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WANT TO SUBMIT MUSIC?: We accept both digital and physical copies for submission- be sure to read through some articles at the site to see if our site is a good fit for promoting your music! Send any feedback / music submissions / link-exchange inquiries to the e-mail above. WHAT A FUTURE IN NOISE IS: Started in July of 2008, A Future in Noise began as a place to discuss and promote the music that I (Marilyn Roxie) enjoyed; both artists that I had long been interested in, and new discoveries that I wanted to share. Along the way, I encountered the 5 contributors, Ian, Christiano, Fulmar Austen, Jonathan C., and Molecules, who have helped me in my mission through their posts, insights, and site promotion. A Future in Noise has grown quite a bit since the early days: we are proud to say the site is a part of the MOG Music Network, Ology (music.ology), the Hype Machine, and, and listed at Totally Fuzzy, SEO Rock n' Roll, Captain Crawl, and SoundWord.

OUR PITCH: The Acclaimed, The Independent, The Obscure Past, Present, and... A Future in Noise. We're a team of young musician-bloggers writing about music past...present...and future. New release reviews, independent and obscure music highlights, and starter guides on specially recommended artists and music movements are just a few of our specialties, always written with passion.


→ ...Review New Albums, Fabulously

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Often before they're available to the, um, 'general buying public' Some of our 2009 album reviews... Jarvis Cocker – Further Complications| Coconut Records – Davy Deerhunter – Rainwater Cassette Exchange| Franz Ferdinand - Tonight The Horrors – Primary Colours | La Roux - La Roux Manic Street Preachers – Journal For Plague Lovers Natural Snow Buildings – Shadow Kingdom Thenewno2 – You Are Here | Seeland – Tomorrow Today | Sonic Youth – The Eternal Wilco – Wilco (The Album) | Yeah Yeah Yeahs – It's Blitz!

→ ....Starter Guides and Special Features on Artists and Genres ●

from The Fall and Serge Gainsbourg, to Shoegaze, Baroque Pop, and Post-Punk

→ ...Bring You the Best in Independent Music ●

Proudly breaking the stereotype that 'local bands' are amateurs, we're committed to bringing you independent musicians that are on par with and beyond major label acts Our Independent Music Discoveries series every Friday highlights the best finds and submissions of the week: free mp3s and streams abound! Some of our indie band album reviews... The Brown Book – Thirty Nothing Jakob Battick – Hiding in the Orchard | Burnt Fur – Unfurl Caddywhompus – Eps | Dead Times – Midnight Glass Happiest Lion – Homemade | Kill and Eat – Green Bushes L'Avventura – Your Star Was Shining National Snack – Apply Machine EP | Örnsberg – Redlinespotting Daniel Ouellette – Kaiju Carnival EP Panda steps in chocolate – Creep of the Crop] Glen Strachan – 8 Love Rivals sundayschool – This Swan Will Break Your Arm E.K. Wimmer – What Was Once Veduta is Now Found

→ ...Keep Watch on the Music Business File-Sharing, You, and Them | New Promotional Techniques Copyright and Copyleft

→ ...Lists, Lists, Lists 100 Music Websites | 15 Brilliant Out-of-Print Albums Momma's Mix-Tapes | Mix on a Bench | Under the Radar Albums 2009


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Font used in the main banner logo, header for this media kit, and badge variation is Silkscreen, a lovely, 8-bit-style font that was designed by Jason Kottke and is free for personal and corporate use A large portion of our album cover images and release date/track-listing details are from Rate Your Music DISCLAIMER: mp3s and ZIPs posted at A Future in Noise are with the consent of the artist and/or for evaluation purposes. Please download responsibly! The name 'A Future in Noise' comes from track #8 on the 1981 Tom Verlaine album Dreamtime Cheers to Stickers and Donuts and Stereo Zeitgeist for inspiring me to compile this media kit!


A Future in Noise Music Videos – Tumblr Channel A Future in Noise Music Blog Directory VISIONBLURRED: Manic Street Preachers/The Horrors Links Directory, Stereo Zeitgeist Forum, Sleepwalking Mag, 80MFL ~*~ All material in this document © 2009 Marilyn Roxie A Future in Noise site articles © their respective authors Thanks for taking the time to check us out!

AFIN Media Kit, Version 2.0 - Last Updated: 10/2009

A Future in Noise - Media Kit  

Media Kit for the music blog A Future in Noise!

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