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Subject: Query--The World of Bonsai Are you looking for a new hobby that promotes patience and serenity? Want stress relief? Consider the world of Bonsai. Bonsai means a "tree in a pot," and is a hobby for most ages. It's certainly educational and can be expensive, but the pros outweigh the cons. Need another reason to enhance your garden indoors as well as outdoors? By cultivating bonsai, you add beauty to your world and carry on a time honored horticultural practice. Bonsai is for all seasons and requires dedication. Once you begin, you must persevere. With some simple tips you can make your bonsai experience a lifelong quest opening doors to your psche and gardening skills. My 900-word article, tentative titled "The World of Bonsai" will include: Finding bonsai specialists Selecting the right tree Selecting the right pot Repotting Guidelines Trimming and Grooming Watering Tips Keeping a Bonsai Journal Networks for Bonsai Enthusiasts My son and I have created a bonsai sanctuary in our backyard. Throughout the year, the bonsai trees have to be maintained and protected from the elements as needed. We are learning much about tree growth and continue to collect new bonsai. In return, they encourage our artistic style for beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I am a freelance writer looking to publish my article on "The World of Bonsai" with the prospects of a series of articles to follow. Please consider this query and let me submit the article. Thank you.

World of bonsai query letter  

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