticeable location. HOW TO USE Music blogs listed are currently divided into two categories: General – Rock/Pop – Indie - Other and Electronica – House – DJs – Remixes. If they are indexed with the MOG Music Network (MMN) and/or Hype Machine (HM) and/or Elbows (ELBO.WS), this will also be noted, if they have a SoundCloud dropbox (SC), as well as an indicator in asterisks around a particular location or language preference (for example, *California*, *England*, or *Spanish*) for what is featured. BLOGS TO SEND MUSIC TO (GENERAL, ROCK/POP, INDIE, OTHER): -SYMBOLS/NUMBERS#1 Hits From Another Planet (HM), 17 SECONDS, 24 Hour Party Pooper (HM), 2STEPSFORWARD4STEPSBACK (HM) (SC), 32ft/second (HM), 3hive (HM), The 405 (MMN), (HM) (SC), 8106 (*Latin America*) (HM), 88 days in my veins (HM) (SC)

-AAbove the Fold (MMN) (HM), Absolutely Horrorshow (HM), Addicted to Vinyl, A Future in Noise (MMN) (HM) (ELBO.WS), Air & Sea Battle (MMN), All Things Go (HM), Almost A-List (HM), alternapop, AM Music Blog (HM), An Aquarium Drunkard (HM), Animal Psi, Another Form of Relief (HM), Another Nickel In the Machine (HM), ANTIDOMINGO.TV (*Spanish) (HM) (SC), Anti-Gravity Bunny (HM), anyone’s guess (MMN) (HM), (SC), Art for Spastics, Artists House Music (SC), Asian Dan (MMN) (HM), Audio Bounty (*Liverpool*) (SC), Audio Drums (MMN) (HM), audiogoldfish, Audio Muffin (HM) (ELBO.WS), Aurgasm (HM) (SC), AVERSIONLINE.COM (HM), AZLTRON (MMN) (HM) (ELBO.WS)

-BBattle of the Midwestern Housewives (MMN) (HM), The Bay Bridged (*San Francisco*) (MMN) (HM), BBQCHICKENROBOT (MMN), Bearded Magazine, BIGSTEREO (HM), BLASTERCASE (MMN) (HM) (SC), blouse (HM), The Blue Walrus (MMN) (HM), Boom Boom Chik (MMN) (HM), Borangutan (*Minnesota*), Both Sides of the Mouth (HM),, Bradley's Almanac, Brainwashed, Bridging the Atlantic Broken Headphones, Building Mechanical Children (HM) (ELBO.WS) (SC) Built on a Weak Spot (HM), Burgo’s Blog (MMN), Burning World (HM), BUZZGRINDER

-CCable & Tweed (HM), Cake in 15 (*Minnesota*), Can You See the Sunset (HM), Captain Obvious (MMN) (HM), Captain’s Dead (MMN) (HM), Cassette Culture (HM) (SC), Cassette Gods, Cats Are Grey (HM), Ca Va Cool (HM), ccNeLaS (HM) (SC), Cerulean’s Love of Music (HM), Chewing Gum For The Ears (MMN), Chicago is Mildly Interesting (HM), Chickens Don’t Clap! (HM), Chord Simple (HM) Chromewaves (HM), Circles of Concrete (HM), CMU,, The Cold Cut (MMN) (HM), Comfort Comes, Confessions of a Would-Be Hipster (HM), Consequence of Sound (HM), Count Me Out, Cover Me (MMN) (HM), Crashin’ In, Crazy Sugar Scheme (HM), Curb Crawlers Blog (HM) (SC)

-DDallas Does Indie (HM) (ELBO.WS), Dance Hall Hips, The Dancing Panda (MMN) (HM), Deaf Indie Elephants (HM) (ELBO.WS), Deaf Left Ear (HM), The Decibel Tolls (MMN) (HM) (ELBO.WS), Deftune Music Blog (SC), Deckhead (HM) (ELBO.WS), Digging For Days, DoCopenhagen (HM), Doctor Mooney’s 115th Dream (MMN) (HM), Doin’ Music (MMN) (SC), (HM), Drawer B Drive a Faster Car (SC), Dusted Magazine


Each Note Secure (HM), earitnow (HM) (ELBO.WS), Ears of the Beholder (MMN) (SC), Eat.Work.Think.Sleep (SC), Echolot (SC), Einstein Music Journal, Electronic Voice Phenomenon (HM), End Hits (*Portland*), Enough Cowbell (HM), Et Musique Pour Tous (HM) (SC), Everybody Cares, Everybody Understands (HM), Eyemaylisten Music Blog (MMN)

-FFabulist! (HM), fakeRICH (ELBO.WS) (SC), Faronheit (HM), A Fifty Cent Lighter & A Whiskey Buzz (HM), Filter27, Filter Magazine, FISTFULAYEN (SC), Fist Vs. Tact (HM), footstompers!, Forest Gospel, Foxy Digitalis, FredWilson.FM (SC), A Free Man (HM), (ELBO.WS) (SC), The Futurist (HM) (SC), Fuzzpedal (SC), Fuzzy Lion (MMN)

-GGeek Down, Get The Curse (HM), Gimme Noise – City Pages Gimme Tinnitus, Glide Magazine (MMN), Global Noize (MMN) (SC), Glorious Noise (MMN), Gorilla Vs. Bear (HM)

-Hhahamusic (HM), A Has Been That Never Was (HM), hearsay (HM) Heartache with Hard Work (HM), Heart on a Stick (HM), HearYa (HM), Heavier ~ Than ~ Air (HM), Heavy Soil (HM), Here Comes the Flood (MMN), Hi Fever (HM), Hipster Runoff, Hot Music Blog, HYPEFUL (HM) (ELBO.WS), HyPE LG

-II AM FUEL, YOU ARE FRIENDS (HM), I Am The Crime (HM), I guess i’m floating (HM), I Heart Noise, Indieball (HM), Indieblogheaven (HM),, Indiehere (MMN) (HM),, Indie Music Filter (MMN) (HM) Indie Paws (HM) (ELBO.WS), Indie Update, An Inside Out Sock, (HM) (SC), Invisible Oranges, I Rock Cleveland, I Try Too Hard (ELBO.WS) (SC), It’s Hard to Find a Friend (MMN) (HM)

-JJamCult (SC), JefferyGeoffreyBlog (HM) (ELBO.WS), Junkmedia, Just A Moment (HM) (SC) (HM) (SC), Keep Hope Inside (HM), Kickin’ the Peanuts! (MMN) (HM), Killed By Death Records (HM)

-LThe Late Greats (HM), Lend Me Your Ears (HM) (SC), Let

Me Like It, Little Radio,

Little White Earbuds (HM), Lonesome Music, Losanjelous, Lostmusic Blog,

Loudersoft (HM) (SC), love shack, baby (HM) (ELBO.WS), Luxury Wafers (MMN) (HM) (ELBO.WS)

-MMagnet Magazine, Mainstream Isn’t So Bad...Is It? (MMN) (HM) (ELBO.WS), (SC), mapsadaisical (HM), Milo Firewater (SC), (HM) (SC), The Mix Tape Podcast (HM), Mixtape Maestro, Mixtapes Heartbreaks, Modern Music (MMN), MOISTWORKS, Mojophenia (HM), (MMN), Motel de Moka (HM), MP34U (MMN), mp3hugger (HM), Music Fan’s Mic (HM) (SC), Music For Kids Who Can’t Read Good (HM), Music For Robots, Music From A Green Window (HM), music induced euphoria, Music Liberation (HM), Music Like Dirt (MMN) (HM), Music Mule (SC),, Music Under Fire (MMN) (HM), MUZORAMA, My Old Kentucky Blog (HM)

-Nnaturalismo (HM), A New Band A Day, Nialler9 (HM), Nightwatcher’s House of Rock (MMN), Not Many Experts (MMN) (HM), NOT SO FRESSSH! (SC)

-OObscure Sound (HM), The OCMD, OngakuBaka

-PPasta Primavera (HM), The Pelican’s Perch (HM), Penned Madness (MMN) (HM) (SC), Prefix, Pete Nema Indie Music Reviews (HM), PHASE02 (HM) (SC), Pigeons and Planes (HM) (SC), Pitchfork (HM), Pop Headwound (HM), Popjustice, PopMatters, PopSense, Pretty Much Amazing! (MMN) (HM) (SC), Puddlegum (HM) (SC)

-QQuick Before It Melts (HM)

-RRadio Exile (MMN) (HM) (ELBO.WS), RAMIN TON (HM) (SC), Rapid

Transit Radio,

Raven Sings The Blues (HM), Rawkblog (MMN) (HM), RCRD LBL, A Reminder (HM), Resonator Magazine (MMN) (HM), Rift Magazine (*Minnesota*), The Ripple Effect (HM), Rock Insider (HM), Rock Music Review

-Sself-titled magazine, shattered satellite, Shepizzle (HM), The Silent Ballet, Slackline Radio, Slowcoustic (MMN) (HM), Someone to Love More Than Music, Sound As Language, Stereocache, The Stranger Dance (HM) (ELBO.WS), Stereo Cupcake (MMN) (HM) (SC),

Stereogum (HM), Sugartune – The Indie Rock Blog, Sweeping The Nation (HM) -TTastes Like Caramel (HM) (ELBO.WS), Terminal Boredom, this is offset (SC), the torture garden (HM), This Is Fake DIY, Tiny Mix Tapes, T S U R U R A D I O, Tuneage (HM), Twelve Major Chords, Tympanogram

-UUberDrivel (MMN), Urban World (SC)

-VVAINZINE (SC), Venus Zine, Viva La Mainstream (MMN) (HM) (ELBO.WS), The Von Pip Musical Express

-WThe Walrus, We All Want Someone To Shout For (HM) (SC), Webcuts Music (MMN),, Welikeit.indie (MMN) (HM) (SC),, We Wear Masks, who killed the mixtape?, Who The Bloody Hell Are They? (*Australian*), The World Forgot

-YYou Ain’t No Picasso (HM)

-ZZed Equals Zee (HM)

...ELECTRONICA – HOUSE – DJs – REMIXES: arjanwrites (SC), a strangely isolated place (SC), B-Electro, Big Em’ Up (SC), Cosmic Disco (SC), The Cosmonauts Explorations Into Deep Space Disco (SC), Dancefloor Mayhem (HM) (SC), Danger! Danger! (HM) (ELBO.WS) (SC), Danish Poet (HM), DATA SAPIENS (HM) (ELBO.WS) (SC), DEEPGOA’s Electronic Sessions (SC), digitalGEWITTER 2008 (SC), (HM) (SC), Disco Delicious, DISCODUST (HM) (SC), Disturbed Beats (SC), Dödselectro (HM) (ELBO.WS) (SC), dsquared (HM), Electric Stare, electronic rumors (ELBO.WS). Electrorash (HM) (SC), FakeBook (SC), Fancy Sounds (HM) (SC), Fried My Little Brain (HM) (SC), Goldkicks, Heffalumps & Woozles (SC), Hippie Maphia (SC), The House Depot (SC), House Music With Love (HM) (SC), Hyperbole (HM), I R MINUS (SC), Jacuzzi Killers (HM) (ELBO.WS), Kunk (SC), Love That Tune!, Low Life Inc. (SC), Mixtape Mixtape!!, Mixtape Riot, Mnuvrs (SC), Mr Vega Music (SC), Panoramix (SC), redthreat (HM), Remix-Nation (SC), Robot Dance Music (HM), Salacious Sound (HM) (SC), Sandro Monte Update (SC), Sick and Unusual (SC), Smile for Camera (SC), Southside Discotech (MMN) (HM) (SC), strictlysocial (HM) (SC), The Stu Reid Experiment (MMN) (HM), subdrive (MMN), Synthopia (SC), Tech Funk Manifesto (SC), Tracasseur (SC), Trash Menagerie (HM), TRICKY DISCO (SC), Turntable Radio (SC), twentyfourhours (HM), Vegetarian Selectronics (SC)

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This is a directory of 300+ hand(mouse?)-picked music blogs and magazine-style websites that accept music submissions for review, for the us...