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The man behind the sneakers

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The man behind the sneakers - Norm Lesage

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Healthy Homes

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The man behind the sneakers Norm Lesage By:


hen most people are retiring in their mid sixties and thinking about slowing down the pace of their lives, Norm Lesage decided it would be a good time to start sprinting… literally! At 68 years old Lessage ran his first race and although finished in last place, continued pursuing his fitness goals. It wasn’t until almost 10 years later when at 78 Lessage started winning, and not just winning but setting BC and Canadian records for his age category. Lessage’s 100 meter sprint record of 15.6 seconds equals 23km/hr and is almost as fast as a roadrunner at top speed! So if Lessage is the roadrunner, who’s the Loonie Toons character Cayote he’s running from? Although no elaborate plans against his survival, the antagonist Lessage is running from is health issues. Lessage is on a mission to inspire other seniors to live active lifestyles and take control of their health. Involved as a community activist, Lessage speaks with conviction about the importance of staying physically active at any age, and it’s hard not to be inspired when you listen to him. He believes that fitter and more active seniors would help alleviate some of the stress placed on our overloaded healthcare system. Lessage has personally been able to keep a heart condition in check without medication just by exercising daily, eating properly and taking supplements. Not that he recommends every senior start sprinting, but “start training easy and let your new found stamina carry you forward” is his coaching advice. Lesage was never one to watch life go by, from his time in Kamloops as the owner of two motels, to flying helicopters as a hobby, and even being awarded the Canadian Medal of Bravery and the St. John’s Ambulance

Life Saving Medal for heroically saving a woman trapped in a river after a car accident, he has been engaged in life at every step. When asked about his new hobby, Lessage’s daughter Bonnie Hein eagerly expressed her admiration and relief of his chosen path with: “After he retired we wondered what adventure he would get into next, hoping it would not be another like boating, (which seemed like a good idea at the time, but the horrors endured by the family were almost more than we could bear). Staying fit and active has been a Godsend. He is on land and we do not have to worry about drowning or a boat sinking. He is giving us another reason to be proud of him. We do not have to go see him in the hospital incapacitated by the ravages of old age. Instead, we see the look of satisfaction on his face, the collection of medals grow, and him running into the record books.” When Lessage is not on the track training or competing in events across North America, he enjoys spending time with his wife Mary Lou in Burnaby. They have 3 children together and are the proud grandparents of 4 grandchildren. Lessage is also a spokesperson for SierraSil Health, admitting that he was able to beat his own 200m sprint record by a full second one year later after having used SierraSil’s Joint Formula 14 for three months prior to his race.



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Healthy Homes

or many years I have been involved in the building business, building supplies, mentoring younger and older people in home repair services, home renovations and home services referral network not to mention many years in radio and most recently webcasting on the internet teaching the listening and viewing audience the how-to, what-to, where-to, why-to and when-to and the who-to of home improvement. One thing that popped up and met me head on was my health and the fact that I was not getting any younger. Over the past half decade I have been faced with a number of health challenges and now that I have reached 70 I wanted to improve my daily lifestyle as I want to be able to continue writing editorials such as this, doing my webcast and other areas where I can provide information to the public.

From House Smart to Health Smart By: Shell Busey

It all came together when a good friend from past radio days introduced me to a program that is changing my outlook on living healthy. My wife and I were introduced to a health clinic exercise club and it has changed our lifestyle. First, to become involved we had to be referred by our personal Doctor who sent our files to the clinic so we could set up an interview to see what program would best suit our needs. This is where it dawned on me that there are a lot of home activities that not only get the job done but can also provide an exercise work out. A few examples would be to clean out the storage room, clean the kitchen, reorganize the crawlspace, rearrange the furniture, clean the closets, turn the mattresses, wash and or paint walls and yes cut the grass or shovel snow and the list goes on and on. Folks I am not trying to sound like a ‘do goody’ but you know getting off the couch and into an exercise program like a health clinic where your Doctor is informed of your activities really adds a new dimension to your lifestyle. Sometimes it takes a major surgery or a health scare to make people realize that it is time to slow down and smell the roses so take it from me folks don’t get in a rut, look ahead and say I will do those home improvement items and get some good exercise at the same time and remember I am here to help guide you through it. Let’s get into it folks and “Live Well” and remember “It’s Just That Easy!”


Prevent Accidents at Home and Work Protect yourself, your family, your staff and customers with Green Anti-Slip Floor coatings for Residential and Commercial use: Vinyl * Hardwood * Tile * Rubber * Concrete * Natural Stone Indoor and Outdoor Flooring, Entrance ways, Stairs, Pool Decks, Patios, Bathtubs, Sports & Medical Facilities, and more. VOC Compliant, Hygienic, Long Lasting, No Downtime, Cost-Effective, Easy to Maintain

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Healthy Pets

Healthy YOU

By Rachel Hector, DVM Paton and Martin Veterinary Services

Local Doctor is a Big Contributor to the Langley Community


By: By Trevor Henderson, Communications Advisor, Canadian Healthcare News octor, father, grandfather, community leader, mentor, educator; these are just a few ways to best describe Doctor Brian Morgan. Yes, he is a busy and successful doctor; however he is able to find a healthy balance between his patients, office, community, family and himself. Dr Morgan moved from South Africa to Northern BC about 15 years ago to start a new life for him and his family. Now, he has a thriving practice in Langley (an office with three other doctors), where he is very active and helpful in the local community.

“It is because a good, strong community improves the overall mental health of the people involved, and that’s why community work is so important to me.”

Paton and Martin Veterinary Services is an equine exclusive practice serving Vancouver and the entire Fraser Valley. Ambulatory and hospital care for horses is available 24 hours a day.


Canadian Healthcare News

| JUNE 2013 |

Like other family doctors throughout Langley, Dr Morgan’s days are usually long ones. His workday starts at 7:30 in the morning, where he makes his daily rounds at the hospital. He then goes to his office, helping and educating patients until 5:00. Sometimes his day ends there; however, most days tend to continue on. After Dr Morgan closes his office for the day, he either helps out at the local Options for Sexual Health Clinic (also known as Opt), or at the Langley Division of Family Practice. Based in BC, Options for Sexual Health is a member of the United Way, and is Canada’s largest non-profit provider of sexual health services through clinics, comprehensive education programs and accurate information and referral lines. Options also provide support for sexual expression and reproductive choice, and confidential clinical services

that help British Columbians enjoy healthy sexuality throughout life. “Education, sound advice, confidentiality and trust is key,” Dr Morgan says. “Young women visit the clinic because they require birth control, exams, safe sex contraception or further education.” Dr Morgan also adds that they visit the clinic because they either have no doctor, or are uncomfortable with talking to their own. In addition to Options, Dr Morgan also volunteers his time with the Langley Division of Family Practice, a provincial wide initiative. The Langley Division is one of 27 scattered throughout BC, and is all about caring for community, doctors and families (Healthy Families, Healthy Physicians, Healthy Communities). The Langley Division of Family Practice is a group of doctors who closely work together to address common health care goals, improve patient care, increase doctor influence on health care delivery and policy, and provide professional satisfaction for doctors. The Division of Family Practice supports doctors to improve their clinical practices, offer comprehensive patient services, and influence health service decision-making within their community. When it comes to leading a healthy lifestyle, Dr Morgan tells his patients that activity, exercise and healthy eating is the best thing for you, and is more beneficial than pills. In fact, he is a prime example as he follows his own advice. For over ten years now, he has been involved in a running group with the other doctors, nurses and staff in the office. In addition to running, he also plays golf, tennis and surfs when he can. To wind down from a busy day, he spends quality time with his family or relaxes with a good book. When asked why he is so involved in Langley, Dr Morgan says, “It is because a good, strong community improves the overall mental health of the people involved, and that’s why community work is so important to me.”

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