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Lady Gaga burst into the music scene in 2008 with her first album, “The Fame.” She is most popularly known for her individualism in personality and her unique style. This unparralled star says she owes most of her success to her gay and lesbian fanbase. She has even been considered a gay icon. Gaga herself has come out as a bisexual. To pay tribute to her fans and reassure the youth that they are perfect the way they are with her song “Born This Way.” She has also reached out to the soldiers who have been prohibited from battle due to their sexuality, and the many kids who get bullied for just being themselves.



Monsters Gaga’s Little Monsters are the group of fans who obsessively idolize and immulate Gaga. It has become a sort of cult following as Gaga continues to lead young adults to their self-acceptance . While not the most orthodox, and certainly not the most reserved, role model, Gaga has been repeatedly thanked by fans and followers for helping them be themselves, stand up to bullies, and channel their “inner Gaga.� With more and more young adults facing adversity and ultimately triumphing, we are beginning to see a boost in self-esteem among men and women, which is hopefully indicative of a no-judgement future.

From fashion magazines, to concerts, to “casual” streetwear, Lady Gaga has shown the public that she is not a run-of-the-mill pop star. She’s been seen dressed in meat, bubbles, and frequently almost nothing. Unlike most of us, though, she is unafraid of doing exactly what she wants. The media is constantly telling us how to be perfect, and how many ways we are imperfect. Gaga is a refreshing change in popular culture, providing the youth with a different kind of idol and an imperfection to strive for. She shows us that imperfection isn’t wrong.


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