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25th Anniversary Year of Miliani’s All America City Award To receive hearing notices by email please visit

REPRESENTATIVE MARILYN LEE District 38-Mililani, Mililani Mauka, Waipio Acres Hawaii State Capitol, Room 434, 415 South Beretania Street, Honolulu, HI 96813 Phone 586-9460, fax 586-9466

Mililani Community Report

February 2012 2012 LEGISLATIVE UPDATE

Dear Friends, Aloha. The 2012 Legislative Session is in full swing and we are heading towards final hearings in the House. Next comes crossover, when bills approved in the House are sent to the Senate and vice versa. Not all bills will make it through this process, but many important bills are still on the path to becoming law. As you may know, my husband Sam passed away peacefully at home on February 10th after a brief illness. My family and I miss him very much. We will always be proud of Sam’s life of service to the community. After Sam’s memorial service, I will return to my job at the Legislature. Sam would have wanted me to continue working hard for the people of Mililani. I will continue as Vice Chairperson of the House Finance Committee. It will be a challenging session, but we will make the choices needed to produce a balanced budget. Mahalo and thank you for the support and encouragement that you have provided over the years. Me ke aloha pumehana,

This session I introduced a total of 16 personal bills. Many of these bills were requested by constituents just like you. This is a brief summary of some of these bills: HB 2021-Requires that the rules of a private homeowners association or entity consider solar energy devices' reflectivity on the surrounding area when adopting rules that facilitate the placement of solar energy devices. HB 2022-Appropriates funds as a grant-in-aid to each county to provide emergency on-call assistance to disabled persons whose motorized wheelchairs have broken down HB 2024-Provides for the payment of self-employment assistance benefits in lieu of regular unemployment benefits allowing recipients to focus on training and assistance to become self-employed.

HB 2025-Authorizes certain private employers to administer a worksharing plan to avoid temporary layoffs, if approved by the Department of Labor and Industrial Relations.

HB 2104-Authorizes blind and visually impaired persons to apply for and obtain disability parking permits.

HB 2105-Requires insurance coverage for fertility preservation procedures for persons who are of reproductive age and are diagnosed with cancer that may or whose treatment may adversely affect their fertility.

HB 2106-Allows public schools to claim student activity funds left in

Representative, District 38

the school by a graduating class immediately after the graduation of the class, rather than five years after the class graduates or upon donation by the graduating class as provided under current law.

HB 2107-Requires that scrap metal dealers only purchase copper from licensed contractors.

HB 2727-Requires the immobilization of vehicles operated by a person whose license has been suspended or revoked for driving while intoxicated. Establishes a process for the owner of the vehicle, if other than the operator, to request removal of the device.

Representative Marilyn Lee—February 2012 H-2 LIGHTING PROJECT UPDATE The Department of Transportation has informed me that they are currently going through their permitting process for the H-2 lighting project. The contract was awarded to “Paul’s Electric with a completion date of June 2012.”

TRAFFIC MITIGATION STUDY Last year the Legislature appropriated $350,000 for an “Alternative Access and Traffic Mitigation Study” from Mililani unto the H-2. freeway. The study calls for plans for an alternative access or modification of an existing access unto the H-2 freeway, as well as traffic mitigation measures. The Department of Transportation informed me that they are in the process of awarding and executing a contract with a consultant who will be working on the study. I realize that traffic is very bad on Meheula Parkway during rush hour. Please know that we are doing all we can to help find solutions to make your commute easier. WOMEN’S CAUCUS INTRODUCES 2012 PACKAGE The Women’s Legislative Caucus (WLC) held a press conference on January 26 to announce its 2012 legislative package. This year’s package is dedicated to women veterans and also includes recognition of the Fisher House, which provides free or low cost lodging to veterans and military families receiving treatment at military medical centers. Included in the package are resolutions urging the state and federal government to assist women veterans, supporting the establishment of a Veterans court within the Hawaii State Circuit Court, urging Congress to support a repeal of the Combat Exclusionary Rule, and urging support for the establishment of the National Women’s History Museum.

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DISTRICT 38 CIP REQUESTS FOR 2012 Every session I introduce a wish list of Capital Improvement Projects for my district. I create this list after meeting with the principals of the schools in District 38 and other community stakeholders. With the help of Senator Kidani, Representative Yamane, and my colleagues at the Legislature, I was able to secure nearly 4 million dollars of Capital Improvement appropriations for District 38 last year, which will go towards funding Capital Improvement Projects at Mililani High School, Mililani Middle School, Mililani Mauka Elementary, Mililani Ike Elementary, and Kipapa Elementary as well traffic mitigation studies for Meheula Parkway access unto the H-2 freeway. This year I have submitted the following capital improvement requests for the district: Mililani High School lower parking lot resurfacing-$251,000 Mililani High School tennis courts resurfacing and construction of a new restroom near the baseball field-$951,000 Mililani Middle School –Funds to complete the outdoor covered play court-$700,000 Mililani Middle School drainage improvements to prevent flooding of classrooms -$701,000 Mililani Middle School replacement of campuswide rain gutter system-$176,000 Mililani Ike Elementary School playground improvements-$26,000 Mililani Ike Elementary School– Identification and repair of potential leaking underground water pipes for school-wide air conditioning system$1,000,000

KUKUI CONNECTION My guests on “Kukui Connection” this month are George Greene, the President and CEO of Healthcare Association of Hawaii, and Catherine Betts, the Executive director of the Hawaii State Commission on the Status of Women (HSCSW.) My interview with Mr. Greene aired on February 3rd, 5th, and 12th. My interview with Ms. Betts aired on Friday, February 17th and will be replayed on Sunday, February 19th and Sunday, February 26th at 4:00 pm. Kukui Connection can be seen on Olelo Channel 54. This is the first season the show has made primetime.

Mililani Mauka Elementary School parking lot resurfacing-$241,000 Mililani Public Library book drop upgrade-$41,000 Mililani Public Library original parking lot resurfacing-$251,000 Plans for the construction of a performing arts center in central Oahu-$25,000 Wahiawa General Hospital parking lot resurfacing$250,000

Mililani Community Report - February 2012  

Marilyn Lee's Mililani Community Report for February 2012

Mililani Community Report - February 2012  

Marilyn Lee's Mililani Community Report for February 2012